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Sherry has been featured before on this blog. These vidcaps are from the same soap on ARY. Sherry has amazing tits and ass, but more importantly, she is willing to flaunt it and that’s why we love her so.

Sherry is shown browsing some shops in the Park Tower Mall when Behroze Sabzwari and some clown in a retarded hat accost her and invite her to go away with them. She accepts and as they are walking out, they run into Resham (who btw looks just awful in clothes) who gives The Evil Eye to our girl Sherry. Turns out she wants the clown to herself. Oh no!.

Resham, armed with her circus makeup and poofy-ass hair makes goo-goo eyes at the clown and he warms up to her. I don’t get it. Here is Sherry, a Grecian beauty of epic proportions and there is Resham, no offence, but old enough to be his mother, fer cryin’ out loud. Pakistani soaps these days are getting into subjects that made Kay Parker famous.

Now we get to the interesting part. Sherry is all heart-broken over losing her clown and she is visiting her mother to use her shoulder to have a good cry on. All very standard procedure. It’s an emotional scene which requires some contortion of the face and drainage of glycerin from the eyes. Naturally, the artist will have to whip herself into a heightened state of emotion. Which, along with the dilation of pupils, raised BP and flushing of the upper chest, involves (and I love this part) hardening of the nipples.

It’s a neat trick. As she walks into the house, all you see is an outline of her strapless demi-bra. It’s just covering the top of her nipples. As she approaches her mother and revs herself up, her nipples start becoming hard and noticeable. After her cry, they are sticking out like bullets from the front of her dress. The left one is the last to recede from the scene.

I think far from being embarrassing, it’s a lovely phenomenon. It’s perfectly natural and oh-so adorable. A nipple, either partially visible, or just poking through a dress is probably one of the most sensual images one can conjour up (you can say that again). In Sherry’s case it reinforces the fact that this a vibrant, sexy woman who really gets into her roles and feels the emotions, instead of sleep-walking through them –like the vast majority. Hooray for her!

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Her name is Neelma Hasan and she is the new host of The Mother’s Show on ARYDigital. She is what you get if you cross Raquel Welch with Susan Lucci. Big, busty hottie with the airs of a diva. After watching her moderating skills, you can tell that her tits had a bigger part to play in her being hired for the show than anything else. And they are not just any old tits. They are large, they are round and they sit tall and proud. In fact, they have more presence and charisma than anything on the set.

I like her style also. She is comfortable showing her beautiful body, unlike other busty celebs on TV, who are constantly re-adjusting their dupattas. Neelma apparently believes in “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”. Good for her. Great for us. 🙂

You can catch her on weekdays, at 8:00PM on ARY Digital channel.

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