Mathira, In A Black Sporty Bra

Following caps are of the Pakistani yogi Mathira, from her show on Vibe TV which was broadcast earlier this year (Feb. 2009). I had an earlier post with her wearing a similar outfit, but when I look back at those digicam caps, with their glaucoma look, there has certainly been a marked improvement in quality.

I had been meaning to put these out for a long time but I felt there should be no compromise on quality this time around. Therefore these caps and the accompanying video is captured at 1280×720 resolution, with a frame rate of 30/sec, which translates to about 400MB for the 8 min. video. By the time you are done… watching, that is, you will be intimately familiar with every nook and cranny on her delectable, creamy, caramel body, besides the helpful exercise routine. I hope this does justice to this beauty and her ground-breaking work in the field of fitness.

On this particular show, Mathira is demonstrating yoga exercises that are designed to restore the natural curvature of your spine. That allows for a better posture and fewer complaints of back pain. But there is more to it. As Mathira put it, “Male, or female, they all need a curve, to bring out the perfect body”.

What that means, is that right where your spinal column begins to peter out nature intended for you to have a little rounded curve, so that your butt would stick out (a universal sign of fertility), helping you attract the opposite sex. Sometimes nature is too generous to some individuals. That can cause rubber-necking, dilated pupils, sharp intake of breath, fogging-up of glasses and temporary paralysis –in the rest of the population. They can’t help it. You can’t fight millions of years of Natural Selection.

Ever since I can remember, I have loved cold coffees. Something about that tall, frosted glass. Two round scoops of coffee ice cream on top. A creamy, refreshing liquid at the bottom that, while it goes down, lights up all the nerve centers in your brain, like a pin-ball machine. You can suck it, eat it, drink it. It’s terribly confusing for the pleasure center in your brain, when a giant cold coffee comes dressed in a Nike sports bra.

Mathira has started a spin-off show on Vibe TV, where she takes viewer calls and hands down advice, on matters of the heart. The usual boyfriend and girlfriend trouble. Last time I caught her show, she was defending Valentine’s Day with an irate female caller (who clearly hadn’t gotten a Valentine), and who was using the usual ploys of nationalism and the stick of religion to bash her. Here, Mathira is adorably naive and wholly unprepared for the onslaught. One should stick to one’s strong suit, which in Mathira’s case, are little spandex thingies from Nike.

There is a vast sea of naysayers out there right now, who have willingly resigned themselves to a life of perpetual misery and wretchedness. If all was well in our world, their world would be in a crises. Far from trying to assuage their concerns and engage them in debate, the Mathiras of the world would do better to continue to do their own thang and light-up this joint. Their beauty, grace, sexuality, sensuality and elegance will get us out of this darkness and send the vermin flying for cover.

Mathira, please get your round, beautiful, adorable booty to a Nike store and buy tons of colorful (we have seen black) spandex stuff and come back to your original yoga show on Vibe, honey. We miss you. Let Sabahat, Shaista, Amna and Nadia yak-it-up. There is only one Mathira. The girl with large, beautiful eyes, raven hair, a bright smile and liquid caramel body that can be stretched-out and then folded back into a delectable array of yoga positions. This girl doesn’t need to say a lot. Her lithe and limber body, refreshing sensuality and positive attitude speaks to the kind of clean and healthy living that would get a rise out of the most sordid and sickly out there.

Click here for the rest of the picture set.

Here is the video. Watch it in HD to get the most out of it. Enjoy.

Iraj, Decolletage Le Magnifique

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they’re like, it’s better than yours,
Damn right, it’s better than yours,
I can teach you, but I have to charge

[Kelis – Milkshake]
I remember a time when tennis stars and Lollywood movie actresses used to be shown in DAWN and JANG regularly with their thighs and cleavages blacked-out by editors. They would neatly and diligently dress them up, from their necks down to their heels in black sherwani and pajamas. Sometimes an editor would get fancy and make a little string of black pearls adorning a beautiful neck. I grew up thinking that’s how these gals chose to dress up in the morning. In black Sharpee and DOLLAR ink.

It was during these oppressive and suffocating times that models like Iraj and Vinnie threw down the gauntlet and chose modeling as a profession. At a time when the word “model” was seen synonymous with ‘slut’ and ‘tramp’ among the moral majority. Young models today, owe a lot to these pioneer women. These trailblazers who took the heat from all corners of society in the beginning, so that today any farigh pretty face can casually go and become a model, without the Khudai Faujdars chasing her with sticks and with the tacit support of the state.

Iraj is an Amazon class model. She has been on the scene for decades now. Her early portfolios feature a gorgeous face and a svelte figure. While that may be on the wane, what she still retains and does better than anybody else, is communicate. She doesn’t meander onto the runway and get back in, like most. She gets into a role and acts it out on the runway as the whole world watches. She will flutter her lashes, swivel her hips, wink at the camera and work the crowd on every outing, as if she was one of those Fan Girls from the 1930s. Farrah Fawcett (may she rest in peace) defined acting as, “Standing naked on a stage and turning…. slowly”. Which means, to act well is to be fearless, and Iraj certainly fits the bill.

Following are caps from a recent runway shoot she did. Btw, have any of you ever had honey-glazed, Hickory-smoked beef ?. Well, it’s dark, rich, velvety soft with a light smokey aroma that melts in your mouth, like butter. Once you start, it’s hard to hold yourself back. I don’t know, I just started getting flashbacks of it. Strange, huh ?.

The dress clearly does not allow for a bra, or any such restraint. Her tits are on their own and they are simply amazing for her age… actually for any age. There are no stretch marks, no sign of droop-age. Instead, the tits exhibit a firmness and buoyancy, especially around the edges (which are the first to let go), that any teen would be proud to have. There is no hint of plastic surgery here. It’s all real and it is le magnifique.

Sadly, the same cannot be said about her ass, which according to my research, has always been flat. Which just means she hasn’t lost any ground there either. But then you can’t have everything. A lot of prettier models have followed Iraj, but few possess the charm and charisma of this great, who is still going strong.

Following is the video of the same event. Don’t be too hard on the rewind button.

Best Of, Jay Kazim’s Pink Ludoos

So finally, you get to see what the big deal was about this long-awaited flick (it was released back in 2004). Please keep in mind that she chose to star under a pseudonym, for obvious reasons, and that’s why we are not going to go out of our way to make trouble for her. She might have broken a few taboos in her native land, but by any western standards, this is still fairly tame stuff.

This movie is not an off-shoot of the American Pie series. It is a serious movie, which addresses important social issues confronting the desi expat community. The customs and values that desis bring from home and the dynamics and dysfunctions of raising a family in the west. How old culture comes up against, and tries to work, or fumble through, the new social challenges and dilemmas of our time. Issues like drug use, drinking, arranged marriages, premarital sex, kids out of wedlock, single-motherhood, etc. Stuff that we, down here, are not too keen to acknowledge (all this happens over there), much less confront.

The subject matter of the movie necessitated the modest use of intimate situations shown here. In that, it’s no different than Bend It Like Beckham and Bhaji On The Beach. The act(s) of kissing here, involve open mouths and some serious and sustained tongue action. It’s not the pursed lips variety practiced by William Powell & Co. Here, one can fairly stipulate the swapping of spit. Yes, this will be shocking to some, but kissing is now slowly creeping into Bollywood movies and has become less of a taboo, today, than it used to be in the past.

Still, one cannot escape the fact that no Muslim/Pakistani/girl has broken this many taboos since Anita Ayub crossed the eastern border to bare herself in a string of little outfits. That, was her 15 minutes of fame.

Even the fashionably much maligned Meera got a boatload of bad press for her Bollywood movie Nazar with Ashmit Patel, which had her hugging a Hindu. Imagine if she had stuck out her tongue and cleaned his tonsils for him ?.

You will likely go through feelings of outrage, titillation and/or education. I don’t think Jay Kazim had any illusions while making this movie that this would not follow her back to Pakistan. As far as her acting is concerned, seeing how it was her first film outing, she should be proud of her performance. While not Oscar-worthy, it’s still better than most of the stuff that gets put out there these days.

So without much ado, here’s the video. It’s dubbed in German, so those of you who spreken de deutsch will enjoy it doubly. The rest of us will just have to follow the action.

Syra, The ‘Most Wanted’ VJ

Following are the caps of the MTV VJ Syra, host of the show Most Wanted. MTV was lost when Mahira left (or was pushed out), until Syra arrived and filled the gaping hole of charm, charisma, personality, beauty, style and mega-cuteness. You can sit and watch Syra, mesmerized, for an hour and it feels as if just a moment had passed.

Here I would like to share a personal theory with you. It’s called “The Special Theory Of Beauty & Booty”. It says that there are two types of beautiful girls: (1) cute ‘n pretty and (2) hot ‘n sexy. And never the twain shall meet.

The former is pretty and cute, with a care-free and bubbly personality.

You can have riveting conversations with her, on subjects of fun ‘n fantasy till they announce breakfast, to your collective dismay. She can be an inspiration, a true friend, a valued companion and a great ally.

Sex with her can be great, but never spectacular. Her inhibitions and hangups (“Did you wash that thing ?…”, “You wanna put it where ?…”, “Eww!, I am all sweaty and icky”), tend to get in the way.

This girl is not just born a pretty face. She is the culmination of a well-rounded education, a grounded disposition and a privileged background that provided her with sufficient distance and shelter from the hard knocks of life that sow the seeds of cynicism and bitterness among the rest.

The latter is a sex bomb. She reeks of it.

From the way she caresses her tresses, to how she locks eyes and plays chicken with you, to win. When she walks, she swings her hips as if doing the tango with the wind. There is no need for witty repartee, or tete-a-tete in a corner.

This girl needs to be kneaded –like a pizza dough, covered in your special sauce(s), allowed to bake in the heat of passion. Then put on the counter top and split apart with your tool after which you devour her. From top to bottom, front to back, crust and all until your appendages, face and mouth is covered, with her. In her.

This girl is like Chinese food. After an hour you start feeling hungry and want more. Dirty, sweaty, icky is just the way she likes it and when she is done for the night, you pal… are done for the week.

I am not sure where to put Syra, just yet. She is so pretty, so sweet that you want to put her in front of you, look into her big brown eyes and just listen to her talk. It’s like warbling of the sweetest nightingale. You wish you could go to sleep looking at this vision with the sweet music in your ears.

But then she is so sexy with a hot body that you want to make a Happy Meal of her. She may be the first one that defies the special laws of cute vs. sexy. As a fan, I am more than satisfied to just sit back and watch her do her thang on TV. I am pretty sure whoever is the lucky guy who ultimately gets to win her heart and hand, will be in for one hellavu ride, for the rest of his life.

I have one word for her: a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.

One just hopes that this amazing beauty, this stylish cutie and chic hottie, continues to appear on-screen, for as long as she can (and wants to), so she may light-up our hearths and hearts. Syra is special. Not the kind that sits on the small bus, but one who shines atop the Christmas Tree.

For the complete set, click here.

Here is the accompanying video, so you can get an idea of what I have been yammering about:

Muzna Ibrahim, Doing The VJ Thang

Following are the caps of Muzna Ibrahim from the Oxygene Channel, where she is currently hosting a music video show “IDOLS”. It is centered around the pop idols of the 80s. Aside from appearing as a model in music videos and acting in drama serials, Muzna has now done relationship advice shows, children quiz shows, cooking shows, health shows and now she is a music VJ here. I am sure I missed some scoops from her professional career in between.

Muzna has shined everywhere, because she is not just another smart cookie (a practicing medical doctor). She is a pretty, sexy hottie who is blessed with brains and a great personality. She is charming, effervescent, quick on her feet and extremely tolerant of fools around her. Doing a cooking show with the magalomaniacal chef Mehboob is not an easy gig, as Nyla (another medical doctor) found out. But Muzna is giving that a shot these days and good luck on that.

Here Muzna is wearing poured-on jeans which are hugging her svelte thighs and beguiling curves. I must confess I was a little disappointed to see her hiding her hips with that ugly dark wrap. This girl has an amazing booty. Big, round and juicy. Made for jeans. The sort that guys keep digging up in ruins all over Egypt and Africa. The kind that our ancestors used to revere and worship. And here she is, hiding that! … oh, what a cruel world we live in today. Muzna, flaunt it if you got it, honey!

Here is the accompanying video of Ms. Muzna. A picture of vivacious charm and personality, not to mention the astounding assets.

Following caps are of Gia Ali. The veteran movie star, who like her other Lollywood colleagues, has now made the painful transition to the small screen and is also pursuing a modeling career on the side.

There is something about Gia Ali, that seperates her from the run-of-the-mill crop of actresses. Something that is hard to put into words, but quite easily felt; Animal Magnetism. She is not the most beautiful girl out there, but when it comes to raw sexuality, she ranks right up there.

A beautiful girl will more often than not, expect to be served in bed. And I am not just talking about her morning cup of tea. But with Gia you have a feeling that she would go toe-to-toe with any guy and probably show her some new tricks as well.

She has chosen not to wear a bra with this dress (probably doesn’t allow for one) and a fair bit of cleavage is on display. While some comitted titophiles may quibble over the size of her tits, I think they are just adorable. They are round, perky, taut and according to some pics where she is nipping, her aroused nipples could poke an eye out. And we haven’t even gotten down to her legs, which aside from Zara Sheikh’s, are one of the most slender and shapely in the business.

Gia has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a healthy propensity to periodically make waves. Like when she pulled a Sinead O’Connor at the Lux Style Awards last year (no, she didn’t rip the Pope in half).

Gia shares none of the false modesty, or airs of her Lollywood sisters who are full of it. She does however, have a strong sense of self and is not a push-over. A calm confidence borne out of belief in one’s abilities, coupled with ambition and a sense of destiny makes her so desirable.

We wish Gia Ali the best. May her hard work bear fruit and good things keep coming her way. Following is a video from the same shoot.

The following caps are of the Pakistani supermodel Nadia Hussain, from FTV Pakistan. This is from their Naughty On FTV segment. Nadia Hussain was supposed to climb down the stairs, sit on a step in the middle, all the while talking about the launch of some designer wear, or something of that nature.

But try as she might, she couldn’t climb down the stairs and do the script, at the same time. She would botch the lines, groan, slap her head and would have to climb back up and do it all over again. This happened, probably half-a-dozen times, before they took out the stair bit altogether and had her talking on the ground, standing still. That, she was able to do, with ease. Something in those stairs spooked her.

The other thing that struck me at least, was the ‘bulge’ in her jeans. If you are a guy and you watch that thing, perched up-high on great looking Amazon legs, descending upon you from a height, you feel a twinge of excitement, coupled with apprehension about what may be inside. Not intel, I assure you. A fuzzy peach ?, hopefully. A banana ?, hope not. It is an intriguing sight, nonetheless.

Personally, I have always had a thing for tight-fitting jeans. The kind that supermodel Rubab sports, or how Heather Thomas used to look like, in the serial The Fall Guy. So tight as to guarantee animal cruelty inside those pants.

Nadia Hussain has worked hard to get back into shape after her last child and she would do any pair of tight jeans a favor, by slipping them on those long, shapely legs of hers.