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The following caps were taken on Eid, November 2009. Naveen Naqvi chose to wear a delightful mauve knit top with a deep scoop neck and dark gray pants. The top is gathered over her bust line and drops downwards. It is sufficiently diaphanous to allow a fairly clear view of her mammoth proportions and incredible cleavage. The sharp edge of her bra cups, gives way to miles of liberated mouth-watering curves. With her dusky skin, sharp features, cascading lush hair and commanding presence, she resembles more an Aztech Warrior Queen, than DAWN’s morning show host.

The word “Naveen” is from ancient Sanskrit which means “new”. Naveen Naqvi however, has been around for awhile. The buxom beauty is of Amazon class with legs that go on forever. From what we have seen of her, she is sophisticated, hard working and serious about her work. In her interview, she claims to have spent her formative years enrolled in the American International School in Saudi Arabia. Upon her return to Karachi, she did her O’Levels from the Centre of Advanced Studies and A’Levels from good ol’ Lyceum, the playpen for the rich and bored.

After giving modeling a try, she joined NBC News. After 9/11 they wanted a footprint in the area. A scenic backdrop of ‘hajis’ against which they could stand and broadcast their anti-Islamic propaganda. Naveen was hired to look after their logistics and equipment. It’s like Jang Akhbar going to New York and hiring Karolina Kurkova as their chota. But at least the Americans paid her money for services rendered. In modeling, according to Naveen, they gave her the runaround until she would break down and cry –but no dinar.

After her stint with NBC she went to New York and spent two years writing a book. It’s about a girl who grows up in Saudi Arabia and Karachi, who is searching for her identity and battling the evil patriarchal society (The Man) who is trying to keep her down. She insists it’s not an autobiography.

After departing from DAWN News on January 2010, she disappeared from the public eye, only to appear online. She now has her own blog at NaveenNaqvi.Com. She sometimes writes articles for the Huffington Post blog and has taken up with local female ‘web-activists’ who are championing the cause of women in Pakistan. Her particular area of concern is sexual abuse, incest, rape, etc. In a recent public appearances, she claims to have suffered sexual abuse as a child.

Video of Naveen Naqvi with Sana Saleem, a survivor and activist [5:55 – 6:38]:

In addition to a striking resemblance, her professional career seems to be eerily following in the footsteps of her favorite writer, Virginia Woolf (1882-1941). Virginia was a feminist writer, who was also sexually abused at a young age, by her brother. She was bisexual and is reported to have had numerous affairs. From nubile poetesses to married women and men of letters. She also suffered several mental breakdowns, starting from the age of 13 and she finally committed suicide at age 59.

In a letter Woolf describes her joy at being touched by an older woman, “it is astonishing what depths – what volcano depths – your finger has stirred”. About men, she had this to say, “Why are women so much more interesting to men, than men are to women ?”. At the very end of her life, she wrote, “I feel certain that I am going mad again… I begin to hear voices”. She reportedly put stones in her coat pockets and drowned herself in the river Ouse. Her body was fished out three weeks later.

Virginia Woolf played a pivotal role in England’s Suffrage Movement (helped women get voting and other civil and legal rights, which had been forbidden them by British aristocracy). Is this what our beautiful, leggy brunette aspires to ?. A champion of women’s lib in 21st Century Pakistan ?. We would have liked to see Naveen go the route of beautiful sex-positive feminists like Camille Paglia and Betty Dodson, rather than fat, ugly, hairy, men-hating butch lesbians like Andrea Dworkin and Naomi Wolfe. While the former celebrate beauty and sex, the latter consider any form of penetrative sex to be a violation of women. I guess strap-ons, vibrators, dildos. . . they don’t count.

Whatever the case, Naveen will find the men of Pakistan firmly behind her. Where do we sign-up ?. We can help arrange mass bra burnings on M.A. Jinnah road, topless marches on Zaibunissa street, Lollapalooza at Sunday Bazaar where chick-bands like Club Caramel, Hadiqa Kiyani and Rabi Peerzada can rock the aunties who have just spent two sweaty hours bargaining for shoes and purses next door.

But seriously, if Naveen is going through her NGO-phase and needs to take a few years off, get this out of her system and onto her resume –we can wait. I had only hoped that she would opt for lipstick, rather than going butch. Seeing her turn out like Hagrid from Harry Potter, without make-up and unkempt hair is discomfiting. But seeing these caps we know the real Naveen is still in there and like fine wine, only getting better with time.

And one fine day, soon, we will see her again: bright and beautiful, cool and confident, lustrous hair, caramel skin, larger than life with all the talent and bounty that mother nature has blessed her with.

The accompanying video.

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Statuesque. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at Maha. A perfectly proportioned, Amazon Class, chiseled hard body. The only time you get to see such gorgeous and generous feminine proportions is either at an Olympic swim meet, or at a sand volleyball game between Brazil and one of those other teams.

I don’t know what you have to do, to get her way, aside from obviously inheriting great genes. To attain that perfect skin, tone and rosy complexion you would probably have to eat right, exercise, visit spas, meet trainers, keep beauticians and get-off every night. While we don’t like to publicly acknowledge it in the land of the pure, that last bit usually does wonders for one’s appearance and attitude.

Maha is in fabulous physical condition at this shoot. Not an ounce of extra fat anywhere. The quality of muscle tone indicates that it’s been achieved through regular, vigorous movement and not on a starvation diet.

As role models and fashion icons, supermodel’s like Maha have a responsibility to put their best foot forward. Being out there in the public eye, one of their primary roles is to set standards for fashion and fitness.

Back when Anjuman and Rani ruled the roost, girls went around wearing potato sacks (they called them Afghani kurtas) and perhaps for good reason. But today, desi girls come in fitted kurtis and tight jeans and they look phat.

The emphasis should be on physical fitness. Not necessarily weight, girth or conjuring-up ways to deny yourself. There are plenty of examples of large(r) women, with beguiling curves who continue to command a huge fan following in Pakistan. In their case, proportion trumps portion.

What I find really sensual in this particular shoot is Maha’s midriff. The way her tiny waist flares into strong, rounded hips is nothing short of spectacular. The flat, taut belly looks like it was carved out of Carrara marble by Michaelangelo, while the cute ‘innie’ belly-button is a treat for any connoisseur. You couldn’t draw a more sexier figure on paper and there isn’t one quite like this, on Google. Yes, I cheched.

Maha is not just a pretty face and a sexy body. The way she takes over the ramp, walking tall, shoulders back, chest out, a deliberate stride and maintaining eye-contact… the girl exudes confidence and that is the ultimate turn-on.

I would give the nail on my right pinkie finger to see Maha in a bikini. A teeny Wicked Weasel. I am sure she would look just as lovely, as Kylie Bax, Karolina Kurkova or a Heidi Klume.

Maha comes across so strong, determined and aggressive. One is afraid to picture her in bed. She could toss you around like a melon, pull you apart like a Kino and swallow you up like a banana.

Or you could play the home version of “Taliban-Taliban”. Each takes turn spanking the other. Then, one yanks on the cord while the other pushes the button until you blow each other up. Rinse and repeat.

Click here for the complete set of caps from this shoot.

The following is a video from the same shoot. The incredible Maha.

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These are rare caps of model Nadia Hussain from the Samsung shoot on the ramp. She is wearing a long pinstripe dress that is open down the front, with a slit right up to her navel. At the end of the ramp, she opens up her dress to reveal her long, toned, tanned and sexy legs. Right up to her cute black (boy cut ?) panties.

Nadia Hussain is not an airhead. She went to dental school and is a qualified dental doctor –for what it’s worth. She also took time off, when she was one of the most sought-after models on the ramp, to get married and have kids with Atif Khan. That’s after she broke-up a serious affair with model Veena Ahmed’s brother Amir, who she calls “immature”.

However with her present mature form, she is certainly a hot MILF. She has successfully lost the baby fat around the middle and as you can see, she is in prime form. There isn’t even a hint of cellulite on her thighs, which speaks of her hard work on the treadmill and obviously good genes. She plans on opening her clinic after she retires from the ramp and that’s when I will get my wisdom teeth out. They’re killing me now, but…. I can wait. (arrrgh!)

Her beauty is unique, especially in these here parts. The bone structure is classic European. The only time desi girls get a jawline like that, is when their Hypothalmus goes nuts.

There may be plenty of girls who are prettier than her, but few can qualify for the Amazon Class in Pakistan. Making love to one must be like wrestling ‘gators.

Here’s the accompanying video:

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Following are vidcaps of the amazing Sherri from a soap running currently on ARY Digital. Amazing, because she has it going on, on all fronts. It’s not just her astounding tits and bubble butt, but she is also tall, well-proportioned, with a lovely face and gorgeous hair. She is THE thing, mister man.

Dolly Parton complains, tongue-in-cheek of course, that nobody pays attention to her face, once they’ve had a look at her huge knockers. If that was a problem (which it isn’t for Dolly since she eats up that kinda attention), you certainly would have to commiserate with this girl, because her tits are so much more attractive than Dolly’s freak-show titties.

In these vidcaps Sherri is wearing a thin sleeveless t-shirt with a demi-bra underneath. These bras have half-cups, which means they leave half of the tit exposed. The bra she’s wearing is particularly tiny, practically akin to wearing a string bikini top. You can clearly make out the round meaty curves of her delicious cleavage.

A girl will spend hours checking her profile, this way and that way, stepping out of at least half-a-dozen clothes, before she decides to step out in public. Sherri has decided to put her best feature, her billowing tits, before us and by George! we appreciate it. Before TV and blogs we would have only gotten to hear of her beautiful boobs through poetry and song, like in the case of Heer and Sassi. Now those old girls must have had equally bewitching racks for those poor guys to go nuts.

She has arched eyebrows, large eyes and heart-shaped lips which doesn’t hurt either.

She is also blessed with a round bubble butt. I have been noticing that more and more desi girls have such nice butts, which you wouldn’t have known ten years ago, when they were hidden in several layers of clothing. They are the sort that would fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. You don’t find so many nice ones, even in a mall abroad.

I feel the pain of those bros who live in the hinterland, where such sights are hard to come by. I read somewhere that a big round butt sends out subliminal messages of fertility and immediate procreation in the male species. It’s hardwired into our psyche by nature. We probably inherited it from those damn baboons who are always looking for nookie. These signals have however been curbed through hundreds of years of cultural conditioning… just barely I say.

So now that desi girls from the land of the pure are flaunting their assets, we are allowed to entertain all manner of impure thoughts. It’s either that, or we jump on the first butt we find irresistable. I have cut out the part where we talk to the tits, take the butt out on dates and get married to it, because the average male thinks about sex every 6 seconds and there ain’t time for all that romance and ceremony. I think the choice is clear… we do the Jimmy Carter and get on with life. 😉

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The following are vidcaps from the showing of Rizwan Beyg (how pretentious can you get when you have to spell your name like that ?) new line on FTV Pakistan, dated 26th December, 2007. In them are starring the titillating duo of Maha and Mehak.

Are these two sisters ?, I don’t know. But if you cover their heads with a brown paper bag, they certainly look like sisters from the neck down. Both are amazonian goddesses with big, round tits.

They remind me of that song from The Commodores:

She’s a brick—-house!
Mighty mighty! just lettin’ it all hang out
She’s a brick—-house!
The lady’s stacked and that’s a fact,
Ain’t holding nothing back.

What happens when you combine two great pair of desi tits together ?. You get Maha Mammay. I have to confess I have never gotten too comfortable with that word “Mammay” for tits.

Maybe because the word is too close to “Mummy” and one can get into awful hot water, not to mention real screwed-up (and since when did that stop any horndog desi ?) if one was not careful. Those Oedipal connotations could be confusing.

The white bra that Mehak is wearing, is supposed to be a blouse that goes with her sari. That ‘blouse’ is hiding less than if she wore a regular bra. Can you imagine if MILFs started wearing these creations for real at desi functions like dholkis and mehndis ?. All those bouncing, sweaty, saNwali cleavages could lead to only one thing: after the aunties put their kids to bed, wild orgies all night.

Think of the possibilities. It could do wonders for our gene pool. Check out the muscular definition on Mehak’s back, while at the same time she’s sporting the most delicious looking tummy that one can feast on for days. You can’t go into a gym, train and get a hot body like her’s. This is just nature’s gift to her fans.

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Following are the caps of Mehak, the beauty encased in the black sari. She appeared wearing this outfit for Rizwan Beyg’s new line on FTV channel. I have seen Rizwan Beyg and I bet he specially designed this dress to allow Black Beauty’s tits to spill out like the waters at Tarbela Dam.

She is tall and well-built. Flesh is toned and properly distributed all across her frame. Not part of the anorexic wave sweeping the Pakistani modeling scene these days. She has traditional desi features and a slightly dark olive tan, which does the trick for me. Fair color is nice, but as Sadat Hassan Manto wrote in one of his novels, tanned bod is sexy and full of potential, white gets boring real quick.

Here is not only tanned skin, but a fair bit of tanned tit on display. Had she been skinny as a rack, her tits probably wouldn’t have popped out on the side like that. But since she is top-heavy (thank you very much), her tits successfully escaped on her sides. She knows it and still chose to come out like that, and that… is so sexy. She wants you to see and savor, like a connoisseur, her sublime feminine charms. To what end ?, here I am reminded of the last stanza from Wordsworth’s poem, The Daffodils:

I gazed — and gazed — but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:
For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

Daffodils my ass. It’s the tits baby, tits. Large tanned desi tits with coppery nipples.

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The first time I saw Tehreem Zuberi on screen, about five years ago, I was left awe struck. She appeared in a punjabi bhangra video and played your typical hard-to-get bitch, who the singer serenaded on Sea-View drive. She was wearing black leather pants. Now, there are only a handful of butts on this planet that actually look good in leather. Hers is one of them.

She’s got legs that go on forever and a cute little butt on top. With a turn of her head, she swished her hair back and forth. With a shake of her hips, she swung her butt from side-to-side. It’s no wonder I could never pick-up the lyrics of that damn song.

These vidcaps are from the Wednesday 5th March, 2008 Morning Show with Marina Khan on ARY Digital. Tehreem, along with Aijaz Aslam and Mashood Alvi, was on the show promoting the new ARY serial Sherdil, directed by Amjad Islam Amjad.

It’s Top Gun, Pakistan-style, with Tehreem playing one of the ace pilots. That’s enough to get me interested in this thang. Do I really need to tell anybody that Tehreem looks absolutely delish in an F-16 helmet and jumpsuit ?. I think not.

Now both guys next to her are tall (6’+) and as you can see, she is holding her own with them. Her tits are what you would call ‘a mouthful’ and that’s O-K. She’s got more things on her plate, then her tits.

As far as I am concerned, we’ve got two regal princesses of screen and Tehreem is one. The other, is Mahwish who I’ll post vidcaps of later on.

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