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The following vidcaps are of supermodel Rabia Butt, the up-n-comming ramp and print model of Pakistan. Rabia has distinct eastern features with clear, glowing honey skin. To me she just looks like delicious basin-kai-laddoo(s). But she can just as easily transform into a babe-in-jeans and a cropped top for a shoot. Have caps, will post soon. You can only hope to pull this off, if you are supremely confident and properly educated about meeting the obligations of both worlds. Otherwise, you’ll just look ridiculous. Rabia appears to have it down pat.

In this particular shoot, her now-quite-renowned tits take the cake. She seems to be wearing an under-wire bra that has cradled the precious orbs and pushed them together. Her tits are so perfect in form and so well-aligned, that they seem to be the result of some precise mathematical calculations. Could nature have allowed for such precision ?. A casual look could surmise that she’s got implants. But a careful observer, armed with adequate experience of both, can see that these are the real goods.

So what do you do, if you’ve got such a pretty pair and a lovley bod to go with it and only a handful of people know about it ?. “That would be patently unfair to the masses, who have so little, Rabia”. I think it’s fairly obvious what she has to do. More shoots like these. Note the tattoo on her right bicep. The girls’ a rebel. You gotta love her.

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The following is the model Rachael on the Naughty On FTV segment. She is sitting behind the scenes, waiting to get her face painted, when in walks the crew of FTV. Sherry metamorphosizes into a lion and before the camera could have an eyeful, she raises her claws and tries to bite the head of the cameraman. In the process, she exposes more of herself than she had probably bargained for.

Luckily, the crew escaped harm and were able to make it out with the tape. These vidcaps are of hers after the fact, when she’s had time to reflect and able to laugh at the invasion of her privacy.

In addition to the wheaty color, she has very earthy tits. As if she had dug them out of the ground somewhere. I will say it again. Desi cleavage, when it’s this scrumptious, beats all. They are also larger and more beautifully shaped, than what one is lead to believe, strictly from her couture outings. Imagine her in a Wicked Weasel bikini. It’d blow your mind.

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These are rare caps of model Nadia Hussain from the Samsung shoot on the ramp. She is wearing a long pinstripe dress that is open down the front, with a slit right up to her navel. At the end of the ramp, she opens up her dress to reveal her long, toned, tanned and sexy legs. Right up to her cute black (boy cut ?) panties.

Nadia Hussain is not an airhead. She went to dental school and is a qualified dental doctor –for what it’s worth. She also took time off, when she was one of the most sought-after models on the ramp, to get married and have kids with Atif Khan. That’s after she broke-up a serious affair with model Veena Ahmed’s brother Amir, who she calls “immature”.

However with her present mature form, she is certainly a hot MILF. She has successfully lost the baby fat around the middle and as you can see, she is in prime form. There isn’t even a hint of cellulite on her thighs, which speaks of her hard work on the treadmill and obviously good genes. She plans on opening her clinic after she retires from the ramp and that’s when I will get my wisdom teeth out. They’re killing me now, but…. I can wait. (arrrgh!)

Her beauty is unique, especially in these here parts. The bone structure is classic European. The only time desi girls get a jawline like that, is when their Hypothalmus goes nuts.

There may be plenty of girls who are prettier than her, but few can qualify for the Amazon Class in Pakistan. Making love to one must be like wrestling ‘gators.

Here’s the accompanying video:

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In these vidcaps from FTV, Nadia Hussain is wearing a silky golden tunic that comes down to just above her knees. Aside from her statuesque beauty, she is doing something here that she is rarely caught doing in her public appearances. She is nipping and it’s absolutely divine..

Yes, the two raised points are hard to miss. They are however not where one would normally expect them to be. The nipples are pointed slightly to the sides, which is perfectly natural and to be frank, rather cute. The last thing you want are those perfect cookie-cutter tits. They are so boring. This imparts character to her tits.

One can’t be sure as to the size of her nipples, but if the protuberances are any indication they are in keeping with the rest of her. Large. It is also fair to say that they will have become tough and dark in color, since they have been put to regular use of late.

Phew, all this talk of food has made me hungry. *meow*

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These vidcaps of Geo News anchor Sana Tariq prove once again that Geo studios is pretty chilly. Sana can’t see us, so I presume she is indifferent to our existence and hence, that round protuberance in the middle of her right tit are (quite probably) her gorgeous and engorged nipple staging a coup de tit inside her bra. That sort of revolution will always get our un-stinted support.

We have come a long way from “Yea Hai Radio Pakistan” and “Mein houn Azhar Lodhi, aur yea hain aaj kee khabrain”. Today, you turn on Geo and expect to see a coiffed hottie in a designer dress, crooning cruddy news. Not a giant head with Harry Carey glasses staring at you like Big Brother (the 1984 kind). Today, it’s Sana Tariq with the latest breaking news. She is prettier and many times more sophisticated and cultured than even the movie stars. To make an adjusted comparison, imagine Rebecca Romijn reading the 6 O’ Clock news in a thong bikini. That‘s how good we’ve got it down here.

Perhaps a higher power has arranged her on Geo News to try and educate the masses, so they could re-arrange their priorities and succeed as individuals, and as a nation. I think I’ll go with the other theory. The one with the glamorous babe with knockout looks and perfect tits appearing daily to balance the misery and sufferring of the masses.

Hmm. That’s so much better.


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Following are the second set of vidcaps of Asma Iqbal, the new anchor over at Geo TV. This particular shade of blue (sapphire) suits her and she looks fresh and sprightly. From the glossy mane of hair to the tips of her long, lovely hands and the manicured nails.

With the addition of Sana and now Asma, Geo has two, top-tier anchors in it’s stable of beauties (Sana Mirza is MIA, I wonder where that lovely beauty disappeared off to). Coincidently, on this particular day, both were doing the news together, clothed in blue, no less. Anybody say clash ?.

When put up together, the slight differences in manner and style become more apparent. Sana, thanks to mother nature, has clearly had a leg-up on the competition. Combined with better access to resources and a willingness to avail those opportunities that came her way, she has turned into a mild-mannered news anchor by day and a gorgeous knockout off-the-air.

Asma Iqbal is actually prettier than Sana Tariq, based on the classic scales of beauty. She may not have been blessed with similar resources (it seems), but she has nonetheless worked hard to get noticed and is finally sitting next to Sana and able to perfectly hold her own. That shows aside from her looks, she’s got guts, man.

Aside from her beauty and charm, Asma works hard at her job. She does not sleep-walk through the news. If you look at these vidcaps, you will notice that Asma goes through 101 expressions combined with an equally varied tone and pitch quality of voice to deliver the news. Try this at home in front of the mirror for just 5 minutes and you will have a headache by the end of it.

It is not easy to be appear interested at a stretch, harder still to be interesting. Most of the time, these girls are delivering either stale, or sad news. To command a surging audience, requires more than just a pretty face. It must be an interesting performance. No easy feat, when you have a desi with dozens of options and an itchy trigger finger. He is more fickle than Coco the chimpanzee. For that Asma and Co. deserve all the credit.

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Following are the caps of Atiqa Odho, from her new show “Atiqa O”, on HumTV. She is also hosting a children’s show on another channel where certain (connected ?) children are recognized for their distinguishing abilities or achievements.

In this particular show however, Atiqa O, she is playing herself. A career woman who is plowing through her glamorous and eventful life in the showbiz industry. That’s her story, mine is a little different.

I see a delicious milf, laden with the fruits of ripe womanhood, armed with all the weapons of feminine charm who is out to conquer, subdue and use young meat (that’d be you and me) for her darkest pleasures. If that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

In this particular show, a horny old git masquerading as a businessman and his slippery, scheming assistant plan to lure Atiqa to Dubai, where he hopes to get her in bed, by showering her with the promise of a role in a movie, money and gifts.

At first, Atiqa falls for it and takes their money, but later realizes something’s amiss and sets a trap for them. They arrive at her home and are ambushed by law enforcers who give them the traditional thrashing before taking them in. OK, so It’s not a reality show. It’s all done tongue-in-cheek.

The only thing interesting for me, was how, Atiqa managed to cleverly slip in a toy-boy into the plot. She is sitting with the horny businessman at her house, when in walks a tall Adonis (did I mention he was half her age ?, just ignore me). The guy is all smiles and looks at Atiqa hungrily, as if she were a chicken roll. Atiqa responds by batting her eyelashes appreciatively. I’ve seen that look before. It’s the morning after look, when she’s gotten it good.

The businessman looks worried and his PA asks if he is her son. To which Atiqa takes immediate umbrage and explains to him that he’s her ‘brother’ *wink-wink* *nod-nod*. Yea, rite! lady. Nobody’s buying it. The guy struts around, as if he was doing a runway show, and then steps out of the scene.

There was absolutely no need, as far as the plot was concerned, to put this guy in… unless, she wanted to reinforce her preference for young men. This girl wants it bad and the message is getting across loud and clear, since she has become one of the most sought after MILFs in Pakistan.

Besides, the show is just a vehicle to show-off Ms. Odho’s obvious charms. The caps of her with a newspaper are quite delicious, while her cleavage shots in the mustard dress are a good sign of things to come, down the line. We hope.

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