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The following vidcaps are of Sadia Afzaal, the host of the show Nuqta-e-Etraaz, on PTV News which aired on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008. Sadia, with her black hair cascading down over her shoulders provided quite a contrast to the blue background. Her dress ensemble however blended nicely with the set, establishing her clearly, as the center piece.

You can easily seperate the program hosts based on their intellect and hard work, or beauty and charisma. It’s the dominant trait of the two, that carries their show. Rarely will you find a host blessed with both, like Sadia.

All things aside, the one thing that stands out with Sadia is that she is a tigress. She comes prepared with a game plan for the show and executes it efficiently. The biggest problem of hosting a show of a political nature in Paksitan, is that you have to routinely deal with uncivilized animals, lower down on the food chain.

They will try to obfuscate, side-step and go off on tangents. Anything to hide their kaaley kartoot. That’s where hosts like Sadia (and Talat Hussain) are so effective. With her unflinching resolve and steely focus, she is able to get right to the meat of the issue. With Sadia at the tiller, you are assured that the show will not be lost in the high waters of blah-blah.

I have seen senior politicians, analysts and so on trying to brow-beat her, patronize her, thinking it’ll be easy-pickings with a female host. But none of the usual tricks work on Sadia. She remains unpreturbed, her mind working like a supercomputer, coming back and hitting them hard. Those who are not disarmed by her beauty, fall prey to her brains. The old 1-2 (punch).

I took the caps of her holding the pen in her hand, because I thought that this was significant. She was using the pen to cross out and lay out the queries on a sheet of paper in front of her. In between, she was playing around with it and for some time she held it up and proceeded to stroke and caress it.

I caught the old general ‘looking’ and couldn’t resist adding those caps. Gen. Talat Masood retired a long time ago, but it looks like he’s still got some lead in his pencil.

I don’t blame him. A smart, beautiful woman with piercing eyes and those delicate hands with long, slender fingers of polished ivory, playing with a 6″ pencil is liable to recruit any veteran back into action.

Click here for all of the pics.

Here is a video from the same show, for yout to see Sadia in her element.

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These caps of Asma Iqbal (the reigning Queen of Geo News after the departure of Sana Tariq), dated March 18, 2007 are from a time when she used to work for ATV. There are at least two dozen news channels in Pakistan, each with it’s own stable of news anchors. So why bother taking caps of this particular débutante news anchor ?. After all, there is hardly anything ‘newsworthy’ about her.

It’s obvious. She was (and is) a hottie. Clearly, not as polished and refined, in terms of delivery and deportment, that she exhibits today (on Geo). But this girl had oodles of confidence and charisma, aside from great looks. She also worked hard and stood out.

Even back then, when the channel cut away from her to show a tired pool video of some dumb event, you cursed them. The anchor was providing a more interesting visual to complement the news item, than anything the director could’ve dug-up from his archives. And so it is, today.

The chiseled jawline, the expressive eyes, the pouty lips, the coiffed hair and the confident posture was all there. Looking at her, one could easily see Asma jumping out of her anchor seat and going to shoot for a James Bond action sequel, or be one of the Charlie’s Angels. She’s got the looks, the balls and the intellect to be all and do all that. This chick kicks ass!

When you observe such an awesome combination of beauty, brains and hard work, you naturally want them to succeed and reach for the stars. Wherever she goes, whatever she chooses to do in the future, I hope we are there to cheer for her.

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Like Scrooge McDuck, I had been diving into my vault of caps and look what I found: more vcaps of Neelma Hasan from The Mother’s Show on ARY, back in the days when she used to dress sexy. She was an instant hit with the fans, who adored the busty and curvaceous MILF.

However, in recent days she has taken to wearing long sleeves and high necks, giving short shrift to the viewers. Let’s cut to the chase. There are hosts out there who rely on their intellect, or personality to cement a following. Then there are hosts who are pretty and sexy, and use that. We can safely put Noor, Neelma and Iffat Umer in the latter category. You hear noise coming out of their mouths, only if you have mistakenly left the volume on.

Nature has bestowed great genes upon women like Neelma, whose tits retain their awesome form long after they have served their biological imperative. Nowadays, it usually takes just one tour-of-service to render the shape from a proud tit, to a deflated balloon.

But Neelma Hasan seems exempt from nature’s cruel natural course. Her gravity defying orbs of perfection seem to mock the rest. Apart from nature, Neelma had nurtured a sexy persona that transformed her into a sexy diva. A hint of cleavage here, a saucy smile there and before you knew it, she had reeled you in. I think I speak for most of her fans, when I say that we want the old sexy Neelma back.

Her current dowdy, victorian-style massi outfits are not only ill-suited for this sensual mami (um, the Spanish kind), but also a betrayal of nature who made her so fa-boob-lous. One can only hope that we get to see more of the glamorous Neelma back in the hot-tie seat.

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In these last few months, Asma Iqbal has transformed herself from fairly beautiful to just plain gorgeous. These caps and video of Asma Iqbal are from yesterday, 10th July, 2008. She was looking so cute and delish that it would certainly be a crime not to record it for posterity.

She is wearing a black suit, with a deep V-neck and heavily embroidered lapels. Underneath she’s wearing a white net t-shirt that’s stretched taut over her gorgeous tits.

I don’t know what she has had done, but she looks just amazing. Her alabaster skin has aquired a healthy glow, her eyes sparkle forth like polished garnets and the lips are on loan from Monica Belluci. I don’t think there is a newscaster anywhere in the world right now, who is as pretty and glamorous as Asma (and Sana of course). Geo should release fold-out posters for people to put up these beauties on their walls. Top of the morning to ya!

But Asma is not resting on just her looks. As usual, she is working harder than the rest to give meaning to her words. Like an ace orator, she is constantly attenuating her tone, manner and expression to keep you involved. This variety comes through in the caps, where no one pic, is like the other. News on Geo is now more enthralling than anything it offers on it’s entertainment channel, by far.

Maybe she’s too good, because the world could be coming apart at the seams, but if Asma is on air, you’re not in any hurry to leave for supplies.

Probably it’s just what we need after a long day of clawing through the vagaries of modern day Pakistan. Someone to calm the frayed nerves, soothe the singed soul and refresh the battered body.

An able, confident babe laying it all out in black and white. Here’s a little compilation video of Asma from July 10th, 2008. For more pics click here.

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Here is the video of the gorgeous Natasha Hussain in the form fitting black strapless dress. She is being used as a braille tablet by the little imp promoter, who appears a tad bit smashed.

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Naveen Naqvi has been cooling her heels on various news programs on DAWN News for sometime now. One morning Aisha Alam, the co-host with Faisal Qureshi, was unable to make it on Breakfast At Dawn News and Naveen filled-in for her.

As you can see, she more than made-up for Aisha’s big jugs. We would never have known what a treasure trove she carried on her chest, but for this appearance. She now seems to have acquired a regular position as a sub for Aisha Alam on Breakfast@DawnNews.

She is wearing a black jacket over a cream colored, mock turtle-neck and fitted black pants. But the sexiest item of clothing she is wearing, is on her feet.

Black leather f***-me-pumps, with stilleto heels. OMG. I am not a shoe-guy, but these shoes are the kind Nancy Sinatra sang about in my dreams.

The simple volume, shape and firmness of her tits, in proportion with her otherwise petite frame, is staggering. If she wore a tight t-shirt to work, half of Pakistan would be unwittingly sucking on their thumbs.

Faisal Qureshi is a thorough gentleman. He has since moved to Samaa channel where he has a nightly ‘issue-oriented’ show. There he has chastised Dr. Shaista Wahidi and others on their low morals. What !?. Yeah, he did. Faisal told them that he finds girls going around in sleeveless outfits these days, improper and indecent. Both Shaista and another anchor guest from CNBC were wearing sleeveless dresses! It didn’t go over too well with either of his guests, who were visibly annoyed with him. But back then, Faisal had no qualms doing a show with the boobalicious Aisha Alam and Naveen Naqvi.

I wonder what a girls to do, once she has developed such fabulous tits in Pakistan ?. Where the heck will they be admired, appreciated and serenaded ?. Should they all go around hiding them inside over-sized dresses and wearing bedsheets around themselves ?. Why can’t she go around in a tight t-shirt, or wear a bikini top in Saddar ?. And if by happenstance, a soapy bucket of suds were to fall on her, take it off and rinse it down. I have a dream. . .

Until that day, we will just have to be satisfied with the lot of lovely and credible anchor-hosts that feel comfortable in designer labels and showing-off their beautiful bodies, as well as laying bare their progressive and liberal thoughts on various subjects. For a bland and intellectually inert Pakistan, these visibly and mentally stimulating babes can’t arrive fast enough on the local scene.

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Rubab is a veteran model with an impressive list of honors and awards on her mantle. She has been doing ramp and print modeling for more than a decade now, but you wouldn’t know it, if you looked at her today. Even though a bona fide MILF, with a grown child, she has a body that most teens would kill for. She is Amazon Class, but carries herself so well, you can’t tell, unless you see her clad in a pair of tight jeans. The beautiful long legs, they go on forever.

She is not the prettiest of all Pakistani supermodels. She doesn’t have the most shapely or biggest boobs. But she has the most proportionate features. Her face is the perfect oval, with beautiful eyes and full heart-shaped lips. The high cheekbones, sharp nose and the straight jawline give her a sort of regal bearing that sets her apart from the majority. Her tits are also large with respect to her extremely petite frame. Her tall frame, tight curves and long limbs remind you of a Barbii doll. She has been blessed with the golden ratio (and then some) and nowhere is it as prominent as on her butt.

That’s right. Rubab is blessed with a pert bottom, which in today’s slang is called an Apple Bottom. A cute butt is a rarity and truly a blessing. There are tons of pretty girls out there with flat asses and there isn’t a thing they can do about it (read: Heidi Klume, Elle McPhearson). They have come out with silicone butt implants, but who wants to sound like a balloon getting molested, whenever they take a seat ?. Rubab’s butt seems to have been drawn by a geometric instrument. Absolutely circular, firm and perfect. You can hold it, in it’s entirety, in the palm of your hand. Being a fan of larger butts, I cannot in good conscience ignore perfection, in whatever size it comes. Along with the little perfect derrier, her long lean legs clad in tight fitting jeans are a sight to behold.

One of her most attractive features is her zest for life. She was on Spotlight (HumTV) and she seemed like a fun girl with a good head on her shoulders. An easy, approachable, bubbly persona that spells out fun, joy and cheer for life. Not an easy thing to have and to hold, through the ravages of age, turmoil and motherhood. That’s more attractive than a pair of perfect tits today, when all hell is breaking lose aruond you. An elegant beauty with a good attitude (did I mention perfect buns ?), adds beauty to our world and for that I am grateful. She has no immediate plans for quitting and I hope it stays that way.

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