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Laila, Rocking Goth Girl, From Aaroh Video

The following caps are of the model Laila, from the band Aaroh’s video of their song Pyaar Ka Jaal. I first saw Laila a couple of years ago on FTV Pakistan. She was their “Fresh” model, doing a shoot with the famed dark (OK really dark) muscular photographer “Pappu”. She was wearing a long skirt and made sure that her legs, up to the honey-golden knee caps made it on to the short film.

In fact, she confessed through that husky, nasal twang (or maybe the poor thing was just working through a nasty cold) that she preferred to wear “western clothes”.

Laila is walking, talking sex-appeal. The mane of thick, curly, raven hair atop an oval face, high arching brows, sharp features arranged beneath those large almond eyes and luscious, pouty lips leave little to be desired. Oh, but there is more to follow yet.

Laila is a petite gal, but blessed with an impressive rack. The tiny waist and hips are further accentuated by a handful of round derrier (booty for you hip-hop guyz) that most girls in the west dream about.

In this particular video, she is made out to be a gothic ’emo’ chick. The video starts out with her extending her arms out and tracing the red bands of bruises across the insides (“cutting”). This vignette will most likely escape those who are unfamiliar with this phenomenon.

She looks into the mirror and black tears come pouring out of her eyes and drop down into the drain.

She remembers and gets upset, pulls at her hair and then breaks the bathroom mirror.

She has been subjected to lies, broken promises and led down the garden path by a heartless schemer in the guise of a lover. Or so I understand.

She sits under the shower, crying, the tears leaving black streaks across her anguished face.

All very moving, but aside from a fabulous song, the star of this video is Laila. A cross between Eliza Dushku and Amy Winehouse (back when she wasn’t ‘using’ that much) here. Her short segments leave a lasting impression. And it’s not just the shapely curves on an amazing bod. She gives a great performance. Unless you follow the band, all you remember of them is some creepy, bearded guy trying to eat the mic when he’s not trying to get into your face.

You can catch the whole video here. Great music. Smokin chick. Good time. Laila rocks!

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Nasim Zehra, The Headlight-ened Analyst

The following caps are of the news analyst Nasim Zehra, who has worn many caps through the course of her professional career. Normally, someone like Nasim Zehra wouldn’t make it to this blog, even if they sat on a flaming skillet. But this particular outing deserves to be preserved for posterity.

Nasim is hosting a round table for the winning team to come out of the Lawyer’s Movement (aka The Black Coat Revolution). Surrounded by an august gathering that included such names as Munir A. Malik, Aitezaz Ahsan and Talat Hussain she chose to come bra-less, just wearing a slip (shameez) under her fairly transparent mint-green dress.

What unfolded was quite predictable.

The easily excitable Nasim trying to indicate some inane observation, or push through an arcane thought, flailed her arms about and managed to stimulate her large nipples. Which, in turn, proceeded to break out of the two layers of flimsy clothing.

The large expanse of rolling flesh atop her chest with raised headlights in the middle, kept the country’s best legal minds on sports. That’s the sort of enlightened moderation we’d like to see, in excess.

In 1997 Nasim Zehra was the Information Sec. of Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaaf party. She was thrown out of the party because of her “poor showing during a televised debate on Pakistan Television” prior to the elections.

Turned out of principled politics she joined the US sponsored military dictator in Pakistan who made her a member of the President’s National Kashmir Committee (2001–2002) and President’s Advisory Committee on Foreign Policy and National Security (2000–2002). She later became an Adjunct Professor at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS, Johns Hopkins University) and today she has turned into a fellow at the Harvard University (Asia Centre).

Harvard University has had a long standing relationship with the CIA. This reads like the CV of a CIA operative, placed back here to mold public opinion in favor of the party (puppet ?) of their choosing. And a jilted political activist without a home makes for a prime candidate.

But what do I know ?. bits and nibbles, and here’s a glimpse of them in motion. Enjoy:

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