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This is Savera Nadeem, the queen of T&A of the small screen. She is tall, she is smart, she is independent and she is smok’in hot!. Her curves would put the Auto Bahn to shame. Her tits are bigger than Reema’s ego and her ass sends J-Lo into fits.

These caps are off of a kids’ game show that she used to host on ARY Digital. Kids had to complete tasks in order to win prizes. On the show Savera ran around, trying to motivate the kids and in the process, her tits made quite an impression by jiggling all over the place. During this particular show, her nipples became erect and started showing through the flimsy bra and T-shirt she was wearing!. The kids were old enough to know what was happening and I would not be surprised if the boys were sporting little woodies throughout.

And on top of all that, she’s liberal, she is cultured and has screen charisma. It’s just too bad we haven’t seen more of that sweet booty and delicious ya-yas.

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