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Following caps are of Gia Ali. The veteran movie star, who like her other Lollywood colleagues, has now made the painful transition to the small screen and is also pursuing a modeling career on the side.

There is something about Gia Ali, that seperates her from the run-of-the-mill crop of actresses. Something that is hard to put into words, but quite easily felt; Animal Magnetism. She is not the most beautiful girl out there, but when it comes to raw sexuality, she ranks right up there.

A beautiful girl will more often than not, expect to be served in bed. And I am not just talking about her morning cup of tea. But with Gia you have a feeling that she would go toe-to-toe with any guy and probably show her some new tricks as well.

She has chosen not to wear a bra with this dress (probably doesn’t allow for one) and a fair bit of cleavage is on display. While some comitted titophiles may quibble over the size of her tits, I think they are just adorable. They are round, perky, taut and according to some pics where she is nipping, her aroused nipples could poke an eye out. And we haven’t even gotten down to her legs, which aside from Zara Sheikh’s, are one of the most slender and shapely in the business.

Gia has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a healthy propensity to periodically make waves. Like when she pulled a Sinead O’Connor at the Lux Style Awards last year (no, she didn’t rip the Pope in half).

Gia shares none of the false modesty, or airs of her Lollywood sisters who are full of it. She does however, have a strong sense of self and is not a push-over. A calm confidence borne out of belief in one’s abilities, coupled with ambition and a sense of destiny makes her so desirable.

We wish Gia Ali the best. May her hard work bear fruit and good things keep coming her way. Following is a video from the same shoot.

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The following caps are of the Pakistani supermodel Nadia Hussain, from FTV Pakistan. This is from their Naughty On FTV segment. Nadia Hussain was supposed to climb down the stairs, sit on a step in the middle, all the while talking about the launch of some designer wear, or something of that nature.

But try as she might, she couldn’t climb down the stairs and do the script, at the same time. She would botch the lines, groan, slap her head and would have to climb back up and do it all over again. This happened, probably half-a-dozen times, before they took out the stair bit altogether and had her talking on the ground, standing still. That, she was able to do, with ease. Something in those stairs spooked her.

The other thing that struck me at least, was the ‘bulge’ in her jeans. If you are a guy and you watch that thing, perched up-high on great looking Amazon legs, descending upon you from a height, you feel a twinge of excitement, coupled with apprehension about what may be inside. Not intel, I assure you. A fuzzy peach ?, hopefully. A banana ?, hope not. It is an intriguing sight, nonetheless.

Personally, I have always had a thing for tight-fitting jeans. The kind that supermodel Rubab sports, or how Heather Thomas used to look like, in the serial The Fall Guy. So tight as to guarantee animal cruelty inside those pants.

Nadia Hussain has worked hard to get back into shape after her last child and she would do any pair of tight jeans a favor, by slipping them on those long, shapely legs of hers.

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Following are the caps of Shamineh Byramji, the erstwhile host of the show Open Frequency on the Dawn News channel. The show airs on Saturday evenings at 7:30pm. The present hosts are Pia Aung and Tanya Mirza. Whatever the reason for her leaving the show, Shamineh’s talents and beauty are beyond reproach.

As a host, she was eloquent, elegant, respectful, fair and patient. That’s all on top of being stunningly beautiful and a sight to behold. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Madeleine Stowe, one of my all time favorite movie stars.

Madeleine Stowe starred in Tropical Snow, Revenge, Unlawful Entry and Blink to name a few. I first saw her in Tropical Snow and boy, did she look good! like an Aphrodite coming to life, right before your eyes. Madeleine has been described by movie critics thusly, “She could probably uncross her legs onscreen and you’d still stare at her face”. And that’s certainly true for Shamineh as well.

In many ways she is even better looking than the HW redhead. She has large brown, expressive eyes. Her hair is longer and more luxurious. Her skin is pure honey-amber and judging from afar, a larger rack and a shapely figure. She appeared to be a tad shy on her first outing, but that only added to her charm and beauty. Although she didn’t speak a whole lot, she seemed to have a quiet grasp of each social topic on the menu.

I don’t know where she went, or what’s she doing at the present time. All I can do, is hope, that she decides to come back to us.

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Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew
But through it all, when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way

Frank Sinatra, My Way

Even though Frank Sinatra might have fancied these words about his life, I think they are better suited for our Juggan Kazim. This girl, is a rebel, in the best tradition of the word. What she has accomplished in her short life is an inspiration for girls out there. She had worked in plays and was a movie star in the west, much before we knew her as a television personality in Pakistan.

When fate dealt her a blow and she separated from her husband, she chose to go it alone, rather than fall back on her parents. A single mother, meeting the demands of family and career, especially in our neck of the woods, is a singular achievement. For a woman to manage it within the traditional framework, set by our patriarchal culture, is an uphill task. But to be beautiful and sexy, independent and forthright, yet maintain one’s integrity –in our time– is nothing short of amazing.

And in keeping with that spirit, we discover her love for piercings; tongue piercing in particular. A universally acknowledged symbol for expressing one’s individuality and personality, it is also said to enhance one’s, shall we say, social life. There is a definite exotic and sensual appeal to a tongue piercing. One can only imagine how it would feel wrapped around one’s tongue, or rubbing against something even more sensitive.

I don’t know where these desi girls are getting them done but these days, aside from the tongue piercing, you do spot the occasional eyebrow, lip and belly piercings. It just gets the wheels turning as to what, where and how many more is s/he holding out on us.

Before we wrap this up, something ought to be said about the particular placement of the piercing on the tongue. Whether it’s near the tip, or further back, depends on what it’s going to be used for, or on. I’ll let you decide what we have going on here. If it’s ever going to be used for anything other than the aesthetic appeal, of course.

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Statuesque. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at Maha. A perfectly proportioned, Amazon Class, chiseled hard body. The only time you get to see such gorgeous and generous feminine proportions is either at an Olympic swim meet, or at a sand volleyball game between Brazil and one of those other teams.

I don’t know what you have to do, to get her way, aside from obviously inheriting great genes. To attain that perfect skin, tone and rosy complexion you would probably have to eat right, exercise, visit spas, meet trainers, keep beauticians and get-off every night. While we don’t like to publicly acknowledge it in the land of the pure, that last bit usually does wonders for one’s appearance and attitude.

Maha is in fabulous physical condition at this shoot. Not an ounce of extra fat anywhere. The quality of muscle tone indicates that it’s been achieved through regular, vigorous movement and not on a starvation diet.

As role models and fashion icons, supermodel’s like Maha have a responsibility to put their best foot forward. Being out there in the public eye, one of their primary roles is to set standards for fashion and fitness.

Back when Anjuman and Rani ruled the roost, girls went around wearing potato sacks (they called them Afghani kurtas) and perhaps for good reason. But today, desi girls come in fitted kurtis and tight jeans and they look phat.

The emphasis should be on physical fitness. Not necessarily weight, girth or conjuring-up ways to deny yourself. There are plenty of examples of large(r) women, with beguiling curves who continue to command a huge fan following in Pakistan. In their case, proportion trumps portion.

What I find really sensual in this particular shoot is Maha’s midriff. The way her tiny waist flares into strong, rounded hips is nothing short of spectacular. The flat, taut belly looks like it was carved out of Carrara marble by Michaelangelo, while the cute ‘innie’ belly-button is a treat for any connoisseur. You couldn’t draw a more sexier figure on paper and there isn’t one quite like this, on Google. Yes, I cheched.

Maha is not just a pretty face and a sexy body. The way she takes over the ramp, walking tall, shoulders back, chest out, a deliberate stride and maintaining eye-contact… the girl exudes confidence and that is the ultimate turn-on.

I would give the nail on my right pinkie finger to see Maha in a bikini. A teeny Wicked Weasel. I am sure she would look just as lovely, as Kylie Bax, Karolina Kurkova or a Heidi Klume.

Maha comes across so strong, determined and aggressive. One is afraid to picture her in bed. She could toss you around like a melon, pull you apart like a Kino and swallow you up like a banana.

Or you could play the home version of “Taliban-Taliban”. Each takes turn spanking the other. Then, one yanks on the cord while the other pushes the button until you blow each other up. Rinse and repeat.

Click here for the complete set of caps from this shoot.

The following is a video from the same shoot. The incredible Maha.

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