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Maha, Caught Nipping On The Ramp, On FTV

Following are the caps of Pakistani supermodel Maha, modeling clothes on the runway for the designer Nadya Mistry on FTV that aired on April 19th, 2008. The Amazon Class, statuesque Maha is seen wearing a silky blue halter top over a matching wrap-around skirt, leaving most of her upper torso bare.

The sheer material of the halter-top appears to have been augmented with sown-in cups, but the designer did not count on flash photography winning the day for us. The results of modern-day flash photography are similar to how Forest Gump’s mother had philosophized the meaning of ‘life’ to him. “[it’s] like a box of chocolates. You never know whachu gonna get”. Sometimes you get thongs, sometimes bras. But on special occasions you hit the jackpot with nipples and other scandalous stuff.

I never thought we, in Pakistan, would be at the receiving end of such high drama, so soon into the rehab. The (supposedly) unwitting flash of nips continues to be cause for much celebration in places where people go around without a stitch of clothing in public. I think it’s got something to do with the innate thrill of voyeurism: the pleasure from the forbidden fruit, taken on the sly. Maybe that’s why they say; “Stolen kisses and wine, taste the sweetest”.

You can observe the nubbins of Maha’s hard crinkly nipples in the profile shots, where they are trying to push through the thin material. Whereas in portrait shots (facing forward), the matching round silhouettes, the size of a Rs. 5 coin, give away their dimensions. To have made their presence felt, on a 3 dimensional scale, through two layers of clothing, is nothing short of a miracle.

Nothing better than to see a beautiful woman, in her prime, flaunting what she’s got. I am proud that we have such strong, sexy, sensual women ‘representing’. Of course, if I had my way, we would see Maha strutting down the runway in shiny black thigh-highs, with matching hot-shorts. Let’s take a few seconds and contemplate that beautiful thought. For now, I’ll settle for these rebellious nips.

The last two caps have been blown-up to better illustrate the finer points (pun intended). Maha is a sexy, sultry Amazon beauty good enough to eat with a spoon. With her long caramel legs, the creamy alabaster abs and the perfect scoops of firm round tits topped with delicious raspberries –all under an umbrella of a swirling mane of raven hair– makes her an irresistible treat.

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VJ Nemah, A Case Of Nipping, On PlayTV

The following caps are of PlayTV’s seductive VJ Nemah, while she was hosting some red carpet event sponsored by Sunsilk shampoo. Nemah is wearing a clingy, strapless gown which is pulled over her shapely, supple form. She is interviewing some MILF with delicious boobs of her own, racked-up inside a black tank-top with spaghetti straps.

Nemah may not be the prettiest girl you have ever seen, but she has that rare innocence and raw sexuality that makes her stand out. It invites you to take her into your arms and protect her from the bad, bad world. In reality, she can more than take care of herself and would probably kick your ass if you tried.

There is a luminescent quality to her skin. An incandescent glow emanating from her silky soft, clear olive skin, making it appear as appetizing as a tikka sweating over hot coals. I wonder if it tastes as good. Probably better. After VJ Amena (who’s a fitness freak), Nemah has probably the best butt on PlayTV. She is a relatively tall girl and has crazy curves on her.

Here, flash photography has won us a rare view of what appears to be her left nipple. There is clearly a large, circular silhouette where her nipple outghta be. This is not a unique phenomenon. It happens all the time. Anne Hathaway was reportedly caught unawares, wearing what she thought was a black dress, which turned transparent under the glare of flash photography. Others, are not so innocent. Like Sophie Marceau and supermodel Rachel Hunter here. Nemah appears to have fallen under the former, the Rachel Bilson category.

The last two caps are blown-up to allow you to see and judge for yourself. If it is what it is, her nipples are somewhat large in proportion to the size of her tits. I guess that’s good news for people with big mouths.

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Following are the caps of Savera Nadeem from the tele-drama Baandi that aired on March 18th, 2008 on HumTV. Savera is playing the role of a beautiful, but homely wife of an ambitious banker (Saleem Sheikh), who is increasingly finding his faithful, loving and caring wife a drag. What B.B. King called, “The thrill is gone, the thrill is gone baby!”.

All day long Savera runs around the house, taking care of their child and making their house, a home. By the time her chores are done, she is exhausted and unable to give the kind of ‘special’ attention her husband expects from her, at the end of his own hectic day at work.

He begins to drift. His eyes finally coming to rest on an old flame (played by Emaan Malik) who intentionally bumps into him, at his office. Emaan is a one-woman, home-wrecking machine and has no qualms about hurting another woman. She goes about seducing her old college flame. Soon, hubby begins to stay late at work. He has ‘meetings’ with ‘important clients’. When he does come home, he is in a foul mood.

At first, Savera does not understand what’s happening to her marraige. She believes that as long as she keeps the home and takes care of their child, she is fulfilling her end of the bargain as a wife. Dressing up like a tart and acting saucy is not in her job description. After all, she’s married. Why the need for all that pretense ?. Her husband keeps nagging her about her frumpy dressing, but she brushes it aside.

In steps her wise and worldly friend. She knows the husband has got the Seven Year Itch and she puts all the clues together and clues in Savera, who of course, goes into denial. The hubby has the gall next to invite the home-wrecker to his home and has Savera entertain her, wearing the drab lawns. The drama concludes when Savera finally ‘gets it’ and takes to wearing sexy saris and makeup to look attractive for her husband. She does not confront him, only his guilt eats away at him and he decides to swears off cheating on her (for now). The end.

I guess I understand what the writer was getting at. The old adage about husbands only going out looking for some, if their wives are not giving ‘it’ to them. Old, wise black mamma would say, “Gurl! you betta handle yer beeznis”. In this drama they picked on the wife’s dressing (she was not denying him sex). He expected his stay-at-home-wife to wear saris and dress up to the nine’s, like one of those vamps you see on the indian soaps. Is that realistic ?. I think not. Besides, it’s many a man’s dream to come home and slip his hands around his hot, sweaty wife who is slaving in front of the stove and give her some good ol’ loving, beginning with some choice kisses around the nape of her neck…

The dressing in itself could just be a metaphor for other things, in other marriages. It could be variations in sex; oral, anal, swinging, etc. The point being, is the desi wife, in addition to keeping house and taking care of the children 24/7, now also culturally obligated to fulfill her husband’s sexual wants and desires ?. What if he wants her to dress up like Little Bo Beep ?, or a Christmas pie and himself as Little Jack Horner ?. Should she fear losing him, if she doesn’t comply ?.

Now, even though Savera is wearing ordinary lawn dresses, the girl is anything but normal. With her statuesque presence, pretty face, gorgeous tits, small waist and ravishing hips, you can hide her in a potato sack and she’d look delicious. Emaan Malik, sadly looked like a slag, next to her. And that’s why the drama doesn’t quite work. Here you have a dream boat, a luxury-liner at home and the husband is out there trying on a battered canoe. It’s inane.

I remember going on a ride in an amusement park with friends some time ago and it felt so exhilarating that we ignored all the rest of the rides and kept on riding this crazy roller-coaster for hours until we got dizzy and couldn’t walk properly. That’s what I imagine it’d be like being with Savera Nadeem. You would lock yourself in a bedroom for days, months, maybe years, trying to memorize each pore on her body. Think Kathleen Turner and William Hurt in Body Heat.

And It’s not only her beauty, but also her spirit, her soul. The effervescent personality, her honesty and integrity. The humility, confidence and openness. And the rebellious and independent streak that sets her apart from the herd. She is high on life and you want a ticket for this ride.

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The following caps are of Sadia Afzaal, taken on October 11th, 2007, from her show Nuqta-e-Etraaz on PTV News. This was long before I was familiar with her work. She just happened to catch my eye one day and I scooped-up a cap because she looked hot (and nipping). It’s only now, after having watched her work, that I have come to appreciate the gorgeous and multi-talented Sadia Afzaal.

Being sexy a-n-d smart is an asset, a gift; not a crime or a sin. The only sin is if we try and reduce her whole persona, down to just the sum of tits and ass. That’s why even though this blog may seem primarily concerned with looks, we try (within our modest means) to present the whole person. You can look at a picture and see ‘pretty’. But to judge ‘sexy’, you need a movie, that can provide you with some clues to their personality as well.

I went through this quasi-philosophical routine to reassure folks who might think this is just a T&A factory. It is that, but we wish to aspire to more than that. We may not always succeed, but we try. This is a post where we fail, because it’s a simple case of nipping. You be the judge.

The first cap is the original, with no resizing. You can tell there is something there, even if it’s not entirely clear at this resolution.

Here, we have blown the cap to three times it’s original size. Btw, it’s the right nipple, if you’re still confused.

Here, is the just the interesting part, blown up. It’s certainly a protuberance of some sort and it’s in the general vicinity of where you’d expect it. If she is used to carrying pencil erasers in her bra, that might be the other possibility.

All these caps prove, is that Sadia has nipples. I am pretty sure most of you suspected as much. Along with nipples, she has a great body and an even better mind. The proof of that is on the tele, twice-a-week, where you can appreciate the whole Sadia.

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She is the mascot of this blog. The beautiful, the ravishing Natasha Hussain at the red carpet of the annual Spring Ball, sponsored by Telenor. She is being interviewed before she goes and cavorts with the crowd inside. There was a dance floor in the middle of this huge tent, where desi wannabees (dressed like the party Tom Cruise crashes, in the movie Eyes Wide Shut) tried to dance (self-consciously) and made everybody else feel icky and nauseous.

Natasha is wearing a clingy, metallic, spaghetti strap dress with a scoop neckline that gracefully exposes a fair bit of cleavage and traces her lovely contours. She appears to be wearing one of those transparent bras, with opaque cups.

Her tear-drop shaped tits lay lazily inside the generous confines of the dress. There was some bobble to the boob, indicating some, but not a great deal of constriction. That’s precisely what this dress demanded and this beauty provided.

If you look carefully (pics 006, 010), you can make out the cups and the faint hint of round, silver dollar sized areolae with nipples. The size, shape and location of her nipples appear similar to those of the Czech supermodel she most resembles, Paulina Porizkova. They are sublime, like the rest of her.

What separates Natty from other pretty and hard body models, is her grace and style. There are many who could wear this dress, but only she can carry it. Her body not only fills these dresses, but fulfills the promise associated with them.

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Following are the caps of the supermodel Neeha Ahmed, who is modeling the clothes designed by Sobia Nazir (who’s a hot little number in her own right). They were taken on 21st March, 2008 on FTV.

It is fairly obvious that Neeha is not wearing a bra for these particular pictures. Her tits remind me of Carmen Electra’s. Maybe because they are so round and perfect. Only Neeha’s tits look this great without having had a boob job! I don’t know exactly what Sobia had in mind, when she came up with these Somalian… wraps (?), but nevertheless, Neeha looks more appetizing than the KFC’s new wrap.

Neeha has lovely flaring hips that curve deliciously out from her tiny, toned waistline. The cute belly-button ring is quite a draw, surrounded by a sea of taut, smooth, dusky skin. Like those coffee commercials where they shoot the swirling coffee cup from above.

The cleavage in the fifth pic, where her shapely firm tits are pushed together and produced on a platter of black cotton, is more alluring than any piece of jewelry strung around her neck. Neeha is maha sexy and I am sure if given the opportunity, I am certain that we would see much more of this babe.

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The following caps are of the fitness hottie Samina, from her daily exercise segment on HumTV. This particular show aired on April 1st, 2008. The caps were purposely taken in black ‘n white because you lost detail with dark, garish colors.

Devoid of any other means of entertainment, Pakistanis are busy blowing themselves up these days —with food. There is a resturant on every corner, dishing out some crap that’ll eventually kill you. But first, it’ll make you fat and that’s where we need a hottie to inspire us out of our slothful existence.

Samina is just what the doctor ordered. A thirty-something babe with the right credentials. She’s got small flappy tits which looks fairly appetizing inside her bra. She has impressive biceps, triceps and a toned tummy. She has nice rounded legs around a puffy camel-toe.

But her most amazing feature, by far, is her butt. It’s relatively tiny, round and firm. The kind that would fit inside the palm of your hands. It takes a lot of sweaty hours, steely resolve, discipline and good genes to have and to hold-on, to a butt that resembles a polished walnut.

How fit is she anyway ?. Well, when she’s sitting on the chair, her thighs don’t dissolve into a puddle and reveal the saddlebags. Her quads remain firm, round and flexed.

When she is on all fours, or laying in the missionary position the gluteus maximus is extended over the pelvic bones. Any butt, other than the truly magnificent one, would appear flat.

Her butt retains the perfect round contours in those positions. Most bodybuilders can’t afford to have such toned buns. Her derriere is truly out-standing.

The only thing that annoys me with her, is when she keep repeating “breath in, breath out…” in her winded whine . She sounds like one of those patronizing grade school teachers.

Samina works at an aerobic studio/spa in Zamzama, Karachi. If you wish to observe great genes in motion, that’s where your butt oughta be.

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