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Regular Pakikaki User Forum… Restored

[Note: The User Forums-I have been restored. Joy to the world.]
I regret to inform that the regular Pakikaki User Forum is offline. Yeah, it sucks. alternate board is available, if you have anything to share, or just wanna gupshup with other members. Here is the link to the board index.

We’ll try our best to have the regular board restored. It may be a few hours, or a few days, before that happens. One cannot say for certain.

Again, our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience to the members.

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Mathira, In A Black Sporty Bra

Following caps are of the Pakistani yogi Mathira, from her show on Vibe TV which was broadcast earlier this year (Feb. 2009). I had an earlier post with her wearing a similar outfit, but when I look back at those digicam caps, with their glaucoma look, there has certainly been a marked improvement in quality.

I had been meaning to put these out for a long time but I felt there should be no compromise on quality this time around. Therefore these caps and the accompanying video is captured at 1280×720 resolution, with a frame rate of 30/sec, which translates to about 400MB for the 8 min. video. By the time you are done… watching, that is, you will be intimately familiar with every nook and cranny on her delectable, creamy, caramel body, besides the helpful exercise routine. I hope this does justice to this beauty and her ground-breaking work in the field of fitness.

On this particular show, Mathira is demonstrating yoga exercises that are designed to restore the natural curvature of your spine. That allows for a better posture and fewer complaints of back pain. But there is more to it. As Mathira put it, “Male, or female, they all need a curve, to bring out the perfect body”.

What that means, is that right where your spinal column begins to peter out nature intended for you to have a little rounded curve, so that your butt would stick out (a universal sign of fertility), helping you attract the opposite sex. Sometimes nature is too generous to some individuals. That can cause rubber-necking, dilated pupils, sharp intake of breath, fogging-up of glasses and temporary paralysis –in the rest of the population. They can’t help it. You can’t fight millions of years of Natural Selection.

Ever since I can remember, I have loved cold coffees. Something about that tall, frosted glass. Two round scoops of coffee ice cream on top. A creamy, refreshing liquid at the bottom that, while it goes down, lights up all the nerve centers in your brain, like a pin-ball machine. You can suck it, eat it, drink it. It’s terribly confusing for the pleasure center in your brain, when a giant cold coffee comes dressed in a Nike sports bra.

Mathira has started a spin-off show on Vibe TV, where she takes viewer calls and hands down advice, on matters of the heart. The usual boyfriend and girlfriend trouble. Last time I caught her show, she was defending Valentine’s Day with an irate female caller (who clearly hadn’t gotten a Valentine), and who was using the usual ploys of nationalism and the stick of religion to bash her. Here, Mathira is adorably naive and wholly unprepared for the onslaught. One should stick to one’s strong suit, which in Mathira’s case, are little spandex thingies from Nike.

There is a vast sea of naysayers out there right now, who have willingly resigned themselves to a life of perpetual misery and wretchedness. If all was well in our world, their world would be in a crises. Far from trying to assuage their concerns and engage them in debate, the Mathiras of the world would do better to continue to do their own thang and light-up this joint. Their beauty, grace, sexuality, sensuality and elegance will get us out of this darkness and send the vermin flying for cover.

Mathira, please get your round, beautiful, adorable booty to a Nike store and buy tons of colorful (we have seen black) spandex stuff and come back to your original yoga show on Vibe, honey. We miss you. Let Sabahat, Shaista, Amna and Nadia yak-it-up. There is only one Mathira. The girl with large, beautiful eyes, raven hair, a bright smile and liquid caramel body that can be stretched-out and then folded back into a delectable array of yoga positions. This girl doesn’t need to say a lot. Her lithe and limber body, refreshing sensuality and positive attitude speaks to the kind of clean and healthy living that would get a rise out of the most sordid and sickly out there.

Click here for the rest of the picture set.

Here is the video. Watch it in HD to get the most out of it. Enjoy.

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