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Like Scrooge McDuck, I had been diving into my vault of caps and look what I found: more vcaps of Neelma Hasan from The Mother’s Show on ARY, back in the days when she used to dress sexy. She was an instant hit with the fans, who adored the busty and curvaceous MILF.

However, in recent days she has taken to wearing long sleeves and high necks, giving short shrift to the viewers. Let’s cut to the chase. There are hosts out there who rely on their intellect, or personality to cement a following. Then there are hosts who are pretty and sexy, and use that. We can safely put Noor, Neelma and Iffat Umer in the latter category. You hear noise coming out of their mouths, only if you have mistakenly left the volume on.

Nature has bestowed great genes upon women like Neelma, whose tits retain their awesome form long after they have served their biological imperative. Nowadays, it usually takes just one tour-of-service to render the shape from a proud tit, to a deflated balloon.

But Neelma Hasan seems exempt from nature’s cruel natural course. Her gravity defying orbs of perfection seem to mock the rest. Apart from nature, Neelma had nurtured a sexy persona that transformed her into a sexy diva. A hint of cleavage here, a saucy smile there and before you knew it, she had reeled you in. I think I speak for most of her fans, when I say that we want the old sexy Neelma back.

Her current dowdy, victorian-style massi outfits are not only ill-suited for this sensual mami (um, the Spanish kind), but also a betrayal of nature who made her so fa-boob-lous. One can only hope that we get to see more of the glamorous Neelma back in the hot-tie seat.

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The following vidcaps are from the Mornings With Marina show on ARY. The fitness model featured on the show is Rukhsana. Every weekday mornings this gal gets into her tight little sweats and stretches her body into interesting shapes and postures. Of all the Pak fitness models, the number of which is fast dwindling, she’s probably in the best shape. She is a hardbody.

Marina tried to keep up with her and ended up giving-up on exercise altogether. I don’t blame Marina. It’s easy to get disenchanted working out with Rukhsana. Try hopping around for a minute. You’ll be coughing out a lung. Rukhsana does much more and keeps talking and smiling for several minutes. This morning she is wearing a particularly slinky, body-hugging sweat suit, the advantage of which soon became apparent, as she got down on all fours and started working on her glutes. Or that’s what she would like you to believe. Ha.

You can see it. I don’t have to tell you. Her butt is one-of-a-kind. When you see it like that, you can’t help but think of the Tikki Lounge and wide-eyed Africans in grass skirts banging wildly on their bongo drums. Of course, with her around you don’t need no bongo drum. Vida Guerra, you’ve got competition.

White scientists worked day and night and came up with butt-implants for their lame-ass white brothers and sisters. They cut you up and put silicone pads into your butt and then you go around shaking that silicone in everybody’s face. That’s how desperate some asses are out there. And here, you have round, titanium orbs that have been bounced, stretched and (hopefully massaged and caressed) into such a lovely form. It’s not easy.

Like a sculpture or an artist, Rukhsana has worked most of her adult life to chisel her body and buns to such perfection. She should at least be able to showcase her achievement to the public. I have a dream. I have a dream that butts like hers, will one day be seen wandering around our beaches, separated by only the flimsiest Wicked Weasel thongs. I have a dream.

But for now, I’ll settle for Rukhsana doing these splits in those sweats. If I had to choose how I had to go, I’d ask to be crushed by such strong, smooth, supple thighs. What a way to get off. For both of us.

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Following are vidcaps of the amazing Sherri from a soap running currently on ARY Digital. Amazing, because she has it going on, on all fronts. It’s not just her astounding tits and bubble butt, but she is also tall, well-proportioned, with a lovely face and gorgeous hair. She is THE thing, mister man.

Dolly Parton complains, tongue-in-cheek of course, that nobody pays attention to her face, once they’ve had a look at her huge knockers. If that was a problem (which it isn’t for Dolly since she eats up that kinda attention), you certainly would have to commiserate with this girl, because her tits are so much more attractive than Dolly’s freak-show titties.

In these vidcaps Sherri is wearing a thin sleeveless t-shirt with a demi-bra underneath. These bras have half-cups, which means they leave half of the tit exposed. The bra she’s wearing is particularly tiny, practically akin to wearing a string bikini top. You can clearly make out the round meaty curves of her delicious cleavage.

A girl will spend hours checking her profile, this way and that way, stepping out of at least half-a-dozen clothes, before she decides to step out in public. Sherri has decided to put her best feature, her billowing tits, before us and by George! we appreciate it. Before TV and blogs we would have only gotten to hear of her beautiful boobs through poetry and song, like in the case of Heer and Sassi. Now those old girls must have had equally bewitching racks for those poor guys to go nuts.

She has arched eyebrows, large eyes and heart-shaped lips which doesn’t hurt either.

She is also blessed with a round bubble butt. I have been noticing that more and more desi girls have such nice butts, which you wouldn’t have known ten years ago, when they were hidden in several layers of clothing. They are the sort that would fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. You don’t find so many nice ones, even in a mall abroad.

I feel the pain of those bros who live in the hinterland, where such sights are hard to come by. I read somewhere that a big round butt sends out subliminal messages of fertility and immediate procreation in the male species. It’s hardwired into our psyche by nature. We probably inherited it from those damn baboons who are always looking for nookie. These signals have however been curbed through hundreds of years of cultural conditioning… just barely I say.

So now that desi girls from the land of the pure are flaunting their assets, we are allowed to entertain all manner of impure thoughts. It’s either that, or we jump on the first butt we find irresistable. I have cut out the part where we talk to the tits, take the butt out on dates and get married to it, because the average male thinks about sex every 6 seconds and there ain’t time for all that romance and ceremony. I think the choice is clear… we do the Jimmy Carter and get on with life. 😉

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