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Geo News is now a poorer place, after the departure of Sana Tariq and Asma from it’s ranks. While there is scarce news about Asma’s whereabouts, we are now blessed with two hours of wall-to-wall Sana Tariq on ARY News’ “Bakhabar Savera”. It’s a morning show, starring the lovely Sana Tariq. At the beginning, her makeup was a mess and the lighting was atrocious on the ARY set, casting unseemly shadows and playing havoc with her complexion. She also confessed to being sick, down with some bug, and showing it.

But that is all in the past now. Today, the set is well lit, the makeup just right and she is her old self on the new set, ie; enthusiastic, effervescent, vivacious and wholly cute and charming. If you close your eyes and just listen to that sugary voice, it’s akin to the warbling of some melodious bird. Each syllable is clearly enunciated, after having been dipped generously in honey.

This clip is from her September 20th, 2008 appearance on the show. The US had landed it’s extremely brave and trained Rangers in Angoor Adda (FATA). They stormed the houses, killing women and children, after making sure the men were away. This episode introduced a fresh spine into our exalted leadership, who stood up and raised their fists in the way of the utterly impotent, staging make-believe rage for local consumption.

Sana Tariq is explaining the reaction of Shah Mahmood Qureshi, our frequently MIA Foreign Minister. Just look how adorable she is, while explaining America’s fault lines, our (very real and unfortunate) complicity with them and exhibiting a little bit of her own, personal outrage. Here she is, supremely adorable and choo cute! filled with the anger of the righteous. You just want to pinch those full rosy cheeks and go “Awwww!”.

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Following are the caps of Naila Nadeem from her Iftar show on APNA Channel that aired on Sept. 23rd, 2008. These caps are pretty self-explanatory. The wide plunging neckline and the resulting cleavage, provides ample evidence of the amazing boobs that she’s blessed with. Naila is a regular on APNA channel. She is the host of their morning variety show, “Breakfast With Naila”, where she usually has somebody on from the filmi industry, then a beauty segment followed by a food segment. The usual stuff. But what is not usual, is Naila herself.

Naila the host, stands out among the herd, because of what she brings to the table. She is bright, funny, engaging, charming and asks pertinent questions of her guests. What we call, “keeping it real” on the street. To carry that out you need good sense and sensibility. Unlike most hosts, she is not primarily interested in building someone up, or tearing someone down. Rather, finding someone out. During the course of her interviews you learn that she is well-read and up-to-date on current affairs, besides what’s going down in the showbiz world.

By the time the show is over, Naila has got her guests to give up the goods. Given the quality of guests she gets, mostly second tier struggling showbiz personalities associated with Lollywood, it is a testament to her abilities, how she keeps the conversation flowing on the set, and the viewer interested at home. Many of her guests have gripes and regrets about the cards life has dealt them. Each time one of her guests tries to push the show, down the chute of despair, Naila manages to lift it up with her charm, humor and sunny personality.

Part of the charm, undeniably, is her raw sexuality. The promise of which gives rise to naaz, andaaz and nakhra in a girl. The fact that she’s blessed with the looks and curves to back it all up, is fortunate for her and welcomed by her admirers. But her adorable face, coquettish manner and charm all takes a back seat to her incredible tits. For many of her fans, they are the piece de resistance.

As you can see for yourself, she has large, firm, round tits that are bar none. And I say this, after having extensively scoured the net for a similar pair. Large tits out there are either gigantic, misshapen balloons, or sad ‘saggy’ sacks. The only set that comes close to size, shape and firmness belongs to NextDoorNikki. Coincidentally, she also bears some resemblance to Naila. Sisters ?. Hmm.

You can go far and wide, getting your kicks looking at tits, big and small, but few desis can hope to reproduce the same awe and affection they have come to associate with large, round, wheaty, meaty boobs. S. H. Manto tried to explain this phenomenon in one of his short stories, where he grows tired of the classy white tits of his wife in one go, and pines for the smooth, supple, tanned tits of a servant girl he had a tryst with earlier.

White is cold, unfinished and plain. Dark is warm, complete and mysterious. For us, it’s familiar, alive and throbbing under the touch. And that’s why we yearn for it.

Below are two clips from the same show. The first one is shorter, but up-close. Here Naila is trying to get her guest to sing for her.

The second one is a longer clip, from afar, in which Naila is trying to explain a psychological study which she read up on, concerning how we should discipline our kids.

There is more to come of Naila in the future. With her beauty, glamour and sensual charm, she warms the cockles of millions of hearts out there, One hopes that this vivacious beauty will keeps at it and continue to spread love in the hinterland.

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I can now die a happy man, after having captured this clip of Natasha Hussain on FTV. The caps from this appearance had been posted in an earlier post. But nothing beats a moving picture of loveliness, that is our Natty. She is modeling Shirin Hassan design(s) here.

This girl is the epitome of style, elgance, grace and maha sexiness. Truly one in a million.

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The following caps are of Atiqa Odho, from her show on HumTV, which aired on August 5th, 2008. Atiqa is looking her gorgeous self, as usual. The blond highlights in her dyed hair go well with the warm tones she has chosen to paint her face with. Notice the lips. She could have smeared them with a crimson paint brush, but she chose a subtle beige color that complements the whole ensemble. The girl has launched an entire line of make-up products, so she must know a thing or two about the art of getting gussied up.

You will notice that she is wearing a thin, diaphanous, camouflage-print top, through which one can plainly see the black shameez, that has a wide, plunging neckline, exposing a fair bit of creamy Odho cleavage.

You can extrapolate the dimensions of her tits by observing that her cleavage at the top is in line with her armpits, and at the bottom, with about the crook of her elbow. Which means, her tits are almost as long as her humerus, if allowed to hang free. That’s mammoth.

Her physical proportions are so overwhelming that one can easily forget how good of an actress she really is. In the course of a few minutes, as observed through these caps, she goes through a motley of emotions. A different Odho, for every occasion. I caught the surprised, the annoyed, the aggrieved, the pleasant, the aghast, the suspicious, the spurned and the alarmed. Yall can take it from here.

Atiqa’s charming, disarming and engaging personality plays so well on the screen that just about everyone can relate to her. She is the ‘hot’ auntie that every young Turk has had a mad crush on. If Atiqa could get royalties from all the movies she has starred in, which continue to ply in desi bedrooms all over the world, she would be richer than Richard Branson.

The thing with see-through subjects is that you are never quite sure of what to expect when the veil is lifted. You can make an educated guess, but that is subjective. Though ironically, it is best, since we are limited only to the extent of our imagination.

I have done a little bit of (wishful) research and this is what I think (hope) her tits look in person. Something like this, that and another. I tried to stay within reason and not go for jugs like The Hindenburg. Although, she most resembles Erica Campbell, I thought her tits didn’t do Atiqa justice.

Cleavage is in, in a big way, in Pakistan these days. From daily newspapers, local magazines to fashion designers, everybody is pushing and advocating a bit of cleavage for everyone. While that’s going on, you open any news channel and you think you are in hell. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

There is about 3-4″ of pure cleavage on display here. I have taken the liberty to blow up (300%) the relevant section for close inspection. When large tits are strapped into an underwire bra, what you end up with is a yummy cleavage: Two mounds of warm throbbing tit-flesh, dusted lightly with a perfumed talc, or a smear of Shalimar (Chanel 5 ?), made to crash into one another and then lifted, upwards and outwards, until they form a jiggling ridge of living flesh.

In a continuing testament to evolution, man has been able to separate form from… function. A necessary, albeit, a regrettable compromise.

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Following are the caps of Sadia Shafique, from her appearance on the show Khailta Pakistan, on Five News, dated September 11th, 2008. Sadia is one of those up-n-cummer anchors who may have little in the way of experience, but are generously blessed in other ways.

While she may not be a striking beauty, she is fairly pretty. She has gorgeous hair, thick arching brows, warm loving eyes and is easily given to big, beautiful smiles. But all that pales in comparison to her curvaceous figure and simply astounding boobs. These celestial orbs deserve high praise because they are large, round and f-a-t.

This particular set of caps is unique because she is apparently and quite vehemently, nipping in them. You can spot that big round delicious nubbin, fighting it’s way through layers of clothing, out into a calm sea of green. It would surely be impolite, if one were to walk away without acknowledging this effort. Maybe you can rub the ball of your thumb in gentle circles over it, teasing it, then gently tugging on it between the thumb and the forefinger, before you try twisting it, blowing on it and… erm, whatever else you deem appropriate for the occasion at hand.

Sadia has clearly come to terms with her curvy figure. Fortunately for us, she isn’t one of those that regard pendulous tits to be a curse of some sort. Who run and hide them under yards of bedsheets. She is proud of them, and we think, rightly so. On the set she is given to wearing clothes with vibrant colors and clean lines that slip snugly over her tits, and wrap tight across her waist. A celebration of natural beauty, charm and copious sex appeal.

It is therefore quite inexplicable and somewhat troubling to see her teamed-up with a bonafide nerd. Ali Hasnain believes in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the idea that our hockey team will stand on the victory stand, if only all Pakistanis get together and pray hard enough. The guy hogs the show with his pedantic and inane blather, allowing little face-time for Sadia, who is clearly a better host and the star attraction of Khailta Pakistan.

The sight of large beautiful tits are a constant source of joy and wonderment for connoisseurs. You know it isn’t proper to stare, but you can’t look away. If it’s not because of some gravitational law that has eluded the likes of Newton and Maxwell, it could be the certain promise of pleasure, nutrition and play that so commands our attention. Literally, from day one. My only hope is that Sadia will continue to beam her-gorgeous-self into our living rooms.

Following is a video sample from this particular show. Sometimes 2-D just doesn’t cut it.

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In Pakistan today, politics is the hub of corruption and deception. It offers nothing but disillusionment and apathy to the masses. So it is pleasantly refreshing when a politician offers charm, beauty and sex appeal without asking for anything in return. These caps are of Ms. Maiza Hameed, the burgeoning (in more ways than one) MPA of the PML(N), in the Punjab Assembly. This young beauty is the director, no less, of Rose Travels, located on Jail Road, Lahore.

In recent days, the PML(Q) has put up Marvi Memon as a replacement for Kashmala Tariq, after the latter tore off to lead the forward block of her crumbling party. In reply, the PML(N) have come up with a heavyweight contender of their own. This nubile beauty of titanic proportions and promising talents has clobbered her competition.

Maiza has all the accoutrements of a bewitching babe. The lustrous mane of dark hair complements her classic oval face. Her warm, sparkling amber-colored eyes are framed with dark arching brows. The high cheekbones allow her tiny, pierced button-nose to sit proudly between plush spheres of youthful cheeks, which have yet to shed their baby phat. When her large crimson lips are pursed together, they form the loveliest of rosebuds. All this and her nubile charm and unaffected manner puts her in the top of her league.

But the most enchanting aspect of her beauty has got to be her tits. They are gigantic. Enormous. Truly splendiferous. You can’t help but turn into that cartoon wolf whose eyes pop out, tongue drops to the floor and heart starts beating out of his chest like a trip hammer. The tits are round, firm and “fat”, like the Penthouse Pet Amy Lynn Baxter used to describe her own pair.

In this appearance on TV-One show Burning Issues (dated August 30th, 2008), she seems to be wearing a padded bra. The cups are obviously not padded enough, because we can clearly make a case of nipping. Right in the center of her large, luscious orb, you can observe a round nubbin. There is considerable kaaj work on the shirt, but right where the fat nipple has decided to poke it’s head out, there is none. Where a casual observer might miss it, or confuse it with embroidery, we recognize and salute the very gorgeous rebellious protrusion.

The location of the nipple (higher up) also gives us a fair indication of the firmness and supple nature of the breast tissue. In layman terms, the tits be blessed with the trappings of youth. The area of concern has been isolated and blown up 300% for closer inspection by connoisseurs.

As for her political acumen, one can’t say for sure just yet. She seems earnest and appears confident and dedicated. However, she seems to lack the slick political guile and aptitude for lies and duplicity that unfortunately has come to determines political success in today’s Pakistan. That’s good news for potential suitors, but bad news for our Machiavellian masters.

Click here for the rest of the caps. Here’s a video sample, just in case you are wondering if she sounds as cute as she looks.

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