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“It’s the nipples stupid”. That’s what girls need to be told worldwide. OK, big tits are nice to have and to hold but the nipple is the real deal. The tit is there so we have a soft cushion to lay our heads on, while we play with the nipples. So many girls are hung up on the size (or lack thereof) of their tits, that they forget that they guy is interested in her nipples. If you have interesting nipples, that’s enough. If you don’t, put rings or studs in them to make them unique.

And so we come to this cute VJ Nini. She has tiny tits and lives to flaunt them. She can barely boast of a cleavage, or anything that comes close to one. But she spares no opportunity to wear wide plunging necklines to show it off.

Here she is on March 18th, 2007 in one of her usual outfits, doing an interview on channel G. I believe that’s about as much chest you can show in public, without getting accosted or abducted by a horny Pakistani.

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Muzna Ibrahim, The Pakistani J-lo On AAJ TV

This is Dr. Muzna Ibrahim. If Pakistani doctors today come with such bodacious bods, I want to live in a hospital. She has appeared in several comedy serials and hosted shows on music and other private channels for sometime now. Aside from being blessed with little girl beauty, innocence and charm she has a respectable bod to boot. Her medium sized tits usually come in tight-fitting revealing tops, but it’s her butt that is out-of-this-world. She is Pakistan’s answer to Jennifer Lopez. It’s big, it’s firm and it’s round. Up close, it’s downright freaky.

The following caps were taken from her serial on AAJ TV that aired on March 14th, 2007.

I have seen her out on the town (boating basin), wearing painted-on jeans and tight little tank-top. She was with her funky, dweebster pals. Her butt mesmerizes people wherever she goes. Young and old walk into walls, trip over chairs and fall off chairs while rubber-necking to see the last glimpse of her J-lo booty. Waiters scamper and try to outrun each other, trying to be the lucky who gets to serve her table. It is a sight to behold.

I am glad the doc has a big round beautiful butt and is willing to share it with us. It’s better than any medicine I know.

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Combine a beautiful face with large tits and you will always have a winner. Even if those big tits are past their prime, they have a certain panache’ about them. You can always fill them with air (or implants) and they will give you years of enjoyment. Such is the case with this siraiki channel actress who appeared on a show that was aired on May 8th, 2007.

Notice the nipple on the right tit that’s clearly poking out of her dress. It’s called “nipping” in the business. Can you imagine the lenght and hardness of a nipple that had to poke through several layers of clothing to make such an appearance ?. Can your nipple do that ?. I think not. And that’s why she gets the big bucks. I meant money (if you were unsure).

Come to think of it, you might not be too far off there. That, is a body that’s made for some heavy duty lovin.

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This is the hot young designer Nadia Mistry, yapping about something totally frivolous and making it out to be something important and intellectual. This was aired on FTV on May 14th, 2007. Although a certifiable dork and nerdy looking, she has this sexual vibe going.

You have to hand it to her. Whatever she has, she is willing to put it out there. Whether it’s those cute round tits, or that camel toe she’s sporting… it’s working. She is is definitely sexy and do’able, which is all that counts in the end.

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Freaky Tits On Host of Wasaib Show

I have heard aunties complaining that siraiki channels are putting sluts and prostitutes on air to drum up business. I say, bring it on!. We have enough uptight people on air. We need some cool chics to lighten up the place. One such cutie on Wasaib is this gal. She is the hostess of their show “Sawail Dey Rung”, which loosely translates to “The Morning Colors”. These vidcaps are from the May 18th, 2007 show.

While she may look like a cute ladyboy from Thailand, you cannot but admire the large round tits on her petite little frame. They even look a little freaky to be honest, being so large next to something so fragile as herself. As if some large amazonian woman had parked her tits on this little siraiki chest and went off to the ladies room.

Further accentuating their shape and form is the thin, skintight kurti through which you can clearly make out her white bra. This is a growing trend among girls in Pakistan, to show-off their bras and panties through almost transparent dresses. You see them everywhere and they come in all shapes and sizes. I don’t know what brought this on, but please don’t stop.

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Question: What are little girls made of ?. Answer: Sugar and spice and everything nice. This ‘little’ babe used to be a fitness model on the TV-One Morning Show which aired on May 18th, 2007. The instructor would bring in a new girl every time and tell her to assume certain poses.

Right now, she is at the peak of her physical beauty. Her girly bits are firm, supple and toned to perfection. At her age, boys can cum twenty times in a row and not quit. Those are good enough reasons to marry early in my book.

Notice the large, full, round tits which seem to be floating on air and the curve of her hips. Just plain gorgeous. During one of the poses, as you can see, she was asked to open her legs, wide… I just about died. She was a real trooper and didn’t hold back, and neither did the cameraman, as she demonstrated the best of the Kama Sutra.

You will just have to imagine the camel toe on her, since the vidcap doesn’t do justice to it. All I can tell you is that it was a big ‘un.

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