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Read my lips carefully, if you like what you see
Move, groove, prove you can hang with me
By the looks I got you shook up and scared of me
Buckle your seatbelt, it’s time for takeoff

I don’t think you’re ready, for this jelly
I don’t think you’re ready, for this jelly
I don’t think you’re ready for this…
‘Cause my body’s too bootylicious for ya babe!

[Bootylicious, Destiny’s Child]


Name: Tehmeena Afzal
Age: 28
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 111 lbs
Measurements: 34DD-24-37
Ethnicity: Pakistani (say what! ?)

The compelling concept behind E.B. Rice’s 1912 Tarzan was not a story of some wino slumming in the woods. It was a cleverly packaged Eugenics ideal (Bio-Genetic Law had just been proposed) that a helpless child (of noble birth) could be introduced into a hostile environment, like an African jungle, and by virtue of his inherent traits and ability (his physiology, intellect, virility,etc) he could not only survive, but become the master of his domain. If you remember, there were plenty of blacks living in the same jungle with Tarzan and of course, they, were all getting their asses kicked.

tehmeena afzal blog 000 tehmeena afzal blog 001 tehmeena afzal blog 002
tehmeena afzal blog 003 tehmeena afzal blog 004 tehmeena afzal blog 005

So, what if you introduced an athletic, ambitious, headstrong girl with delectable Pakistani genes into the concrete jungles of Queens, New York ?. In Pakistan, like Krypton, most of her powers and abilities would be stultified and nagged-out of her before she even hit puberty. But a land where inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are (sorta, kinda) guaranteed for all (sorta, kinda), what might become of her ?.

Tehmeena Afzal, for one.

tehmeena afzal blog 006 tehmeena afzal blog 007 tehmeena afzal blog 008
tehmeena afzal blog 009 tehmeena afzal blog 010 tehmeena afzal blog 011

If you saw Tehmeena standing in the fields of Punjab, wearing a lehnga, bangles and some large earrings dangling from her ears, you would think “There goes another sassy mutiarun… I am never gonna know“. The long dark tresses, large almond-shaped eyes, distinctive nose and big juicy lips with a beguiling natural pout, will place her somewhere in the Pakistani heartland. Her features are decidedly eastern, just holding up better than most..
But outward appearances is where the similarities tend to end with her eastern sisters. It is after all understandable, growing up in the tough neighborhood of Queens, having to forge an identity separate from her emigrant parents. The choices she has made, the goals she is pursuing are as much a product of her environment, as herself. Where western culture has put more responsibilities and made her vulnerable by taking away the eastern family support structures, it has allowed her the space to exercise abilities and freedom to explore areas of her personality, which largely go untapped in the old country. It’s a trade-off that she thinks is worth it, having visited Pakistan a couple of times.

tehmeena afzal blog 012 tehmeena afzal blog 013 tehmeena afzal blog 014
tehmeena afzal blog 015 tehmeena afzal blog 016 tehmeena afzal blog 017

smooth: What are some of the things you want to achieve as a model ?.
Tehmeena: I want to pave the way for women of my heritage to pursue things like modeling. Our culture is so old-fashioned and many look down on what I’m doing, but there’s a whole generation of women out there who don’t want to subscribe to that way of life.

[From smooth magazine]

tehmeena afzal blog 018 tehmeena afzal blog 019 tehmeena afzal blog 020
tehmeena afzal blog 021 tehmeena afzal blog 022 tehmeena afzal blog 023

Pakistani emigrants have no doubt proven their intellect and driving skills abroad. Good for them. However, you couldn’t place a bona fide Pakistani gal (Yasmeen Ghauri, Tiffany Taylor, they don’t count) who had even tried to establish herself as a mainstream beauty. There are plenty of beautiful, sexy Pakistani gals abroad, engaged in all sorts of professions and trades. But for reasons known to us all, few have demonstrated the ability, ambition and chutzpah, to openly vie for a spot in the glamor industry. And no one has dared lay a claim to the mantle of “sex symbol”. That is, before Tehmeena came along.

tehmeena afzal blog 024 tehmeena afzal blog 025 tehmeena afzal blog 026
tehmeena afzal blog 027 tehmeena afzal blog 028 tehmeena afzal blog 029

smooth: Do you get any backlash from people in your culture ?
Tehmeena: I get a lot of backlash. I get people from Pakistan and other Muslims saying I’m going to be punished for what I’m doing, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. I want to show girls that you can come from that culture and still do this.
smooth: What gave you the courage to step outside of tradition and give modeling a try ?.
Tehmeena: I’ve always been a rebellious person. Usually, I do whatever my parents tell me not to do. A lot of it has to do with wanting to prove people wrong. If you tell me I can’t do something, I’m going to go out of my way to show you that I won’t be limited.

[From smooth magazine]

tehmeena afzal blog 030 tehmeena afzal blog 031 tehmeena afzal blog 032
tehmeena afzal blog 033 tehmeena afzal blog 034 tehmeena afzal blog 035

At a time when Pakistanis are introducing themselves as “indians” in foreign shores to make their lives easier —to stand up to in-house fatwas and face the majority’s drum beat of prejudice and hate outside— takes extraordinary strength of character, determination and belief in one’s self. For most Pakistani men, a woman with sex-appeal (sluuu-t!), while quite helpful in private, must be seen to be flogged, in public. As I type this down, a deranged gorilla has gunned down the governor of Punjab for coming to the aid of a woman being threatened by lynch mobs.

tehmeena afzal blog 036 tehmeena afzal blog 037 tehmeena afzal blog 038
tehmeena afzal blog 039 tehmeena afzal blog 040 tehmeena afzal blog 041

So who will save us from this vaunted ignorance and celebrated hypocrisy, that is literally crushing body & soul of the Pakistani woman ?. It so happens that Tehmeena was made to order for just this sort of a trail-blazing, pioneer woman. In every interview she makes it a point to refer to her Pakistani heritage. It might (and must have) shut some doors in her face, but that’s the risk she is willing to hazard. In a hostile environment, instead of ducking for cover (pun alert!), she has laid it all bare; boots, roots and all.

tehmeena afzal blog 042 tehmeena afzal blog 043 tehmeena afzal blog 044
tehmeena afzal blog 045 tehmeena afzal blog 046 tehmeena afzal blog 047

While the right will forecast fire and brimstone, the far left will cast this as another case of objectification of women. The old patriarchal plan to confine women’s role in society as either a whore or a madonna. Using women’s bodies as a commodity, exploiting them, for profit. Now these are all legitimate concerns, but they do not (seem to) apply in this case.

tehmeena afzal blog 048 tehmeena afzal blog 049 tehmeena afzal blog 050
tehmeena afzal blog 051 tehmeena afzal blog 052 tehmeena afzal blog 053

Modeling is not an end in itself for Tehmeena, but a means to an end. She is principally an entrepreneur at-heart, with a steady day job. She intends to use name-recognition and money from her modeling career to finance her personal business ventures (sports bar, club and/or a car dealership). Secondly, as long as a woman is in control of what happens to her body and has the freedom to make those choices without any outside coercion, no one can take advantage of her. Isn’t this what the women’s movement and sexual liberation was all about ?. Individual choice. And if a woman, who is beautiful and sexy, spends time, money and effort in looking that way, decides to use her feminine viles to get her way, would she be unique in that way ?.

tehmeena afzal blog 054 tehmeena afzal blog 055 tehmeena afzal blog 056
tehmeena afzal blog 057 tehmeena afzal blog 058 tehmeena afzal blog 059

Tehmeena had reached milestones before she entered modeling. She was an all-state high school softball pitcher who recieved the Pegasus award and a full scholarship to college. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art/Graphics from the New York Institute of Technology. Somewhere between that and now working full-time for Nissan, at their largest dealership, she was also a rap artist and was recognized by her peers in the music industry for making mixed-tapes. Her private website (mixflavas.com) won back-to-back first place awards. She is also a doting mom to her 5 year old son. This is a multi-tasking, multi-dimensional woman.

tehmeena afzal blog 060 tehmeena afzal blog 061 tehmeena afzal blog 062
tehmeena afzal blog 063 tehmeena afzal blog 064 tehmeena afzal blog 065

And while I may not agree with all of her decisions (eg: tattoos) and choices (eg: rap music), she is smart enough to admit that neither of those agree much with her personality today. Come to think of it, those tats do add a certain color and spice, and just the right amount of danger to the landscape. Who knows what manner of ink or metal, still awaits discovery.

tehmeena afzal blog 066 tehmeena afzal blog 067 tehmeena afzal blog 068
tehmeena afzal blog 069 tehmeena afzal blog 070 tehmeena afzal blog 071

For a 27 year old working single mother, she is in simply unbelievable shape. Aside from the enhanced boobs (that are very well done, btw), she has a tiny, taut waistline and a mouth-watering, head-spinning, breath-taking, eye-popping (I could go on all night here) derrière with flaring hips to match. Her legs are also holding up nicely. Not an ounce of extra flesh anywhere. Just round, supple, glorious curves everywhere.

tehmeena afzal blog 072 tehmeena afzal blog 073 tehmeena afzal blog 074
tehmeena afzal blog 075 tehmeena afzal blog 076 tehmeena afzal blog 077

Her natural tan is a natural turn-on, especially for a desi who is himself blessed with one. The golden brown color is nature’s way of telling you, “I am done. Eat me!”. To hold ‘n caress, to nibble ‘n kiss, to love ‘n cherish, to inhale ‘n devour every sweet morsel… hamara nusbulain. While pale skin adorned with blue spider veins, redheads, blonds are all beautiful curiosities in their own right, I declare, that we desis have a natural affinity for someone from our own clan.

tehmeena afzal blog 078 tehmeena afzal blog 079 tehmeena afzal blog 080
tehmeena afzal blog 081 tehmeena afzal blog 082 tehmeena afzal blog 083

We know this olive and brown skin. We own it. We see it all day. We think we know something about it. How it works. How it feels to the touch, tastes in our mouth and smells when we inhale it in. How others see it on us and react to it. The wrinkle of brown skin at the elbows and around the knees. The strategic areas of light hills and dark crevices. The distinctive wavy bands of stretch marks that inevitably appear over the bust, underneath the belly, back of the thighs and around the hips. Scars from battles won and lost, with weight. Each day must start with a salute to those struggles –a series of reverential butterfly kisses, tracing the length and breadth of her.

tehmeena afzal blog 084 tehmeena afzal blog 085 tehmeena afzal blog 086
tehmeena afzal blog 087 tehmeena afzal blog 088 tehmeena afzal blog 089

These traits are peculiar to us. They brand us, as one. Every time your eyes and mouth feast upon them, your hands run over them, it’s a kind of self-affirmation and self-love. Your partner becomes a sort of extension of you. It’s the most satisfying and selfish kind of love —that you can practice with someone else in the bed. And thus the natural bonding. Not saying that you can’t have mind-blowing sex with a blond, but would it be as gratifying, as with an equally hot desi ?. Would post-coital bliss be as meaningful ?. The answer probably depends on how much of a desi lives in you.

tehmeena afzal blog 090 tehmeena afzal blog 091 tehmeena afzal blog 092
tehmeena afzal blog 093 tehmeena afzal blog 094 tehmeena afzal blog 095

Honey-glazed Tehmeena in shiny, stretchy, lacy, bare-ly there outfits: it’s like your favorite treat, tied with ribbons and ruffles, laid out for your pleasure. As you might have guessed, Tehmeena is not shy about expressing her likes and dislikes. From what kind of men turn her on, to what goes on in her boudoir and better yet, in her mind. Her attitude towards women, beauty and sexuality closely mirror yours truly, which is quite refreshing. More reason to keep hope alive.

tehmeena afzal blog 096 tehmeena afzal blog 097 tehmeena afzal blog 098
tehmeena afzal blog 101 tehmeena afzal blog 102 tehmeena afzal blog 103

smooth: You sound busy. Do you get out much ?.
Tehmeena: I really don’t go out as much as I would like to. I pretty much work seven days a week. When I’m not selling cars I’m trying to schedule a photo shoot or a video. When I do go out, I usually go to the strip club with my man or a bunch of guys from work. I always have a great time but I usually get more attention from the girls than the guys do.

smooth: What do you like about the strip clubs ?.
Tehmeena: I like to see my man admiring other women, but he still goes home with me. I know it sounds twisted but it’s a turn-on for me. Besides, I think women are beautiful, and I like to support those hard-working women because I know stripping is not an easy thing to do.

smooth: Do you think you could ever be a stripper ?.
Tehmeena: I’ve actually had a lot of people ask me if I was a stripper, but I don’t think I could ever do what they do. I’m way too shy to be out there with everything hanging out. I really take my hat off to those girls.

smooth: Have you ever stripped for your man ?.
Tehmeena: I’ve never done that for him, but now that you bring it up, I will definitely give it a try. I’m sure he won’t have any objections to that.

tehmeena afzal blog 104 tehmeena afzal blog 105 tehmeena afzal blog 106
tehmeena afzal blog 107 tehmeena afzal blog 108 tehmeena afzal blog 109

smooth: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your sex drive ?.
Tehmeena: I would say it’s about 15! My sex drive is insane. I have to have it at least once a day. Sometimes it gets to a point where my man has to tell me he needs a break.

smooth: How often is sex on your mind ?.
Tehmeena: Sex is always on my mind. When I wake up. after I take a shower, on my way to work… I think about sex every hour and a half at least.

smooth: What’s the best time of day to have sex ?.
Tehmeena: Any time is a great time to have sex, but I love to do it in the morning because it’s a great way to start the day. I usually can’t wait to do it again when I get home.

smooth: What’s the wildest sexual experience you ever had ?.
Tehmeena: The wildest experience I ever had was on a beach at night with a security guard watching us. He tried to make it seem like he was there to protect us but I know he was there to get his rocks off. We ended up paying him money to leave.

tehmeena afzal blog 110 tehmeena afzal blog 111 tehmeena afzal blog 112
tehmeena afzal blog 113 tehmeena afzal blog 114 tehmeena afzal blog 115

smooth: What’s something you would like to try ?.
Tehmeena: I want to have sex in a really public place where people could spot us at any time. I like being the center of attention, so that would be a rush!

smooth: Have you ever filmed yourself having sex ?.
Tehmeena: Yes, I have. Me and my man often go back and watch it to critique our performances. It turns us on.

smooth: Are you into porn ?.
Tehmeena: I didn’t become interested in porn until recently. It’s like I’ve discovered a whole new world! it’s a great way to get things started in the bedroom.

smooth: What’s your best sexual talent ?.
Tehmeena: My boyfriend would say getting bent over. I think my endurance is my talent. I can have sex for days. I’m very sexually athletic!

tehmeena afzal blog 116 tehmeena afzal blog 117 tehmeena afzal blog 118
tehmeena afzal blog 119 tehmeena afzal blog 120 tehmeena afzal blog 121

smooth: How are your oral skills ?.
Tehmeena: They are great! I love giving oral sex more than I like receiving it. I like being in control of how good I can make my man feel.

smooth: Describe your favorite sexual fantasy ?.
Tehmeena: I would like to have sex on the roof of a building in Times Square in the middle of the day. That would be hot!

[Interview from Smooth magazine – Dec 2009 issue]

tehmeena afzal blog 122 tehmeena afzal blog 123 tehmeena afzal blog 124
tehmeena afzal blog 125 tehmeena afzal blog 126 tehmeena afzal blog 127

Ironically, her oppressed and socially conservative sisters in the east are far ahead of her on this score, having christened numerous net cafes, restaurants and even the Quaid’s mausoleum, among other things. One is obligated to pay homage to such an all-around beauty and some changes in the banner of this blog are therefore, imminent.

tehmeena afzal blog 128 tehmeena afzal blog 129 tehmeena afzal blog 130
tehmeena afzal blog 131 tehmeena afzal blog 132 tehmeena afzal blog 133

Here is another intimate interview of Tehmina where she explains why she should be in Playboy, followed by her contact information, recent credits, picture galleries and some notable videos. All credit for these goes to the concerned quarters who have done such a great job in bringing her home, to us.

tehmeena afzal blog 134 tehmeena afzal blog 135 tehmeena afzal blog 136
tehmeena afzal blog 137 tehmeena afzal blog 138 tehmeena afzal blog 139


Here are some places where you can find more of Tehmeena Afzal’s pictures, interviews, videos and contact information: Her website, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, You Tube.

tehmeena afzal blog 140 tehmeena afzal blog 141 tehmeena afzal blog 142
tehmeena afzal blog 143 tehmeena afzal blog 144 tehmeena afzal blog 145


2000 – Awarded Pegasus Award for Female Athlete
2000 – Recieved full athletic scholarship to NYIT (New York Institute of Technology)
2004 – Graduated NYIT with a Bachelors in Fine Arts / Graphic Design
2006 – Awarded Mixtape Website of the Year for the Southern Entertainment Awards
2006 – Became a member of The Core Models
2007 – Awarded Mixtape Website of the Year for the Southern Entertainment Awards
2007 – Batchelor Magazine – Featured as one of the 20 Sexiest Women of the year
2009 – The Dream ft Rick Ross, Juelz Santana, Ludacris – Rockin’ That Thing (Remix) Video
2009 – King Magazine Online – Web Girl of the Week
2009 – Featured on Showgirlzexclusive.com
2009 – 50 Cent – Okay, You’re Right Video
2009 – G-Unit – I’ll Do Anything Video
2009 – Grafh – Call Me Up Video
2009 – Trav – Ride The Wave Video
2009 – Smooth Girl Magazine #19 – The Flavors Issue
2009 – Vblazin Magazine #5 on Hot 100 of 2009 List
2010 – Awarded Impact Model of the Year for the Southern Entertainment Awards
2010 – Show Magazine Black Lingerie Issue #10
2010 – Thisis50.com – Featured on Tastycake Tuesdays
2010 – Dimepiece Magazine
2010 – Hip Hop Weekly Magazine Web Chick
2010 – Phar City ft. Range – Part Time Lover Video
2010 – Fat Joe ft. Jeezy – Ha Ha (Slow Down) Video
2010 – Show Magazine East Issue #18

tehmeena afzal blog 146 tehmeena afzal blog 147 tehmeena afzal blog 148
tehmeena afzal blog 149 tehmeena afzal blog 150 tehmeena afzal blog 151

Picture Galleries:

Dynasty Series: black leather thong and thigh-high stiletto boots, golden/black thong bikini [Video], pink lingerie topless [Video], purple corset thong and fishnets,

SHOWgirlzexclusive: show #18 East Golden Bikini [Video], blue/black thong bikini,

King-Mag: H2O zebra black bikini set #1, set #2

Felix Natal Jr. : nude under sheets, Red and gold micro thong suits near poolside [Video], black leather bdsm outfit, chain link thong bikini, neon blue micro-thong on bar [Video], beige thong on pool table, black micro thong on a window sill, white lace micro thong on the bed [Video].

Smooth Mag: lavander and black lace thong set topless on couch.

Fannatic Mag: various leather and white lace thong sets with thigh-high leather zip-up boots. [Video]

tehmeena afzal blog 152 tehmeena afzal blog 153 tehmeena afzal blog 154
tehmeena afzal blog 155 tehmeena afzal blog 156 tehmeena afzal blog 157


01. Tehmeena in the NY Knicks lockeroom:

02. Tehmeena in a NY Giants uniform:

03. Tehmeena in a white and pink lace lingerie set:

04. Tehmeena in a silver/pink thong set:

05. Tehmeena in a silvery blue thong set:

06. Tehmeena in various micro-thongs:

07. Tehmeena in a black and white striped bikini:

08. Tehmeena in black lace thong, topless:

09. Tehmeena in an orange bikini set:

10. Tehmeena working out in a white top:

11. Tehmeena shooting in bikinis in Aruba:

tehmeena afzal blog 158 tehmeena afzal blog 159 tehmeena afzal blog 160
tehmeena afzal blog 161

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Sophia Mirza was born on 23rd March, 1983. She completed her primary education in Okara, Punjab. Then moved to Lahore to do her BA in journalism. She worked in PC Lahore for five months and then briefly joined PIA. In 2007 she was the Jazz Mobilink girl. She fell in love and married Umer Farooq on Feburary 16 2006 and moved to Norway. She returned to Pakistan and their divorce was finalised in June, 2010. She cited his “bad habits” as the primary reason. The Lahore High Court granted her custody of their twin daughters in August 2, 2008 and limited contact with her ex-husband. On June 19, 2009 when the two girls went to meet their father at a court appointed venue (Avari Hotel), he kidnapped them. She has appealed to the Chief Justice and High Court to get them back from him. The husband still maintains residence in Norway.

Sophia Mirza rejoined the media upon her return to Pakistan. A veteran of print and TV, she is now doing modelling shoots and appearing regularly on fashion related events. Still in her twenties and having been blessed with unique angular facial features, a curvaceous figure and some acting skills which can be further developed, there is no reason why she shouldn’t shine as a bright star in the rapidly developing media market at home.

That was a brief synopsis of her bio. Now we investigate another kind of back ground. Usually, when you think of Sophia Mirza, you think of a beautiful face with amazing bone structure. The sharp jawline, straight nose, large expressive eyes and heart-shaped lips. But what isn’t explored and kept under wraps, is her spectacular butt.

It is not every day that you see a North American face, on a South American body.

Connoisseurs of the derrière need no explaining that all butts are not created equal. While amateurs think it’s all about size, it is not. It is the shape, density and texture which separates any ordinary fat butt, from a phat butt. While the former will make you skip lunch, the latter will bring on the munchies.

The biggest prize in the butt category is the highly sought-after and elusive “Bubble Butt”, which Sophia Mirza proudly boasts. It is round, it is firm and it is out there. The smaller ones are referred to as “Apple Bottoms”. Diamonds may be forever, but butts are for a lifetime. Long after boobs have lost the fight with gravity and turned into silly putty, a bubble butt will still be singing Bob Seger’s tune:

Like a rock, I was strong as I could be
Like a rock, nothin’ ever got to me
Like a rock, I was something to see
Like a rock

[Bob Seger, Like A Rock]

These caps and accompanying video remind us what else is special about Sophia. A legacy she carries behind her, butt, can’t boast about. It is therefore, incumbent upon sahib-e-nazar and everybody with good taste to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate such rare attributes.

Sophia Mirza is beautiful; whether she is coming or going.

After going through a series of butts, for research of course, I believe I have found similar construction on a few girls. Mind you, it took some doing to find matching quality and size. These girls are prized and highly regarded for such blessings. For folks who want to pay their respects, they can watch sightings here, and observe how such natural wonders are properly nurtured and cared for, in other parts of the world.

Sophia Mirza video accompanying the above caps is presented below. The designer of her plastic bubble, the lime green leggings and top is Design-O-Rama.

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So finally, you get to see what the big deal was about this long-awaited flick (it was released back in 2004). Please keep in mind that she chose to star under a pseudonym, for obvious reasons, and that’s why we are not going to go out of our way to make trouble for her. She might have broken a few taboos in her native land, but by any western standards, this is still fairly tame stuff.

This movie is not an off-shoot of the American Pie series. It is a serious movie, which addresses important social issues confronting the desi expat community. The customs and values that desis bring from home and the dynamics and dysfunctions of raising a family in the west. How old culture comes up against, and tries to work, or fumble through, the new social challenges and dilemmas of our time. Issues like drug use, drinking, arranged marriages, premarital sex, kids out of wedlock, single-motherhood, etc. Stuff that we, down here, are not too keen to acknowledge (all this happens over there), much less confront.

The subject matter of the movie necessitated the modest use of intimate situations shown here. In that, it’s no different than Bend It Like Beckham and Bhaji On The Beach. The act(s) of kissing here, involve open mouths and some serious and sustained tongue action. It’s not the pursed lips variety practiced by William Powell & Co. Here, one can fairly stipulate the swapping of spit. Yes, this will be shocking to some, but kissing is now slowly creeping into Bollywood movies and has become less of a taboo, today, than it used to be in the past.

Still, one cannot escape the fact that no Muslim/Pakistani/girl has broken this many taboos since Anita Ayub crossed the eastern border to bare herself in a string of little outfits. That, was her 15 minutes of fame.

Even the fashionably much maligned Meera got a boatload of bad press for her Bollywood movie Nazar with Ashmit Patel, which had her hugging a Hindu. Imagine if she had stuck out her tongue and cleaned his tonsils for him ?.

You will likely go through feelings of outrage, titillation and/or education. I don’t think Jay Kazim had any illusions while making this movie that this would not follow her back to Pakistan. As far as her acting is concerned, seeing how it was her first film outing, she should be proud of her performance. While not Oscar-worthy, it’s still better than most of the stuff that gets put out there these days.

So without much ado, here’s the video. It’s dubbed in German, so those of you who spreken de deutsch will enjoy it doubly. The rest of us will just have to follow the action.

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Muzna Ibrahim, Doing The VJ Thang

Following are the caps of Muzna Ibrahim from the Oxygene Channel, where she is currently hosting a music video show “IDOLS”. It is centered around the pop idols of the 80s. Aside from appearing as a model in music videos and acting in drama serials, Muzna has now done relationship advice shows, children quiz shows, cooking shows, health shows and now she is a music VJ here. I am sure I missed some scoops from her professional career in between.

Muzna has shined everywhere, because she is not just another smart cookie (a practicing medical doctor). She is a pretty, sexy hottie who is blessed with brains and a great personality. She is charming, effervescent, quick on her feet and extremely tolerant of fools around her. Doing a cooking show with the magalomaniacal chef Mehboob is not an easy gig, as Nyla (another medical doctor) found out. But Muzna is giving that a shot these days and good luck on that.

Here Muzna is wearing poured-on jeans which are hugging her svelte thighs and beguiling curves. I must confess I was a little disappointed to see her hiding her hips with that ugly dark wrap. This girl has an amazing booty. Big, round and juicy. Made for jeans. The sort that guys keep digging up in ruins all over Egypt and Africa. The kind that our ancestors used to revere and worship. And here she is, hiding that! … oh, what a cruel world we live in today. Muzna, flaunt it if you got it, honey!

Here is the accompanying video of Ms. Muzna. A picture of vivacious charm and personality, not to mention the astounding assets.

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Following caps are of Gia Ali. The veteran movie star, who like her other Lollywood colleagues, has now made the painful transition to the small screen and is also pursuing a modeling career on the side.

There is something about Gia Ali, that seperates her from the run-of-the-mill crop of actresses. Something that is hard to put into words, but quite easily felt; Animal Magnetism. She is not the most beautiful girl out there, but when it comes to raw sexuality, she ranks right up there.

A beautiful girl will more often than not, expect to be served in bed. And I am not just talking about her morning cup of tea. But with Gia you have a feeling that she would go toe-to-toe with any guy and probably show her some new tricks as well.

She has chosen not to wear a bra with this dress (probably doesn’t allow for one) and a fair bit of cleavage is on display. While some comitted titophiles may quibble over the size of her tits, I think they are just adorable. They are round, perky, taut and according to some pics where she is nipping, her aroused nipples could poke an eye out. And we haven’t even gotten down to her legs, which aside from Zara Sheikh’s, are one of the most slender and shapely in the business.

Gia has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a healthy propensity to periodically make waves. Like when she pulled a Sinead O’Connor at the Lux Style Awards last year (no, she didn’t rip the Pope in half).

Gia shares none of the false modesty, or airs of her Lollywood sisters who are full of it. She does however, have a strong sense of self and is not a push-over. A calm confidence borne out of belief in one’s abilities, coupled with ambition and a sense of destiny makes her so desirable.

We wish Gia Ali the best. May her hard work bear fruit and good things keep coming her way. Following is a video from the same shoot.

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Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew
But through it all, when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way

Frank Sinatra, My Way

Even though Frank Sinatra might have fancied these words about his life, I think they are better suited for our Juggan Kazim. This girl, is a rebel, in the best tradition of the word. What she has accomplished in her short life is an inspiration for girls out there. She had worked in plays and was a movie star in the west, much before we knew her as a television personality in Pakistan.

When fate dealt her a blow and she separated from her husband, she chose to go it alone, rather than fall back on her parents. A single mother, meeting the demands of family and career, especially in our neck of the woods, is a singular achievement. For a woman to manage it within the traditional framework, set by our patriarchal culture, is an uphill task. But to be beautiful and sexy, independent and forthright, yet maintain one’s integrity –in our time– is nothing short of amazing.

And in keeping with that spirit, we discover her love for piercings; tongue piercing in particular. A universally acknowledged symbol for expressing one’s individuality and personality, it is also said to enhance one’s, shall we say, social life. There is a definite exotic and sensual appeal to a tongue piercing. One can only imagine how it would feel wrapped around one’s tongue, or rubbing against something even more sensitive.

I don’t know where these desi girls are getting them done but these days, aside from the tongue piercing, you do spot the occasional eyebrow, lip and belly piercings. It just gets the wheels turning as to what, where and how many more is s/he holding out on us.

Before we wrap this up, something ought to be said about the particular placement of the piercing on the tongue. Whether it’s near the tip, or further back, depends on what it’s going to be used for, or on. I’ll let you decide what we have going on here. If it’s ever going to be used for anything other than the aesthetic appeal, of course.

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The following caps and the accompanying video clips are of Atiqa Odho, who appeared on the Sahir Lodhi Show on TV-One. I was looking at some old pictures of Atiqa for research and what I found fascinating is how she has managed to defy the aging process. And not just defy it, she has won ground back, in that she has never looked better, than how she appears today.

You can say that about only a handful of people who have ever lived. My short list would include Mimi Rogers, Charlotte Rampling, Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Jennifer Connelly and Susan Sarandon. They all started off as hot numbers and matured into seasoned, sensual MILFs.

Atiqa had some baby fat across her face through her stint on PTV, which she has since shed and now we can admire her facial bone structure. Also, she has learned to apply make-up judiciously, to accentuate her features, instead of a Kabuki cover-up. In short, she has continued to improve upon herself, while others her age have long ‘let go’.

Her choice of clothing is elegant and sensual. A simple black top, barely able to contain the precious DD cargo, with a kaftan that had white foliage. She wore a simple gold necklace around her neck. If she had gone with her usual pendant, hanging between her cleavage, moving like a metronome with every little jiggle, it would have created quite a scandal. Too bad.

As you can tell, Atiqa has flawless, smooth, alabaster skin. Like that of a Danish milkmaid. Folks in her age brackat develop moles, acquire marks, get scars from burns, scratches and liver spots. She has nothing. Just a wide expanse of perfectly creamy white skin, waiting to be doused and rubbed down with a big ol’ bottle of Johnson & Johnsons.

For the complete set of caps, click here.

As usual, the main topic of the conversation revolved around mature women holding their ground and refusing to bow before mother nature. Sahir Lodhi, the congenital dick of the show, started the ball rolling by making repeated gibes about film star Meera’s unwillingness to come to terms about her age in public (like he was her maternal uncle or something).

Atiqa chose to take it as a crack at one of her sorority sisters. First, she upheld Meera’s right to live the life of her choosing. Age, according to Atiqa, is all up here *pointing to her peroxide hair*. Then she came back with a prop, a pamphlet, with a photo of her mom looking weird and then proceeded to tell a story about her grandma, who on her death bed, requested a dye job. I think the thought of a dead grandma laying there with jet black hair unnerved even Sahir, who went ashen at the mention of it. In her defense, Atiqa is a pioneer woman and pioneers, by definition, are a little nutty.

She said that her husband understands her need, “to be someone” and allows her freedom to pursue her dreams. And that raises her esteem for him. But anybody know how many wet hankies are laying by his bedside ? ( <= cuz of the crying! you people, honestly… you make me sick). It’s like a young kid being asked to part with his very own Disney Land. But I guess Atiqa makes it up to him. In ways the rest of us can only dream about.

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