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Lubna Haroon From Dialogue

If there was ever a prize for the most jiggle’ist tits, Lubna Haroon would be the one to get it. She is the host of the program Dialogue, on Indus TV. An amazonian woman, who would intimidate most men, carries on like a siren. Those big eyes all-a-flutter and constantly shifting around in her chair allowing her magnificent tits to jiggle in the most titillating manner imaginable. I am afraid these pics can’t quite demonstrate, that which has to be seen in motion. Nevertheless, allow your imagination to go wild, OK.

If she was wearing a bra, it didn’t seem to make any difference. Either way, don’t miss her show. On this particular occasion, the guest was the fabulous hockey great, The Flying Horse, Samiullah Khan. I have to give him props, for not going cross-eyed by the end of the show.

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Huma From Jeetou Tou JanaiN

She is probably one of the hottest contestants to appear on the JeeTo Tou JanaiN show hosted by the funny man, Ali Salman. She is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a wet t-shirt contest on a Pak TV channel. Aside from having a curvalicious bod, she was fun and had an upbeat personality. Undoubtedly, a winning combination. Here she is, enjoy.

It’s too bad that she was partnered with a sore loser who tried to forfeit the contest and go home, when things didn’t seem to be going his way. Huma, however was tops and fought bravely till the end. What a gal!

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Her name is Neelma Hasan and she is the new host of The Mother’s Show on ARYDigital. She is what you get if you cross Raquel Welch with Susan Lucci. Big, busty hottie with the airs of a diva. After watching her moderating skills, you can tell that her tits had a bigger part to play in her being hired for the show than anything else. And they are not just any old tits. They are large, they are round and they sit tall and proud. In fact, they have more presence and charisma than anything on the set.

I like her style also. She is comfortable showing her beautiful body, unlike other busty celebs on TV, who are constantly re-adjusting their dupattas. Neelma apparently believes in “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”. Good for her. Great for us. 🙂

You can catch her on weekdays, at 8:00PM on ARY Digital channel.

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Marina Khan in Rust Colored K/S

Marina Khan was ‘the’ girl when I was growing up. So cute, so bubbly, such effervescent personality. But since those were the times of strict censorship, we didn’t get to see much of Ms. Khan. Today, however, the winds of change have brought us the Marina Khan we all knew was under the long, loose-fitted kurta shalwar.

Here is some of her, in rust colored kurta shalwar on her daily Morning Show on ARY Digital.

Is it just me, or has she… um, grown since her appearance in TanhaiyaN ?. Very few actresses have a real rack like hers these days. And it’s still standing proud, after all these years. She is real special, I tell ya.

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