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Following are the caps of Hina Rabbani Khar from the Live With Talat program on AAJ TV. Born 1977 in Multan, she graduated from LUMS in 1999 with a degree in Economics. She then did her MBA from UMass in 2002. By 2003 she was picked to be the MNA of the Q-League from NA-177 Muzaffargarh-II. I say “picked”, because she didn’t much go around canvassing her ancestral village Khar Gharbi, looking for votes. She got in on the 33% quota seats, where parties hand-picked their “graduate” maidens.

Next thing you know she is the Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Statistics, hobnobbing with her best pals, Prime Minister Shortcut and the Dictator-in-Chief. They made her in-charge of the begging bowl. All foreign loans and grants committed to Pakistan, went through her office to be disbursed and appropriated accordingly. A 26 year old, fresh out of college, with zero experience, was made responsible for keeping tabs on billions of dollars flowing into the country. Lovely.

Late in 2007, when things started to go south for the Q-League, they decided to drop the dead wood going into the 2008 elections. The ‘Q’ hottie brigade was the first to find itself on the chopping block. Nilofer Bakhtiar, for falling into the lap of a french septuagenerian. Then Kashmala Tariq for being catty and forming the forward block.

Hina Rabbani Khar waited till the last minute but neither got the Q ticket, nor a reason from anybody in the Q-League. The Chaudhries of Gujrat probably thought that she’d go away, if they just ignored her long enough. Like a beggar at a traffic signal. Hina was furious. She was reported in the papers as saying that she felt hurt at being ignored like that, after all the hard work she had put into her… job.

Hina threw a tantrum and threatened to hold her breath. So her daddy got her a PPP ticket for the dance, er, I mean the 2008 elections. She was ‘picked’ again and she’s back doing whatever she was doing before, something at the Ministry for Economic Affairs.

Her title is now Special Advisor to the PM for Economic Affairs. What happened to just getting pretty secretaries to go with the high office ?.

Hina is not all affairs and statistics to successive PMs. In her first term, she launched AHANG (Aik Hunar Aik Nagar). A pretty funky concept that brings together fashion designer like Rizwan Beyg and poor women in rural areas. No, it’s not to get Rizwan interested in girls. That’s never gonna happen. It’s to get the women interested in Rizwan’s work and make a living doing that.

It’s something Hina heard about happening in Thailand and she decided to import it here; like a mail order bride. I remember watching an exhibition of the rustic works in Lahore on FTV. Hina was invited as a chief guest. These sort of events are great publicity vehicles for the designers and the politicians. None of the real artisans managed to make it to the gala event. Probably couldn’t afford the cover charge.

If you think I am being too hard on Hina, I will have you know that she, even today, vigorously defends the economic policies of our former PM. The Trickle Down economics that was tried in the Reagan Era 80s and has been roundly shot down by economists and historians alike, as “Vodoo Economics”, ie; it does not work.

What it means in a nutshell, is that you give all the tax-breaks and govt subsidies to the very rich, so they get even richer and start consuming more. This way you try to increase the probability of the poor getting more scraps of food falling their way from a well-laden table of the rich. Thus, the name Trickle Down. It involves taking money from the poor (in the shape of taxes) and giving it to the very rich (subsidies). Just like Robin Hood, only in reverse.

And that’s exactly what happened in Pakistan during the tenure of our last PM. The rich got richer, the poor got poorer and the difference between the two increased manifold. Of course, we are forgetting that this state of affairs suits the obscenely rich just fine (which Hina accidently happens to find herself in).

Hina was on Live With Talat on this day, sharing the table with two experienced journalists who could smell blood. The topic was economics. Pakistan’s in particular and reason why it has taken a nose dive. Hina was asked about the shortages, the hoardings and the apparent apathy of the ruling class. She didn’t have much in the way of explanation for the past policies, or vision for a brighter future. But she has a lovely voice and it doesn’t hurt to look at her either. Talat played with her, like a fat cat juggles a scared little mouse in his paws. But he didn’t eat her. He sized her up and let her go. Like the wise bass fisherman, looking for some bigger trophy to take home.

Hina is cultured, well-mannered, well-spoken and elegant. She conducts herself like royalty. A humble and noble queen, who wishes for a place, not on the mantle but in the hearts of those she rules. She is blessed with a pretty face, a fairly functioning brain and maintains a killer body. She frequently finds herself included in the world’s top 250 this, 10 that. Mostly for her assessed leadership qualities by western bodies.

But she is not being featured here for any of those silly little titles or honors. She is here because she is a true hottie. If Kashmala Tariq is the sexual icon of the masses, Hina Rabbani Khar is the thinking man’s sexual diva. Her soft, sultry lilting voice with just a hint of a lisp, falls like rose petals on one’s ears and settle over the heart. Those clear, large, focused eyes mesmerize. Her heavy mane of dark cascading hair, manipulated into an elegant french braid could inspire reams of poetry. There is enough hope on the mere promise of a smile at the end of those lips, to jump-start a broken heart.

There are some people who are just blessed with this level of charisma. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of them to go around. That’s why you can never have too much of Hina. I am sure glad she decided to come and spend an hour with Talat Hussain. I hope this trend continues and we see more of her in future. People grow up, mature and change their views. One hopes that she too, will come around. Meanwhile, our best wishes to her on, what’s surely going to be, a long and interesting career in politics.

Following is the accompanying video of the elegant Hina R. Khar:

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Fauzia, The Flounder Downunder, On FTV

Following are the caps of the Pakistani supermodel Fauzia Amir, Amazon class, from FTV. Since this channel, for whatever asinine reason, has been taken-off the most widely distributed cable company in Pakistan, it may be sometime before we get to see such lovely candid pictures of supermodels again, if ever.

Fauzia is getting dolled-up here for a photo-shoot. She first gets her face painted-on. Then her hair is put-up in curlers, blow-dried and combed and coiffed into a nice little bun. After which they roll out the bling-bling. Quite a build-up for a few minutes of click-click.

Anybody remember Yasmeen Ghauri ?. She was born to a Pakistani guy and a German mother in Canada. This supermodel was Amazon class, beautiful and not too shy in front of the camera. For desis around the world, she remained the prime object of desire through the 90s. Yasmeen was pretty, but Fauzia is just as, if not prettier. The oval face, large eyes, straight nose, classic cheekbones and a razor sharp jawline.

You add the distinct emotive capacity, unique to desi hotties raised among their own (naaz, nakhra, andaaz) and Fauzia comes out on top. The only question remains is how much of her pretty self, is Fauzia willing to share with her adoring fans.

The one thing unique about Fauzia, aside from obvious good looks, is proportion. From her head, down to her toes, every feature is symmetrical and perfectly in proportion.

If you didn’t have a frame of reference, she could pass for a 5’3″, which, given her height is remarkable. Because when you are as tall as she is, you are apt to have something gargantuan hanging off of your body. Like a frighteningly large head, hands, or feet.

Some jugglers out there might look at her and think the jug is half-full. But I think for her particular field her tits are just the right size. Fauzia is waif thin at this time. When she gains a few more pounds, they will look even lovelier and are sure to stand the test of time and of man.

She was on the Nazia Malik show on VIBE TV (Diamonds Are Forever) last month and try as she might, Nazia couldn’t get her to say anything even mildly controversial. To mundane questions like favorite designer, photographer, place-to-shoot, city, color, etc ?, her patent answer was “Sub hee achay hain”. Phew. Could a political career be far in the offing ?.

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VJ Sehrish, Sweet ‘N Swinging, On Play TV

The following caps are of VJ Sehrish practicing dance moves in the studio with a professional choreographer. The audience is made up of various PlayTV Vjs.

You can tell that she hasn’t done this kinda thing before (how many have ?) and feels a bit self-conscious dancing with a pro. She does start to get into it, half-way into the song.

There are dozens of VJs on TV today. They are fair, tall, pretty, cultured, hip and happen’in to varying degrees. Very few however, are blessed with the innate ability to connect with an audience. Such is the well-deserved reputation of VJ Sehrish on PlayTV.

Sehrish has a sunny and sweet disposition. She is engaging, a good listener, kindhearted soul with the ability to laugh freely at herself. One time she confessed on her show that the staff considers her a “Bun-Kabab”, while her friends’ opinion oscillates between that and “Burger”. Which only underscores her range and wide appeal.

Sehrish is a traditional eastern beauty with an oval face, large expressive eyes and clear honey skin. She has a pear-shaped body type, with a modest rack that will likely grow to a respectable size as she puts on a few more pounds .

But her out-standing feature is the one you rarely get to see, her butt. It had remained out-of-sight, till this bit. You rarely see this quality outside of Latin America.

The big, round, solid apple-butt. Some of the prettiest pin-ups don’t even have “a” butt, let alone a pretty one and it’s such a downer.

Unlike colored eyes, long hair, large tits, narrow hips or pouty lips… you can’t fool others into believing you have a great butt. While we all love large tits, they have less than half the shelf-life of a round butt.

Lastly, if desi gals are going to wear tight-fitting jeans, I suggest that they start wearing thongs under them, which is the established norm abroad. Why ?, because no visible panty lines.

You see it here everywhere. Gals running around with clear panty-lines under their jeans. Unless the cut of the underwear is wildly interesting, it looks provincial. With thongs, it’s the stealth factor. You don’t know what’s up, or going down.

But then again, we have a long-standing desi tradition of titillating (read: torturing) the guys with dark underwears under light-colored, diaphanous dresses. Jeans are the latest addition to their arsenal.

Here is the accompanying video. Sehrish has a charming personality that a picture just isn’t able to do justice to. Enjoy.

Btw, anybody know which song this is ?. It’s got a good beat to it.

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Sunita Marshal, Levis 501 (Video) on FTV

Following is the video from FTV that goes with the Sunita Marshal article published on May 12th, 2008 on this blog. She is wearing skin tight Levis jeans and needless to say, looking fa-bu-lous!

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Neeha, Her Cup Runneth Over, In Dubai

Neeha, the tan beauty from Lahore is featured in the following caps. They are from the annual Dubai Fashion Week covered by the Style360 channel. She is wearing an underwire orange bra/bustier which has caused her fabulous tits to ride over the top, revealing fair skin that apparently, rarely sees the light of day. This is probably one of the most ravishing and delectable set of pics, to-date, particularly of Neha’s wondrous pair.

There is something special about Neeha. A raw, throbbing, animal sexuality. It triggers something deep in the recesses of the mind. A force as old as the hills, powerful and needy. Freud called it, The id.

Aside from the beautiful round tits, the flat and toned tummy, the wide curvaceous hips followed by long slender legs… what is decidedly appealing is her cool confidence and casual attitude. Out there on the ramp, under the lights, she is in her element. Self-assured and in-control. She doesn’t prance around like a mad cow looking for a doctor (ala Iraj), or raise her legs like a sick horse (Lamia). Like a feline she saunters across, with undulating hips and loose arm movements. The stage belongs to her.

She knows she’s got the goods, but unlike others who are afraid of attracting attention, Neeha goes out there and has fun, teasing us. We are fortunate to be blessed with beautiful frauliens, like Neeha, who spread a little sunshine, every time they walk out looking this hot and sexy.

Amy Lynn Baxter, when asked what she liked best about her body replied, “My tits. They are so big and fat”. Then she proceeded to underscore her point(s) with strawberries and cream.

Neeha can justifiably claim the same and while Amy’s tits were fake (as it turned out), Neeha is an all natural babe. Happily, Neeha is appearing more frequently in the media and we just can’t get enough of this babe.

Here is the accompanying video. A must see, especially for Neeha fans.

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Nida, Stacked Siren On ValueTV

In the present scenario, if someone told me that they were going to bring out a channel catering to the real-estate market, I would give them a week. But ValueTV has lasted more than that and there isn’t an end in sight for them. Why ?, because they have diversified programming, branching out into architecture, construction and exploring the rich heritage of local structures.

But that’s not all. Their biggest draw is their line-up of hotties. No single private channel can boast the diversity and quality of beauty in their hosts and anchors, that ValueTV has today. These caps are of their host Nida, who hosts The Weekly Roundup Show.

If you mix the cute and coquetish charms of a younger Britney (#1, #2, #3) with the curves and sensuality of Erica Campbell (#1, #2)… you have Nida.

Now I’d like to draw your attention to the obvious. The big, round, fat, scrumptuous tits. Uncles are hypnotized, the young are mesmerized. A pair like this is respondible for half the fender-benders on Tariq Road, Liberty and Jinnah Super. The way the perfect round tit will curve out from the sides, giving the sort of proportions to the female form that turns man into ape.

If instead of going-off to the Galapagos Islands looking at lizards, Darwin had headed down to his local strip club, the evolutionary chart in his Origin of Species, may well have come out looking backwards.

An average tit has a shelf-life of about 15 years. After that it needs various props to fool men. These are certainly not about to expire anytime soon. Such loveliness, on-loan from mother nature, needs to be appreciated and we are certainly glad that Nida chose to share her beauty with the world.

Next time I see her, I’ll try and pay attention to what she’s saying (try being the operative word) .

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