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Shaista Wahidi is a good example of a strong personality and a hot body, winning out over a freaky feature. She is a smart, fit bandi who carries herself with style and poise. It’s her charisma and personality which minimizes the Tony Robbins’ jawline. You are naturally drawn to the immense proportions, but as soon as she looks at you with her big brown eyes beaming with mischief, her ready smile and easy nature —fruits of real femininity, you forget that she has a bigger jaw than most men.

The thing that separates Shaista from the rest of the morning talking heads, is that she has something inside hers. She is obviously a smart cookie, but she has a good work ethic and comes prepared for her morning interviews. She asks pertinent questions, does follow-ups and is unrelenting until such time that she has gotten you to say more than you were prepared to offer. Above all, she does not let ‘favorites’ slide, or offer them a walk-over. Everybody gets the same drill. That’s quite a unique trait among desis, not to say of journalists in particular.

Sometimes, as it happens, she get a lousy grouch for a guest. You can see she’s struggling, can’t get into it, but she tries her best to save the show. It’s akin to drilling oil out of a tooth. Her shows are deliberately structured to be substantive and deal with real bread-n-butter issues. Unlike the fluff and glamor that’s the hallmark of morning shows on other channels.

Coming back to Shaista Wahidi, she is of course a MILF. These days Shaista is not known for her large tits on air, but here, they appear quite generous on her petite 5’4″ frame. These caps were taken July 9th, 2007 when she was probably nursing her kid. It’s a guess, because unlike today, her tits look engorged and full. The bra outline in one of the caps, clearly indicates that she’s not wearing a padded bra. The fitted kurta is only celebrating the lush natural contours of her shapely round tits.

Shaista has not worn deep plunging necklines, or blatantly see-through lawns on her show. But the way she sits there, with her shoulders back, chest out, neck straight spells confidence in herself and that… is sexy. According to an interview in DAWN, she is only using 20% of her energy (out of the bedroom). If that is any clue, her husband is a lucky guy. Being a doctor, she of course knows all the erogenous zones and if needed could stimulate your prostate gland for earth-shattering, head-exploding, mind-numbing orgasms. All part of the package.

You come back now, ya hear.

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Maha Cleavage In A Bridal Gown, On FTV

Maha is an extraordinary beauty. She is Amazon Class, with neither bad posture, nor gangling that’s commonly associated with it. She is well porpotioned, athletic and glides on the ramp with purpose and poise. Oh and did I mention she has an amazing rack ?. When she wears an underwire bra, it’s like Moses has parted the red sea, all over again.

Here is Maha doing a bridal shoot. Normally, the Pakistani bride is covered-up like an Eskimo. But Maha, it seems, has been called in to model a special bridal suit that is designed to raise wood upto stone-throwing distance. It has a deep, plunging v-neckline which exposes about the same territory that a bikini top would. Add large, round tits and what you get is a luscious desi treat, without the calories.

You will not see a single child crying at this wedding. Just the grown men.

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You can have the prettiest tits, but if the nipples aren’t out-standing, it’s just a large glob of flesh. Nipples are to tits, what faces are to bodies, what engines are to trains. They impart character, meaning and personality. There is no particular standard for nipples. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes and that’s what makes them interesting. Each is unique. But the ones that standout, standout. Like an American at a Japanese funeral.

I, myself, am partial towards big, rubbery, nubbins. The kind that can poke an eye out. That get hard with the gentle passing of a cool breeze, on a summer day. The kind you can shake hands with. The unrelenting, piercing tips that penetrate an under wire bra and a lawn kurta –to say hello.

But to each his own.

Here is Mehreen Raheel, one of the cutest new faces on the modeling circuit. She has just started appearing in some drama serials as well. She is so beautiful, she will give you a toothache. She is blessed with an amazing bod, but even more appealing is her fresh, sexy and adorable personality on-screen. Here she is featured on FTV, laying on the couch, after her big night out and she’s… nipping. It’s the sort of spaghetti strap, cocktail dress that does not really allow for a bra. Her nipples are centered, round and oh-so-perky. Just gorgeous, like the rest of her. Bon Appetit.

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The following vidcaps are of the (in)famous stage performer Deedar from Aik Din Geo Kai Sath on May 23rd, 2008. The host Sohail Warraich, a noted journalist, with a publicly declared penchant for beautiful girls was all-a-titter, courting the beautiful damsel around town. A few days ago, he had done the same with her elder sister, Nargis, an equally (in)famous stage performer who is credited with revolutionizing the stage drama. You can see them both together here.

Deedar may not be the prettiest, but she is undeniably the most fittest babe on the Pakistani mujra circuit. She has the conditioned body of an olympic athlete with defined abs, a tiny waist and a gymnast’s butt. But if she were in ‘civilian clothes’, you could walk past her in Jinnah Super and she’d so… blend, that you wouldn’t even know she was there.

Deedar and her sister, Nargis, along with a handful of others rule the dance circuit in Pakistan and do regular shows abroad. The sisters have made waves across the land. They have been picked-up by the police, banned by the Govt, shamed by the media and everything in between. But they always manage to stage a come back, by popular demand. These stage performers are borne out of necessity, surrounded in a sea of hypocrisy and celebrated in quasi-secrecy. Instead of celebrating beauty, sex-appeal and art we have wrapped the female form in shame, neglect and abuse. Is it any wonder why we have so many confused and raging nuts, running around the place.

Deedar is young, vibrant, healthy and charismatic, with a keen business sense. The sisters don’t live in the Diamond Alley, with roaches and men with mustaches that resemble roaches. They live in posh localities, drive around in SUVs and take vacations abroad.

Before she gets old and saggy, she will likely have nabbed a feudal lord (or a cricket star with a big head and loose lips) and had his kids. If one were to judge Deedar on her current fame and success in her chosen profession, she is arguably the Jenna Jameson of Pakistani stage (before Jenna married the jar head and became a living corpse). Here she is, at work. You gotta appreciate her work ethic.

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Asma Iqbal, Back In Black On Geo TV

I was rummaging through my collection and I bumped into these old caps from the the early days when Asma Iqbal had just made her debut on Geo, from Express News. These caps were taken on April 30th, 2008. I also found a couple of caps from her Express News days. It is confirmed. She looks hot in a suit.

Long before Asma Iqbal blossomed into the confident and polished hottie we see on Geo News today, she was always a smart, vivacious beauty that you just could not ignore. She has always had a presence on screen, that leaps out at you.

Having observed news anchors on dozens of private channels and PTV, I can say with some confidence now that Asma works, at least twice as hard, as the rest of them (barring Sana Tariq).

While the rest just sit there with that blank expression and drone out a mono-syllabic stream of facts-n-figures, Asma is 100% involved in her work presentation. With her breadth and multitude of expressions, intonations and gestures, she brings it to life. That’s the kind of dedication she brings to the job and why so many people tune it to watch her.

I hope she is being duly compensated for it. In the west, viewers choose news channels, based in large part on the news anchors, who then rightly command a healthy salary.

With so many news choices available in the market today, giving you pretty much the same information, Pakistanis are also switching to find the best anchor to see and hear their news.

Seeing her in black here, I am reminded of that song, “Mein kala jora paya, teri farmaish te’. The girl in that video (Amna) is cute, but Asma does better justice to the kala jora here.

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Asma Asim, Celestial Beauty On VIBE TV

A beautiful woman is like a bad fart in a small room; nobody can ignore it for long. You see it everyday. When a sexy girl walks in, life comes to a standstill. All eyes are on duty, hands… later on on deck. Even the self-righteous ones who are faking it. Following are the caps of Asma Asim, hosting a show on VIBE TV on Thursday, May 22nd, 2008.

This petite little girl is gorgeous from head-to-toe. A beautiful mane of luscious dark hair, coiffed to perfection. Features that Ashwairya Rai would give her left gonad for (trust me on that). A smile that lights up a room. A petite frame with wild curves and tits that belong in the Hall of Fame.

Her tits are huge, in comparison with the rest of her delicate body. They are not mutations, but perfectly symmetrical and tear-shaped. Big, round and firm knockers. You don’t see them everyday. They are such ‘bad-asses’ (by which I mean um, good, just checking), that she has brought a bed sheet from home to cover the right one. Maybe she mistakenly subscribes to the theory of too-much-of-a-good-thing. But you never know. We might turn into crazed monkeys on acid, if she had shown both.

Aside from her obvious charms, she has an adorable personality on-screen. She is soft-spoken, charming and gracious. Above all, extremely patient. The two guests she had on, were evil witches from Hades, who kept screeching incoherently and sounded like a pair of kytes on a hot summer day. But she kept smiling, nodding and managed to get the odd word in.

If eyes are a window to our souls, I see a wonderful soul inside a knockout bod here. Hope we see much more of her in the future.

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Juggan Kazim grew up in Lahore. She went to Grammar School, then to Kinnaird College for her FA and then… then she popped-up on the Zoo TV Beanbag Show. Right ?.


Juggan Kazim finished High School in Pakistan and then she went to college in Canada. She changed her name and did a few commercials, print modeling, stage plays and then did movies (WHAT! ?, she changed her name ?). Yeah, she did. She changed it to Jay Kazim. Actually, come to think of it, a smart move. She starts in Pakistan with a clean slate. You can read all about it in her interview on Spotlight, among other places.

Now about her movie(s). It’s a critically acclaimed Anglo-Indian production, called “Pink Ludoos” released in 2005. It is also set to be released under the name of “Sweet Destiny” in 2008. The writer is a Sikh girl with a Christian name, the director is an indian-born, canadian-settled desi. Then you’ve got a pretty Pakistani girl in the leading role, playing a hindu. A real mix fruit chat, if you will.

Juggan is playing the role of a horny, free-spirited girl (slut), who gets pregnant with triplets from her desi pot-smoking lover, played by an indian actor named Jazz Mann. She is abandoned by her family and decides to take care of business on her own. Hurray! for single teen mothers. Now you know why it was critically acclaimed. They just finished giving an Oscar to Juno, and Juggan is far hotter than that Ellen Page.

The film won a handful of awards. It was compared with Bend It Like Bekham and Bhaji On The Beach. You can read it’s reviews on MyBindi, Boloji, Asian Media Org, Hyphen Magazine, Play and Praxis Film. But if you want to see a trailer, you can get a little taste of it here.

Juggan Kazim is humping a guy in a parked car. She is french kissing him elsewhere in the movie and who-knows-what-else in between. You’ll just have to beg, borrow, or steal the movie to find out. Who knew, eh ?.

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