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Neelma Hasan The Big Blue Bust Out

Here she is, the popular Neelma Hasan in white and tight blue, looking exceptionally hot. You can clearly make out her white bra underneath, which is valiantly guarding the precious merchandise.

The special thing about Neelma Hasan’s tits are not that they are big (OK, they’re huge) but that they are solid and round. What we in the trade call, billowing tits.

They bulge on the sides and they rise up on top. They are the kind you don’t see every day. They are special and that’s why we must respect them.

OK, first we play with them and then respect them, in the morning.

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Juggan Kazim Falling Out Of Her Red Gown

I first saw Juggan Kazim on the erstwhile Zoo channel, hosting the show Beanbag. She, along with her co-host Amir Hilali would take live calls from callers and try to solve their social problems on the air. It was all tongue-in-cheek and basically a ‘filler’ program. What caught my eye however, was Ms. Juggan’s huge mammaries and her easy-going attitude. She was not only OK to let it all hang out there, but quite happy and willing.

Here are a few vidcaps from FTV Pakistan, where Juggan is interviewing a fashion designer Muneeb Nawaz (an all-around dick) before she goes and does a video shoot for some idiot pop singer. Notice the deep and wide neck of her red gown which is struggling hard to contain her massive tits, which have grown even larger after she became a mommy. She could easily have popped a nipple, had she bent down to pick something up from the floor!

Later, I learned that she had been modeling abroad (Canada) and continued to do so when she moved to Pakistan. She has that rare little-girl charm and innocence that just melts your heart. She is fair, she has a pretty face and a winning attitude in addition to having one of the most alluring cleavage on TV today which, bless her heart, she is not averse to sharing with all of us.

Here is the accompanying video. Enjoy.

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Hina Miraj is the hot new host of the show Brass Tacks on the TV1 News channel. It is all about conspiracy theories and blanket generalizations. Making simple explanations for complex problems plaguing our part of the world. And the last person who should be associated with such inanity is Ms. Miraj.

She should be hosting a fashion show, a gala event or strutting down a catwalk.

But we will take Hina, however she wants to present herself to us, all wrapped-up on a talk-show, because she is the cat’s meow. Those thick curly hair, the large doe-eyes and the puffy crimson lips that get together into a lovely concerned pout, when she talks about America’s imperial designs in our neighbourhood.

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Mathira The Hot Yogi On The Vibe Channel

I came across her program purely by accident. There she was, twisting herself into a pretzel and what a fine pretzel she made.

Her name is Mathira and she hosts a Yoga program on the Vibe Music channel.

She has big round tits and long lean limbs. Add to that gorgeous raven hair and big brown eyes with beautifully painted heart-shaped lips.

Yoga, it (obviously) does the body good.

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Back by popular demand, here is the host of the ever popular The Mother’s Show, Ms. Neelma Hasan. Here she is wearing a wide and low-cut dress that has her ample bosom falling out. The only way you could see more of her beautiful tits, were if she wore a string bikini.

She is voluptuous. She is sumptuous. She is Neelma Hasan on the ARY Network.

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Atiqa Odho On PTV-Home Drama Serial

In a recent interview on TV, Atiqa Odho said that she felt flattered that young men come on to her and still find her attractive. Looking at her, it’s not hard to see why. She is gorgeous. What Monica Belluci is to Italians, Atiqa Odho is to Pakistanis. A living goddess that oozes sexuality from each pore. She has the curves and more importantly, the nerve to flaunt them and boy, do we want to eat her up!.

Following are some vidcaps from a PTV-Home drama serial. A young man falling for a middle-aged woman. Love at first sight. PTV has certainly come a long way from what it was peddling in the 80’s. It amazes me that we here in Pakistan, are tackling such sticky subjects in the public eye with ease and openness while the west sees us going the Taliban way. What does the Pakistani street make of such themes ?, who knows. But I certainly don’t mind Ms. Odho flaunting her assets for our consumption.

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There was a little earthquake with which Rabi Pirzada entered the Pakistani pop/rock scene. She is young, she is cute and she is seXy. She is Pakistan’s answer to Avril Lavigne or Christina Aquilara. She may not be as ‘angsty’ as the former, or as vocally gifted as the latter, but boy she sure is as sexy as either one of them. Here are a couple of frames of her, when she appeared on an Eid Show this past Eid (Dec 2007) on ARY channel.

The way she is handling that mic, do you suppose that’s how she handles all things ?. Hmm.

Fairly pretty face, with firm round tits, flat tummy, rounded hips and shapely legs.

Add to that a butt that you could bounce a 5 rupee coin off of. Now that… you don’t see every day.

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