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Asma Asim, Celestial Beauty On VIBE TV

A beautiful woman is like a bad fart in a small room; nobody can ignore it for long. You see it everyday. When a sexy girl walks in, life comes to a standstill. All eyes are on duty, hands… later on on deck. Even the self-righteous ones who are faking it. Following are the caps of Asma Asim, hosting a show on VIBE TV on Thursday, May 22nd, 2008.

This petite little girl is gorgeous from head-to-toe. A beautiful mane of luscious dark hair, coiffed to perfection. Features that Ashwairya Rai would give her left gonad for (trust me on that). A smile that lights up a room. A petite frame with wild curves and tits that belong in the Hall of Fame.

Her tits are huge, in comparison with the rest of her delicate body. They are not mutations, but perfectly symmetrical and tear-shaped. Big, round and firm knockers. You don’t see them everyday. They are such ‘bad-asses’ (by which I mean um, good, just checking), that she has brought a bed sheet from home to cover the right one. Maybe she mistakenly subscribes to the theory of too-much-of-a-good-thing. But you never know. We might turn into crazed monkeys on acid, if she had shown both.

Aside from her obvious charms, she has an adorable personality on-screen. She is soft-spoken, charming and gracious. Above all, extremely patient. The two guests she had on, were evil witches from Hades, who kept screeching incoherently and sounded like a pair of kytes on a hot summer day. But she kept smiling, nodding and managed to get the odd word in.

If eyes are a window to our souls, I see a wonderful soul inside a knockout bod here. Hope we see much more of her in the future.

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