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Following are the caps of Sadia Shafique, from her appearance on the show Khailta Pakistan, on Five News, dated September 11th, 2008. Sadia is one of those up-n-cummer anchors who may have little in the way of experience, but are generously blessed in other ways.

While she may not be a striking beauty, she is fairly pretty. She has gorgeous hair, thick arching brows, warm loving eyes and is easily given to big, beautiful smiles. But all that pales in comparison to her curvaceous figure and simply astounding boobs. These celestial orbs deserve high praise because they are large, round and f-a-t.

This particular set of caps is unique because she is apparently and quite vehemently, nipping in them. You can spot that big round delicious nubbin, fighting it’s way through layers of clothing, out into a calm sea of green. It would surely be impolite, if one were to walk away without acknowledging this effort. Maybe you can rub the ball of your thumb in gentle circles over it, teasing it, then gently tugging on it between the thumb and the forefinger, before you try twisting it, blowing on it and… erm, whatever else you deem appropriate for the occasion at hand.

Sadia has clearly come to terms with her curvy figure. Fortunately for us, she isn’t one of those that regard pendulous tits to be a curse of some sort. Who run and hide them under yards of bedsheets. She is proud of them, and we think, rightly so. On the set she is given to wearing clothes with vibrant colors and clean lines that slip snugly over her tits, and wrap tight across her waist. A celebration of natural beauty, charm and copious sex appeal.

It is therefore quite inexplicable and somewhat troubling to see her teamed-up with a bonafide nerd. Ali Hasnain believes in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the idea that our hockey team will stand on the victory stand, if only all Pakistanis get together and pray hard enough. The guy hogs the show with his pedantic and inane blather, allowing little face-time for Sadia, who is clearly a better host and the star attraction of Khailta Pakistan.

The sight of large beautiful tits are a constant source of joy and wonderment for connoisseurs. You know it isn’t proper to stare, but you can’t look away. If it’s not because of some gravitational law that has eluded the likes of Newton and Maxwell, it could be the certain promise of pleasure, nutrition and play that so commands our attention. Literally, from day one. My only hope is that Sadia will continue to beam her-gorgeous-self into our living rooms.

Following is a video sample from this particular show. Sometimes 2-D just doesn’t cut it.

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