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Atiqa Odho does not seem to be in any hurry to relinquish the mantle of the uber Pakistani MILF anytime soon. The following caps are from her new show on Geo TV, “A Conversation With Atiqa” that aired on October 16th, 2008. Here she is interviewing the Pakistani rock band Strings, or so it would seem. But it is actually a ploy for Atiqa to showcase her tantalizing beauty and amazing tits. And you will hardly hear a murmur of displeasure, or dissent out there in the heartland.

Atiqa’s hair is coiffed after the classic pinup hotties of the 50’s and 60’s. The Sophia Lorens, the Gina Lollobrigidas, and the Mae Wests.

Ladies who could rattle briefs and boxers late into their sunset years. Those big flashing eyes, large pouty lips, smooth unblemished skin of the cheek. All that and the nubile aura that she projects at her age is as rare and amazing as the legacy of those legendary sex symbols.

Notice when she crosses her hands, her elbows push her tits together to form a lovely, creamy cleavage. When her hands are at her sides, the pendulous tits fall into perfect tear-drop symmetry, held in check by a make-shift, flowery hammock that’s tied behind her neck.

The contrast in color between the solid black dress and the supportive flowery bib, serves to emphasize the size and shape of the forbidden fruit. Around her neck she is wearing a dangling pendant. It swings back and forth over the cleavage, shaped like a tiny male appendage, marking the spot.

Atiqa’s interviews are not meant to be hard-hitting numbers like Jasmin Manzoor’s (Pulse on Business Plus), or Saima Mohsin’s (Newseye on Dawn News). They are puff pieces, and not the kind with some pastry underneath, like Naeem Bukhari’s (Apna Andaaz on Hum TV).

It’s fluff and fawning, without much homework. Like, when she singled-out the band for being the first Pakistani band whose song had made it to the soundtrack of a major Hollywood blockbuster (Spiderman-2, 2004). Strings had to remind her that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan had actually done that, ten years earlier (Natural Born Killers, 1994).

But really, who cares ?. There are enough fact-finding munshis with bad hairdos out there, madly polluting the air waves with vitriol. There is only one Atiqa Odho. She can sit there on a couch, wearing just a man’s shirt, top three buttons undone, painting her toenails and it’ll be a guaranteed hit show.

For Atiqa, the most paramount question for the band had little to do with the process of coming up with ideas for songs, melodies and compositions. It was about the band groupies. The single and often married women who follow the band around, calling them at home and making themselves ‘available’, away from home.

How has the band dealt with them ?. Do their wives mind all the attention ?. It sounded more like she was shopping for an audition, than looking for their position on the subject. The blushing band members, sputtering out the usual make-believe response, made their positions clear.

It would’ve been enough if Atiqa Odho was just another ravishing beauty. But she is that and an incredible actress. She may not like the band, care for their music, or been following their career. But with just enough empathy and faked sincerity, she seemed to care about them as people and they seemed satisfied with the attention.

And that’s why it works most of the time, because Atiqa steals the show. It rarely matters who her guest is. People tune in to see Atiqa, in all her finery. I bet if you took a poll, Atiqa would be more popular among guys (both young and old), than gals.

Here’s the much awaited video clip from the same show. Enjoy:

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The following caps are of Atiqa Odho, from her show on HumTV, which aired on August 5th, 2008. Atiqa is looking her gorgeous self, as usual. The blond highlights in her dyed hair go well with the warm tones she has chosen to paint her face with. Notice the lips. She could have smeared them with a crimson paint brush, but she chose a subtle beige color that complements the whole ensemble. The girl has launched an entire line of make-up products, so she must know a thing or two about the art of getting gussied up.

You will notice that she is wearing a thin, diaphanous, camouflage-print top, through which one can plainly see the black shameez, that has a wide, plunging neckline, exposing a fair bit of creamy Odho cleavage.

You can extrapolate the dimensions of her tits by observing that her cleavage at the top is in line with her armpits, and at the bottom, with about the crook of her elbow. Which means, her tits are almost as long as her humerus, if allowed to hang free. That’s mammoth.

Her physical proportions are so overwhelming that one can easily forget how good of an actress she really is. In the course of a few minutes, as observed through these caps, she goes through a motley of emotions. A different Odho, for every occasion. I caught the surprised, the annoyed, the aggrieved, the pleasant, the aghast, the suspicious, the spurned and the alarmed. Yall can take it from here.

Atiqa’s charming, disarming and engaging personality plays so well on the screen that just about everyone can relate to her. She is the ‘hot’ auntie that every young Turk has had a mad crush on. If Atiqa could get royalties from all the movies she has starred in, which continue to ply in desi bedrooms all over the world, she would be richer than Richard Branson.

The thing with see-through subjects is that you are never quite sure of what to expect when the veil is lifted. You can make an educated guess, but that is subjective. Though ironically, it is best, since we are limited only to the extent of our imagination.

I have done a little bit of (wishful) research and this is what I think (hope) her tits look in person. Something like this, that and another. I tried to stay within reason and not go for jugs like The Hindenburg. Although, she most resembles Erica Campbell, I thought her tits didn’t do Atiqa justice.

Cleavage is in, in a big way, in Pakistan these days. From daily newspapers, local magazines to fashion designers, everybody is pushing and advocating a bit of cleavage for everyone. While that’s going on, you open any news channel and you think you are in hell. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

There is about 3-4″ of pure cleavage on display here. I have taken the liberty to blow up (300%) the relevant section for close inspection. When large tits are strapped into an underwire bra, what you end up with is a yummy cleavage: Two mounds of warm throbbing tit-flesh, dusted lightly with a perfumed talc, or a smear of Shalimar (Chanel 5 ?), made to crash into one another and then lifted, upwards and outwards, until they form a jiggling ridge of living flesh.

In a continuing testament to evolution, man has been able to separate form from… function. A necessary, albeit, a regrettable compromise.

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Following are the caps of Atiqa Odho, from her new show “Atiqa O”, on HumTV. She is also hosting a children’s show on another channel where certain (connected ?) children are recognized for their distinguishing abilities or achievements.

In this particular show however, Atiqa O, she is playing herself. A career woman who is plowing through her glamorous and eventful life in the showbiz industry. That’s her story, mine is a little different.

I see a delicious milf, laden with the fruits of ripe womanhood, armed with all the weapons of feminine charm who is out to conquer, subdue and use young meat (that’d be you and me) for her darkest pleasures. If that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

In this particular show, a horny old git masquerading as a businessman and his slippery, scheming assistant plan to lure Atiqa to Dubai, where he hopes to get her in bed, by showering her with the promise of a role in a movie, money and gifts.

At first, Atiqa falls for it and takes their money, but later realizes something’s amiss and sets a trap for them. They arrive at her home and are ambushed by law enforcers who give them the traditional thrashing before taking them in. OK, so It’s not a reality show. It’s all done tongue-in-cheek.

The only thing interesting for me, was how, Atiqa managed to cleverly slip in a toy-boy into the plot. She is sitting with the horny businessman at her house, when in walks a tall Adonis (did I mention he was half her age ?, just ignore me). The guy is all smiles and looks at Atiqa hungrily, as if she were a chicken roll. Atiqa responds by batting her eyelashes appreciatively. I’ve seen that look before. It’s the morning after look, when she’s gotten it good.

The businessman looks worried and his PA asks if he is her son. To which Atiqa takes immediate umbrage and explains to him that he’s her ‘brother’ *wink-wink* *nod-nod*. Yea, rite! lady. Nobody’s buying it. The guy struts around, as if he was doing a runway show, and then steps out of the scene.

There was absolutely no need, as far as the plot was concerned, to put this guy in… unless, she wanted to reinforce her preference for young men. This girl wants it bad and the message is getting across loud and clear, since she has become one of the most sought after MILFs in Pakistan.

Besides, the show is just a vehicle to show-off Ms. Odho’s obvious charms. The caps of her with a newspaper are quite delicious, while her cleavage shots in the mustard dress are a good sign of things to come, down the line. We hope.

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These days Atiqa Odho is fluttering around from one show to another to promote her up-n-cumming show Atiqa O (the ‘O’ I presume, is for orgasms). These vidcaps are from the Morning Show on Hum TV with Ghazal on 31st March, 2008.

As always she steered the conversation to her favorite topic, ie; middle-aged women are sexy and appealing. They should dress to highlight their assets. She told Ghazal that she did not believe that middle-aged women should start hiding their faces in dupattas and wearing loose clothes to hide their beautiful figures.

Atiqa is not only aware of her sexuality but is so generous of spirit that she wishes to spread the love around. Like most women, she wants acknowledgment. But unlike many, she is confident, courageous and honest enought to admit it. And want it.

And if her past choices are any indication, she prefers young meat and has defended the right of older women to go for younger guys. Now how hot is that ?.

Her awesome figure and uninhibited inclinations bode well for those millions of young throbbing Pakistanis who pine for pretty and curvaceous MILFs like her.

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