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These vidcaps of Savera Nadeem are from a soap that aired on 27th July, 2007 on Geo TV. The sunlight filtering through the window, catches her sublime form just right, to render her lawn kurta and dupatta functionally defunct. That’s another way of saying her kurta is transparent. She might as well be standing there, wearing just that white bra.

This is hardly a rare phenomenon. It is witnessed several times a day, by your average Pakistani. Not since the veiled concubines of the Ottoman Empire, who made diaphanous tops famous, have we seen a more tantalizing and titillating display of the female form. The Pakistani babe in a lawn suit, on a summer ‘s day.

Once, as I was driving towards the McDonald’s drive-thru, a woman clad in a yellow print lawn dress crossed the road in front. The setting sun did a magical number and it was, as if, she was standing there in nothing but a white bra and panties before me. As clear as day, I tell you.

I am sure they all know perfectly well what they are doing to male pulses (that too) out there. She could have easily made me drive into the Arabian Sea, instead of getting a burger. But I am not complaining. Ask the guys sitting and strutting about in the mall, or stumbling and bumping into smelly strangers at the Sunday Bazaar. They are not complaining. Attendance in mosques has never been higher. Gul Ahmed is making record profits. Coincidence ?, I think not.

But all these Pakistani women walking down the street, or up an aisle, aren’t the living incarnation of Diana, the Hunter goddess, like our Savera Nadeem. You can see the way she carries herself. Her head held high, the shoulders squared-up and tits out. She is confident, she means business. She is woman… hear us moan.

She looks nice with her hair like that, falling around her face in a bob-cut. She reminds me of an Egyptian princess, like Elizabeth Taylor from the movie Cleopatra. The dark hair frames her elegant face nicely.

You know in real life, if your wife looked like that in the morning, you wouldn’t be asking for a cup of tea. You would be jumping her bones and arrive at work looking and feeling like Rasool Baksh Palejo.

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I first saw Rabia Chaudhry in front of me at a Caltex petrol station. She was riding in the short-bus (actually Civic) with Ghalib Kamal. I don’t know why she got out. Probably to stretch her legs, or get away from that weirdo. She was wearing skin tight beige jeans and all I remember, is her huge round ass –as did all the attendants who stopped work in respect and admiration. I didn’t mind the wait. It was worth it.

These vidcaps of Rabia Chaudhry were taken from FTV Pakistan. This is behind-the-scenes footage, showing models in various stages of makeup and (un)dress. Rabia is the one with the big tits, strapped inside the gray top. She is also sporting a nice camel-toe. One of her striking features, aside from her cute chubby cheeks are her large puffy lips. They always look so swollen, as if she had been biting on them all night. Maybe that is precisely how they got that way. She should use a pillow.

Rabia is on the show Koun Teri Dulhaniya, where Ali Salman aka Begum Nawazish Ali, is trying to find her/himself a wife. Sarwat Gillani (the chaperone) is paired with her husband and Rabia rides shotgun with Ali. They sleep in the same hotel bed. If Ali is not cured yet, he should at least be taken out of the bisexual list, right now. He is a disgrace to the bisexual community.

On the show she was heard babbling something about how they (Ali) are alike, in the way they rebel against the norms of society and don’t give a hoot about anybody, against their wants and needs. That’s a nice philosophy. Rabia! this oppressive patriarchal society wants you to wear clothes… are you going to take that laying down ?. Attika! Attika!

In this video, Rabia Chaudhry is wearing the couture line of Nilofer Shahid. A lovely, all white dress adorned with a string of red roses down the side. It reveals a fair bit of the maddeningly scrumptious legs of our busty, curvy, beloved model. Enjoy.

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My fascination with painted girls started early, with movies like Man With The Golden Gun and Tarzan The Ape Man. I don’t think authority figures quite realized the extent to which estrogen and monkey business was inserted into that movie. When the cannibals stripped Bo Derek (Jane) and started marinating her with that white salve, getting her ready for their king to either eat her, or really eat her… neurons were firing away like Roman candles in my head.

Massaging paint into a gal seemed like a swell idea at the time. Along the years, people around the globe have substituted aromatic oils for marinating sauces. It’s the right thing to do. It’s one of those cannibal customs that we oughta cannibalize into ours.

Anyhoo, here are some vidcaps of the uber-sexy supermodel Neha from FTV Pakistan. She is on some shoot which require her boobs to be polished to a golden shine. And I must say the artist has done a fine job. You can almost see your face between her tits.

Neha may not be the prettiest supermodel, but she certainly has one of the best bodies around. She is tall, athletic (not anorexic) and toned. She has large, firm tits and a tummy to die for. She has a long, slender swan-like neck which is one attribute you can’t get with exercise or plastic surgery. One thing she’s not, is shy. She is proud of her beautiful body and has done several artistic shoots which are risque and which I shall soon post here.

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These vidcaps are taken from the SUN TV channel’s Morning show. I thought Rabi Pirzada was from the same clan of Samina Pirzada, but hearing Rabi’s account of her private struggle to get in the biz, one has to rethink that assumption. There is nobody in showbiz from Rabi’s family. In fact, showbiz is frowned upon as an industry in her family and her relatives have not had a kind word for Rabi, since they found out. Some of them have come around, bragging about her behind her back, but she does’nt hold any in high regard.

She describes how she flew back to Pakistan from the middle-east and didn’t think her parents had caught wind of her burgeoning singing career abroad. Her father was unusually quiet on the way home and just as they were pulling into their neighbourhood, she caught sight of herself pictured on a huge billboard, adveritising the deal. She says, she was mortified. I have to give props to her dad, for not pulling a Mohammad Ali scene-part on the airport, “Mainey Tumhain aaq kiya! aaq kiya! aaq kiya!”.

Another breaking news about Rabi, is that she married on Dec. 27th, 2007 to a retired military man. No, not Musharraf. It’s somebody else. Some Major (dick). Stop crying, you two can continue to see each other –in your dreams. He has taken upon himself to manage her career and is busy trying to launch a clothing/merchandising line for her. Yep, this one sounds like a real keeper. I hope she keeps an eye on those account books. I smell an Ike & Tina Turner.

Rabi talks like a self-conscious teen, often breaking into titters with the host of the show. She is self-deprecating and extremely frank and honest. No airs, no pretentions, no nakhra. It’s hard to imagine that this same girl can get on stage and use the mic in a manner that will make you shiver.

So she’s fair and lovely with a butt that belongs on a coconut tree, but there are plenty of beauties who will dissolve into a pile of salt, like the wicked witch of the west, if they were asked to sing a song in front of a small crowd. This girl has got more than just beauty and brains. She’s got balls. So what, if she can’t sing like Chotay Ghulam Ali. Have you seen his ass ?.

Note the black shameez under her see-through lawn dress. At least I think it’s a shameez. Could be a bra too. Not really sure. Like the way she’s accessorized her neck with that dupatta that matches her fire engine red lipstick. That ensemble is hot enough to give me heartburn sitting at home.

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The following are vidcaps of the rocker Maha, from her latest song Uljhan on MTV channel. Even though Pakistani music scenery is flush with ‘talent’ (and I use the word carelessly), we don’t have a gal rocker with sex appeal. Forget sex appeal, we don’t have a chic rocker, period. Some names that come to mind are Rabi Peerzada and Hadiqa Kiyani (but she has really let herself go lately). Don’t even mention Fariha Pervaiz and Humera Channa. They are neither rockers, nor sexy. Pretty ?. Yeah, in a homely sort of a way.

So it was quite a surprise to see this rad chick going nuts on stage, wearing skin tight leather pants and stroking the mic like a seasoned pro (and I use that word after careful deliberation). She’s got the long, dark, curly mane swishing about her. She’s even got the half-cut leather gloves on. She’s probably too young to remember that musicians already did that in the 80’s.

Nevertheless, this gal couldn’t have arrived on the Pakistani scene, any sooner. You will also note the black leather choker (it’s around her neck). Now in not-so polite company that choker could be taken as a symbol of something more than just an accessory. We will leave the juicy and sinister connotation for you yogis out there to dwell upon.

I hope Maha continues to kick ass on stage and grows, both as a musician and a rock icon. I hope her ass isn’t listening. It’s high time that Pakistani chicks went nuts and smashed things, on stage, not just at home. And Maha looks like just the girl for the job.

Here is the complete video of Maha’s Uljhan. Enjoy.

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Introducing PakiKaki User Forums

As per popular demand, we have set up a user forum for this blog, where you can share your pics with the rest of the world. The link to the forum is to your right, under the BlogRoll heading.

So dust off that old folder in your HD and take out those vidcaps and pictures that you were saving for that special someone. The time has come to share them with fellow connoisseurs and increase the collective happy-quotient of the desi tribe. Do it now, for who knows till when this golden period will last. Tomorrow, we might easily be back in PTV-only time, before you can say “Amir-ul-momineen Nawaz Sharif”.

In posting there, I hope you will exercise good judgment (no graphic nudity), common courtesy (no crusading flame wars) and goodwill to mankind (sesky pics). Otherwise, the forum Fengshui will get fu**ed, the board will be booted-shut and that, will be the end of that.

This is your baby, take good care of it.

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The following vidcaps are of the petite PTV anchor/host Sadia Afzal. This show dated Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 dealt with sports, in particular Cricket. The topic was the ongoing Shoaib Akhtar drama with the has-been, know-it-all blowhards like Mohsin Hassan Khan as one of the guests.

An an anchor, I thought she did a great job. She had adequate background information of the topic and a healthy grasp of the history and nature of the game of cricket. Moreover, she maintained a robust rotation of the guests, allowing everybody to contribute equally on all points, a rather tall order when you have attention-whore desis as guests.

She is a rather delicate beauty, like a japanese doll or those anime heroines. An oval face, with large dove eyes. Those heart-shaped lips that resemble a tiny rosebud when they are pursed together in quiet concentration. Aquiline features and high cheekbones. Her hair is braided in steps in the front, like Jennifer Anistons’ when she was doing Friends. Boy, that hair has a long shelf life.

Her hands are slender and soft. The fingers long, slender, delicate and delicious… like white baby carrots. The nails are well cared for. This is a girl that doesn’t do dishes, or much else, at home. She knew she was different, pretty, early on when people treated her special and she has garnered that calm confidence that comes of it. A bonafide desi princess and why not ?. She is blessed.

She is wearing a dupatta that’s long enough to make Ariel’s biggest Shalwar next, but she has flung it to one side, allowing you to sample one of her small tits. That’s how things are done in enlightened circles, I guess. Her white dainty feet are nicely showcased in fire engine red chappals, which bro Shalom would have appreciated.

It is alright to be a little princess and sit on your throne and carry on, but in our bed, we want a little slut that can make your eyes move back into your head. Those slender hands should know how to use lube and get on all fours when required. That hair will come in handy, when you are playing Roy Rogers and she is Trigger. Would she be able to rotate and keep the ball(s) moving ?.

I’ll let you know in a sec…

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