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Natasha – An Artsy Look

Following are some of the artsy pics of Natasha.

She is the darling angel of the Pakistani fashion industry. From her classic features to her distinctive deep-throated husky voice she is in her own class. Her bold style puts her at the cutting edge of modeling in our neck of the woods. Long, may be her rein.

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Here are a few vidcaps of Savera Nadeem from the show Spotlight on channel TvOne, hosted by that little kiss-ass metro-sexual Asfar, which aired on Monday, March 3rd, 2008. I was surprised to learn that Savera Nadeem is still single. She hinted that she has a good ‘friend’ who looks after her, but she is in no hurry to get married and settle down just yet.

When pressed, she spoke against societal (read family) pressures that goad one into marriage. She seems to have a strong rebellious streak. Well, if co-habitation is her thang, it’s alright by me.

She seems to have maintained her weight. You can’t cross your legs and sit like that with thunder thighs. A girl has to be real confident about her ass if she thinks she can get away with wearing light colored pants. Her ass seems very spank-able, from where I am sitting.

She confessed that she considers her height a ‘problem’ for her, especially since she has moved to Karachi. In Lahore, where the girls come big and tall, she could blend-in more easily. L’ore –L’ore ay!.

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Atiqa Odho On PTV-Home Drama Serial

In a recent interview on TV, Atiqa Odho said that she felt flattered that young men come on to her and still find her attractive. Looking at her, it’s not hard to see why. She is gorgeous. What Monica Belluci is to Italians, Atiqa Odho is to Pakistanis. A living goddess that oozes sexuality from each pore. She has the curves and more importantly, the nerve to flaunt them and boy, do we want to eat her up!.

Following are some vidcaps from a PTV-Home drama serial. A young man falling for a middle-aged woman. Love at first sight. PTV has certainly come a long way from what it was peddling in the 80’s. It amazes me that we here in Pakistan, are tackling such sticky subjects in the public eye with ease and openness while the west sees us going the Taliban way. What does the Pakistani street make of such themes ?, who knows. But I certainly don’t mind Ms. Odho flaunting her assets for our consumption.

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