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The following are vidcaps from the showing of Rizwan Beyg (how pretentious can you get when you have to spell your name like that ?) new line on FTV Pakistan, dated 26th December, 2007. In them are starring the titillating duo of Maha and Mehak.

Are these two sisters ?, I don’t know. But if you cover their heads with a brown paper bag, they certainly look like sisters from the neck down. Both are amazonian goddesses with big, round tits.

They remind me of that song from The Commodores:

She’s a brick—-house!
Mighty mighty! just lettin’ it all hang out
She’s a brick—-house!
The lady’s stacked and that’s a fact,
Ain’t holding nothing back.

What happens when you combine two great pair of desi tits together ?. You get Maha Mammay. I have to confess I have never gotten too comfortable with that word “Mammay” for tits.

Maybe because the word is too close to “Mummy” and one can get into awful hot water, not to mention real screwed-up (and since when did that stop any horndog desi ?) if one was not careful. Those Oedipal connotations could be confusing.

The white bra that Mehak is wearing, is supposed to be a blouse that goes with her sari. That ‘blouse’ is hiding less than if she wore a regular bra. Can you imagine if MILFs started wearing these creations for real at desi functions like dholkis and mehndis ?. All those bouncing, sweaty, saNwali cleavages could lead to only one thing: after the aunties put their kids to bed, wild orgies all night.

Think of the possibilities. It could do wonders for our gene pool. Check out the muscular definition on Mehak’s back, while at the same time she’s sporting the most delicious looking tummy that one can feast on for days. You can’t go into a gym, train and get a hot body like her’s. This is just nature’s gift to her fans.

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Usually I don’t find stuck-up broads sexy. Unless, they have huge round knockers like Aamnah Ahmed. She is the host of the show Red Carpet on the CNBC channel, which airs late on Saturday nights.

She was interviewing a writer of PTV dramas last night, when I happened to catch her in the act. She has all the usual aristocratic airs which come with a priveleged desi background. A real ‘Taming Of The Shrew’ candidate, after Elizabeth Taylor.

But it’s the knockers that separate her from the herd of prissy little brats. They are huge and they are round. They are so big, she has trouble folding her arms, lest they bubble out from under her chin. That’s some good genes there.

Of course, when you are a male testosterone factory , you immidiately put two big-tits together and come out with just one titillating conclusion: underneath the ice queen facade, lies the heart of a kinky seductress.

We are talking Fredricks of Hollywood, multiple piercings, strategically placed tattoos, two-somes, three-somes and more-somes.

Bent over a chair and wanting to be canned for being such a tight-ass all day. I think you got the picture.

My respect for Nasir Hassan (the writer being interviewed), has increased many folds since this interview. Not once, did he lose control and try to oogle her massive tits, or jump out of his chair and try to squeeze them like it was a 2-pack of Charmin.

At the end of the interview he did get teary-eyed and cried for a bit, but that doesn’t have to be from Aamnah’s hour long tit-torture. It could’ve been anything.

She was wearing black and had that stupid motif design hiding her tits, yet she could not camouflage them. It’s tough to keep a good tit down.

In one vidcap you can make out her bra cups which nearly cover all of her tit-flesh. As a card carrying registered tit-man, I resent it sir! how dare she… deny us the mammary memory.

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It is hard to believe that such sheer loveliness has come to reside on Pakistani TV. Mathira (The Yogi) is par excellence. An Aphrodite who can contort her delectable body into impossible positions.

Mathira is not the rake-thin, miserable looking things you see sporting designer duds at malls. She is how nature intended a woman’s body to look like. Soft, supple, curvy, healthy, glowing and strong. In short, the sort of body that makes a man salivate.

With Mathira, there is no mistaking of her being a woman. Big round tits, gorgeous curvy hips, a tight round butt and long lean legs. being a Yogi, you know she can put all that to good use.

The belly is rightly one of the sexiest parts of a woman. While some folks go for the flat-as-a-board type that can be played like a percussion drum, I myself am a fan of the slightly rounded, soft-as-a-bunny tummy. The sort that can be cupped, caressed and sucked upon. Mathira has the most delish looking tummy imaginable and we’re all fortunate enough to bear witness to it.

She is so graceful and poised. Like poetry in motion. I guess it’s all those hours of maintaining Yoga positions. Speaking of Yoga, I have read that Sting (formerly of the band POLICE) practices a sort of meditative Yoga position wherein he can maintain an erection and extend his orgasm for several hours. While Trudy, his wife, has that silly grin pasted on her face, the poor SOB has lost all his damn hair.

Women have such beautiful bodies. Nature has been good to them, if only they would take care of themselves, like Mathira here. No wonder there is no danger in the foreseeable future of the extinction of mankind. Men can’t keep their hands to themselves.

“Spank me! spank me!…” that’s all I can hear.

Such an elegant and well-proportionate beauty.

Now I know why Agamemnon sailed with 1000 ships to bring Helen back from Troy. She must’ve had thighs like these, man.

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This teen appeared on the fitness segment of The Morning Show on TV1 channel, on the third of March, 2007. She appeared a handful of times and then disappeared.

If you ever imagined a desi with her feet tucked behind her ears, you are in luck. What manner of exercise were these guys promoting here anyway ?. I don’t know and frankly, I don’t care. I just wish they would give her, her own 1 hour show. I could watch this the whole damn day.

The thing that stands out in my mind about her, aside from her obvious physical charms, was her intense focus. She really seemed to be into this stretching & yoga stuff. If you observe closely, some of it comes out even in these pictures. She’s either real driven. Or real mad.

She is quite apparently at the apex of her girly goodness. Observe how everything is toned, supple and firm. She probably doesn’t even need a bra for those perky mouthfuls.

But the real show stopper is her lower body. I don’t have to tell you people. It don’t look this good, unless you are pushing your body throughout the week.

And she shows you how she keep her body looking this good, by going through manuvers that would throw your back out the window, or paralyze you for life.

I have another set of her, doing similar things in a different outfit. As Justice Potter Stewart put it, ‘You can tell quality, when you see it’, or something like dat.

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This is another busty Kook channel babe. She appeared in the video of a Siraiki song, portraying a hip, urban chick who is being courted around town by your typical dweebster, who looks like a South American cross-dresser.

We have an amazing variety of hotties in Pakistan. If this red hot chilli pepper wore a kurta/shalwar she can pass off as a classic, rustic beauty. Dress her up in jeans and you have a hot starlet on your hands.

Of course I prefer her in a little black teddy and thigh high boots, but that’s just me.

She has got the sort of knockers that would make a guy stand-up and take notice, in more ways than one. Compared to the rest of her body, they are huge, firm and round. Usually, hotties who are blessed upstairs are short-changed downstairs. But not her. Her butt is round and ‘out there’. You can say she’s an all around, well-rounded gal.

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Nosheen Rasheed hosts a quiz show on PTV. These vidcaps are from her February 25th, 2007 show. If any of us is lucky enough to go to heaven, we’ll probably get hoores like hers, because it doesn’t get any better than this.

Even on earth, she has this ethereal radiance which is creating a sort of halo around her. How gorgeous is that fair, silky smooth skin and those classic lines ?.

And let us not forget the boobs. They are large, round and heavy and she has taken special care with that carelessly flung dupatta (ala Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday) to flaunt them. You will probably leave fingerprints all over them, since they will be just as fair and delicate as the rest of her skin, if not more.

She was so calm, composed and full of poise on that show, like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. You know, it’s broads like her who turn out to be real wildcats in bed. You will find them out in public, being followed around by tiny men with glasses and bent backs. These were once tall, strapping men.

When I look at those beautiful hands, I can’t help but think of a long, hot, creamy hand job. She’s probably using that butter from her mouth…

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After some careful observation of Sunita Marshall’s jeans, I think I know why girls wear tight jeans. They probably get the most sublime multiple orgasms as they strut about town, riding the seams of their painted-on jeans. It’s like rubbing a piece of twine back and forth over your clit. The guys, watching their camel toes showcased in such heart-stopping numbers, probably get their’s later on in the day.

The new crop of Levis jeans were being showcased by Pakistani supermodels on the ramp on February 20th, 2007, on the FTV Pakistan channel. It’s hard to watch such pics and not do anything about it. The hips are full, the butt is round and the legs are long on this 5’8″ beauty. All is laid out in black and white. Now it’s up to your fertile imagination, what you make of it.

On top, she has raised the ante with the Farrah Fawcett/Cheryl Tiegs pin-up hair and the tied-shirt routine, baring a sweet midriff. Like the Colonel says, “It’s Finger Licking Good”.

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