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Atiqa Odho does not seem to be in any hurry to relinquish the mantle of the uber Pakistani MILF anytime soon. The following caps are from her new show on Geo TV, “A Conversation With Atiqa” that aired on October 16th, 2008. Here she is interviewing the Pakistani rock band Strings, or so it would seem. But it is actually a ploy for Atiqa to showcase her tantalizing beauty and amazing tits. And you will hardly hear a murmur of displeasure, or dissent out there in the heartland.

Atiqa’s hair is coiffed after the classic pinup hotties of the 50’s and 60’s. The Sophia Lorens, the Gina Lollobrigidas, and the Mae Wests.

Ladies who could rattle briefs and boxers late into their sunset years. Those big flashing eyes, large pouty lips, smooth unblemished skin of the cheek. All that and the nubile aura that she projects at her age is as rare and amazing as the legacy of those legendary sex symbols.

Notice when she crosses her hands, her elbows push her tits together to form a lovely, creamy cleavage. When her hands are at her sides, the pendulous tits fall into perfect tear-drop symmetry, held in check by a make-shift, flowery hammock that’s tied behind her neck.

The contrast in color between the solid black dress and the supportive flowery bib, serves to emphasize the size and shape of the forbidden fruit. Around her neck she is wearing a dangling pendant. It swings back and forth over the cleavage, shaped like a tiny male appendage, marking the spot.

Atiqa’s interviews are not meant to be hard-hitting numbers like Jasmin Manzoor’s (Pulse on Business Plus), or Saima Mohsin’s (Newseye on Dawn News). They are puff pieces, and not the kind with some pastry underneath, like Naeem Bukhari’s (Apna Andaaz on Hum TV).

It’s fluff and fawning, without much homework. Like, when she singled-out the band for being the first Pakistani band whose song had made it to the soundtrack of a major Hollywood blockbuster (Spiderman-2, 2004). Strings had to remind her that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan had actually done that, ten years earlier (Natural Born Killers, 1994).

But really, who cares ?. There are enough fact-finding munshis with bad hairdos out there, madly polluting the air waves with vitriol. There is only one Atiqa Odho. She can sit there on a couch, wearing just a man’s shirt, top three buttons undone, painting her toenails and it’ll be a guaranteed hit show.

For Atiqa, the most paramount question for the band had little to do with the process of coming up with ideas for songs, melodies and compositions. It was about the band groupies. The single and often married women who follow the band around, calling them at home and making themselves ‘available’, away from home.

How has the band dealt with them ?. Do their wives mind all the attention ?. It sounded more like she was shopping for an audition, than looking for their position on the subject. The blushing band members, sputtering out the usual make-believe response, made their positions clear.

It would’ve been enough if Atiqa Odho was just another ravishing beauty. But she is that and an incredible actress. She may not like the band, care for their music, or been following their career. But with just enough empathy and faked sincerity, she seemed to care about them as people and they seemed satisfied with the attention.

And that’s why it works most of the time, because Atiqa steals the show. It rarely matters who her guest is. People tune in to see Atiqa, in all her finery. I bet if you took a poll, Atiqa would be more popular among guys (both young and old), than gals.

Here’s the much awaited video clip from the same show. Enjoy:

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Amber Wajid hosts a daily morning show on Indus TV. She has been doing it for sometime now and her viewership seems to lie squarely in the middle-class: They were in the middle of something, when good taste was being handed out. That observation of course, pertains to the show and not necessarily to the pretty, little host.

On the show, the guest, the palmist (now every show has to have either a numerologist, a palmist, or some other two-bit shyster who can confidently predict the unpredictable), the beautician and the cook all look like they have been excused from jury duty somewhere. Their level of expertise in their field is a cut below the rest.

The food that is turned out is fit for a King; if he’s King George. The make-up artist can turn reasonably looking females into works of abstract art. The medical expert urges you to eat vitamins and herbs, to ward off terminal diseases. Her guests are usually people you have never heard of and after seeing them, would like to have your short-term memory wiped clean.

So despite the quality of the show, despite her obvious lisp (which is sorta cute) and short temper, why is Amber Wajid fairly popular among the red-blooded Pakistani males who would never admit to have watched her ?.

One word.


Big, fat, round, firm, juicy, squeezable, huggable, suckable…


Each tit is about the size of her head, only with a higher IQ.

And really, brains is the last thing you need, that early in the morning. Fox News has wall-to-wall beautiful blonde bimbos, fit to star in Rocco’s next feature, running it’s morning outfits and leading the competition. Therefore, Indus TV stands in good stead with the pillowy MILF. There is a reason, after all, for the MUTE button on your remote.

I chose to take caps on this particular day, because Amber Wajid seemed to be nipping. Being a relatively young MILF she is given to wearing large, padded, support bras. So it was a rare occasion to observe a distinct rebellion from the center.

I have blown-up the area of concern 300% and put it at the end, so you can have a better look at it.

For skeptics and fans, who would like to see it in motion, we have a video clip from the same day. Bon Appétit.

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