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These caps of Asma Iqbal (the reigning Queen of Geo News after the departure of Sana Tariq), dated March 18, 2007 are from a time when she used to work for ATV. There are at least two dozen news channels in Pakistan, each with it’s own stable of news anchors. So why bother taking caps of this particular débutante news anchor ?. After all, there is hardly anything ‘newsworthy’ about her.

It’s obvious. She was (and is) a hottie. Clearly, not as polished and refined, in terms of delivery and deportment, that she exhibits today (on Geo). But this girl had oodles of confidence and charisma, aside from great looks. She also worked hard and stood out.

Even back then, when the channel cut away from her to show a tired pool video of some dumb event, you cursed them. The anchor was providing a more interesting visual to complement the news item, than anything the director could’ve dug-up from his archives. And so it is, today.

The chiseled jawline, the expressive eyes, the pouty lips, the coiffed hair and the confident posture was all there. Looking at her, one could easily see Asma jumping out of her anchor seat and going to shoot for a James Bond action sequel, or be one of the Charlie’s Angels. She’s got the looks, the balls and the intellect to be all and do all that. This chick kicks ass!

When you observe such an awesome combination of beauty, brains and hard work, you naturally want them to succeed and reach for the stars. Wherever she goes, whatever she chooses to do in the future, I hope we are there to cheer for her.

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In these last few months, Asma Iqbal has transformed herself from fairly beautiful to just plain gorgeous. These caps and video of Asma Iqbal are from yesterday, 10th July, 2008. She was looking so cute and delish that it would certainly be a crime not to record it for posterity.

She is wearing a black suit, with a deep V-neck and heavily embroidered lapels. Underneath she’s wearing a white net t-shirt that’s stretched taut over her gorgeous tits.

I don’t know what she has had done, but she looks just amazing. Her alabaster skin has aquired a healthy glow, her eyes sparkle forth like polished garnets and the lips are on loan from Monica Belluci. I don’t think there is a newscaster anywhere in the world right now, who is as pretty and glamorous as Asma (and Sana of course). Geo should release fold-out posters for people to put up these beauties on their walls. Top of the morning to ya!

But Asma is not resting on just her looks. As usual, she is working harder than the rest to give meaning to her words. Like an ace orator, she is constantly attenuating her tone, manner and expression to keep you involved. This variety comes through in the caps, where no one pic, is like the other. News on Geo is now more enthralling than anything it offers on it’s entertainment channel, by far.

Maybe she’s too good, because the world could be coming apart at the seams, but if Asma is on air, you’re not in any hurry to leave for supplies.

Probably it’s just what we need after a long day of clawing through the vagaries of modern day Pakistan. Someone to calm the frayed nerves, soothe the singed soul and refresh the battered body.

An able, confident babe laying it all out in black and white. Here’s a little compilation video of Asma from July 10th, 2008. For more pics click here.

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Asma Iqbal, Back In Black On Geo TV

I was rummaging through my collection and I bumped into these old caps from the the early days when Asma Iqbal had just made her debut on Geo, from Express News. These caps were taken on April 30th, 2008. I also found a couple of caps from her Express News days. It is confirmed. She looks hot in a suit.

Long before Asma Iqbal blossomed into the confident and polished hottie we see on Geo News today, she was always a smart, vivacious beauty that you just could not ignore. She has always had a presence on screen, that leaps out at you.

Having observed news anchors on dozens of private channels and PTV, I can say with some confidence now that Asma works, at least twice as hard, as the rest of them (barring Sana Tariq).

While the rest just sit there with that blank expression and drone out a mono-syllabic stream of facts-n-figures, Asma is 100% involved in her work presentation. With her breadth and multitude of expressions, intonations and gestures, she brings it to life. That’s the kind of dedication she brings to the job and why so many people tune it to watch her.

I hope she is being duly compensated for it. In the west, viewers choose news channels, based in large part on the news anchors, who then rightly command a healthy salary.

With so many news choices available in the market today, giving you pretty much the same information, Pakistanis are also switching to find the best anchor to see and hear their news.

Seeing her in black here, I am reminded of that song, “Mein kala jora paya, teri farmaish te’. The girl in that video (Amna) is cute, but Asma does better justice to the kala jora here.

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Following are the second set of vidcaps of Asma Iqbal, the new anchor over at Geo TV. This particular shade of blue (sapphire) suits her and she looks fresh and sprightly. From the glossy mane of hair to the tips of her long, lovely hands and the manicured nails.

With the addition of Sana and now Asma, Geo has two, top-tier anchors in it’s stable of beauties (Sana Mirza is MIA, I wonder where that lovely beauty disappeared off to). Coincidently, on this particular day, both were doing the news together, clothed in blue, no less. Anybody say clash ?.

When put up together, the slight differences in manner and style become more apparent. Sana, thanks to mother nature, has clearly had a leg-up on the competition. Combined with better access to resources and a willingness to avail those opportunities that came her way, she has turned into a mild-mannered news anchor by day and a gorgeous knockout off-the-air.

Asma Iqbal is actually prettier than Sana Tariq, based on the classic scales of beauty. She may not have been blessed with similar resources (it seems), but she has nonetheless worked hard to get noticed and is finally sitting next to Sana and able to perfectly hold her own. That shows aside from her looks, she’s got guts, man.

Aside from her beauty and charm, Asma works hard at her job. She does not sleep-walk through the news. If you look at these vidcaps, you will notice that Asma goes through 101 expressions combined with an equally varied tone and pitch quality of voice to deliver the news. Try this at home in front of the mirror for just 5 minutes and you will have a headache by the end of it.

It is not easy to be appear interested at a stretch, harder still to be interesting. Most of the time, these girls are delivering either stale, or sad news. To command a surging audience, requires more than just a pretty face. It must be an interesting performance. No easy feat, when you have a desi with dozens of options and an itchy trigger finger. He is more fickle than Coco the chimpanzee. For that Asma and Co. deserve all the credit.

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What do you get when you combine Monica Belluci’s pouty lips, Milla Jovovich’s bone structure and the smoldering eyes of Paz Vega ?. You get Asma Iqbal. She’s not just another pretty face. She, is the whole package. Arguably, more sensible, smarter and faster on her feet than her male counterparts at Geo, who are little better than dead wood (Kamran Khan). The following vidcaps are of Geo’s latest and hottest news anchor to date. Quite a propitious acquisition from the Express News channel.

If those long, dark, perfectly coiffed sexy hair and the shapely round tits remind you of another Geo anchor, Sana Tariq, you are not alone. She could easily pass as the vampy younger sister to the regrettably MIA Geo anchor.

Asma has movie star looks, refined manner and a quite confidence that immediately sets her apart from the rest of the herd (Moo! you herd me right). The first thing that comes to your mind when you see her, is what the heck is she doing on a news channel ?. Actually, that’s the second thing. The first thing is, “F*** me, who the hell is she ?!”.

If life was fair and good to us, Asma would be taking-on roles in movies that have made Monica, Paz and Milla famous and there would be a lot less tension, terror and turmoil in our neck of the woods as a result. Who can think of blowing people up today, when you can look forward to seeing her tomorrow ?. You would have to be nuts…

Imagine her wearing a band-aid in the Pak version of The Fifth Element, or making a go of it as a young war widow in Malena. She could pull it off and she’d be great at it.

She has a petite frame, with gravity-defying round tits that sit defiantly and proudly on her chest. Her kurtas are cut to emphasize their sublime beauty, much like Sana (O’ why has thou forsaken us!). The majesty and perfection of her tits remind me of the golden apples from the movie Hercules.

In that movie, Hercules had to go and get those apples, in order to marry the princess. I remember really wanting to eat those perfect golden apples. Still do. I want! I want! I want!… I need! I need! I need!.

In some pics you can clearly make out the half-cup of the blessed bra, that has been chosen to support the precious cargo. If those points sticking out in the middle are her nipples then they must be just as excited as Asma, to be featuring on Geo TV. And this is without anybody going up and tweaking, pulling, pinching… them. At full mast, they could poke an eye out.

Asma was obliged to wear a t-shirt under a working jacket on Express News. You can tell she’s not used to wearing a dupatta, because when it gets snagged and pulled to the middle, she’s not immediately concerned. It’s a reflex thing. But alas, we are still a long ways away from the anchors at NudeNews.

She may not measure up, up there, but she does remind me of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Aside from sharing similar dark looks, they have this mischievous twinkle in their eyes and emotive facial expressions. Note the way her eyebrows knit together or rise apart, in concern or surprise. The lips purse together in excitement and when she’s happy or amused, that pair of startlingly gorgeous dimples appear across her face. Unlike the stolid and wooden expressions of most newscasters, she is vibrant, dynamic and a-l-i-v-e. And therein lies her charm.

It’s no mystery. Something that’s palpably dangerous, uniquely attractive and clearly unattainable is supremely desirable to any hot-blooded person.

I haven’t seen anchors this pretty and dolled-up, since FoxNews started it’s broadcast in the US. Patty Ann Brown may have large tits, but she would look downright dowdy next to Asma. These Pak girls are prettier, smarter and spunkier than anybody out there and they deserve to rule our hearts and play with our… erm, emotions.

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