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Shabana Maniar, “Sheer” Excess

The word Sirens in the title of this blog is not a reference to the horn that you find on top of an ambulance, or a police mobile. It is referring to the Sirens from Greek mythology. Yeah, I know you knew that. It’s for the guy next to you.

Sirens were water nymphs, part women, part fish (part bird). They sat near the water’s edge and lured in sailors from the high seas with their bewitching songs. The music they made would prove irresistible for the men, who would try to make it to shore without caring for their safety, often with disastrous results.

In other words, these Sirens would turn them into those guys you see, standing outside of girl’s colleges, disregarding the stick of the chowkidar that will eventually hurt them. No, not in that way! Oh, come on!.

I had to go into all this detail so that I could justify adding Shabana Maniar to this blog.

At first glance, Shabana is a thirty-something housewife with frayed nerves (read: multiple kids), worn hands and neglected nails. At one time she was a fair colored maiden, hounded by men. But in a few years, she will bear an uncanny resemblance to Grandpa Munster. Despite all that, she fits the bill of a Siren, the temptress.

Shabana is the host of the new show “Bila-Takalluf” on Metro-One. On this evening she had on Mrs. Hameed, a veteran of a marriage bureau who looked entirely drained (Grandpa is up to his old tricks). Now lets get down to business. Two things; one her dress and the other, is what happened to it.

She’s wearing a multi-layered outfit that is all the rage these days. These dresses usually have an expansive outer, diaphanous shell that is worn over a more risqué’ number inside.

This particular dress has a sleeveless fuchsia colored shameez inside, with a scoop-neckline that is a foot deep. Any lower and you would have struck water. The outer shell is a sheer, in pink leopard print. The object of this design, as far as I can make it, is to draw and focus your attention on her cleavage. The sheer material is there to tease and tantalize. The low neck camisole inside, is the Siren’s Call.

This dress does for boobs, what fishnet stockings do for legs.

Then something happened that would up-the-ante. It was a wardrobe malfunction… or so I guess. Her neckline was caught on some lacy bit on her bra cup and stayed stuck there for the duration of the show. So in addition to all of that cleavage, half of her bra was also on display, behind a sheet of sheer leopard.

If she knew about it, she certainly didn’t seem to care. In fact, as you can see in the video, whenever her dupatta fell down from around her neck, she would immediately gather it and push it back up, making sure nothing got between us and her funky stylings.

This sort of sly, tongue-in-cheek exhibitionism is now rampant in our society. It transcends all social and economic strata. On the street women from all walks of life are wearing sheer, barely-there lawns with deep scoop necklines, front and back, which leave little to the imagination. Sometimes you may even feel like walking-up to one and telling them that they really must retire their faded, frayed bra with the missing snap-hook in the back.

This liberal trend of “saaf chuptay bhee nahi, saamnay aatey bhee nahin” dresses, also represents a clear shift in public attitudes. The stylish dress behind the diaphanous veil and the flashy lingerie worn inside sheer shirts, are all living aspirations biding their time, waiting to be realized. Women want (and some say, need) to feel attractive, sexy and desirable. However hard we have made it for them, to express their feminity and sexuality, they seem to have figured-out ways around it.

Like the sheer stuff, but showing-off lingerie is a bit tacky. But we’ll take it.

Here is the accompanying video.

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Following are the caps of Maha, modeling the clothes of the designer Maheen Karim on the ramp, on FTV. You don’t get it right away. It takes a couple of passes by the model, before it sinks in and you begin to assess the design implications of this particular dress.

You see, from afar Maha is seen to be sporting a fairly modest black dress that falls nearly down to her ankles. It’s only when she closes in that you realize that her dress is designed to cover only her shoulders and upper chest. From the top of her bra cups on down, the dress is basically cut into a diaphanous sheath with a hand-painted flowery motif on the front and back to provide an illusion of cover. When in fact, the material sheer enough to allow a full, clear view of the entire bra cups and the robust, bulging cleavage strapped in their midst.

The statuesque Maha, besides boasting a toned tummy and lean legs, is also blessed with a splendid pair of round, firm tits. When they are herded together inside an underwire bra, they naturally bulge out the sides into a delicious cleavage which is framed to max. effect in this dress.

To add further spice the bulbous head of the long printed flower is drawn between the cleavage. With each vertical movement you expect it to eventually bloom and spill it’s seed all over the place, while the audience will follow later, in spurts and splatters.

And it does not end here. Carrying off such an exotic look has apparently aroused the ravishing Maha, who is nipping. The area of concern has been blown-up for your appraisal. Her proud left nubbin along with her puffy areola situated in the center, is quite unmistakable even without enhanced resolution. While tantric gurus will waste little time in locating it’s mate on the right (just above the rounded leaf, shaped like a fist).

Here is the accompanying video. It’s short and abrupt. Even the cameraman shied away from focusing on the interesting aspect of this dress, which is a shame really. If such dresses are popularized and adopted, we can look forward to bumper crops all over Pakistan. And I am not just talking Tulips here.

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These vidcaps are of a yet-to-be-identified nubile actress (if you know who she is, don’t sit on it bub) that appeared on a soap that aired on Wednesday evening, May 14th, 2008 on AAJ TV. She is an exceptional beauty with classic eastern features and a seemingly non-compromised innocence that just does not compare with any western skank.

She is portraying a lower middle-class girl who has just received a love letter from her beau and hurriedly hides it away, but not before her sister catches her in the act. She takes her into confidence and then they decide to take-off somewhere (where they clearly aren’t supposed to), by bluffing their way past their grouchy, hag-of-a mother.

It seemed like another tale of ‘zalim samaaj’ and unfulfilled love. So what new. What’s new, is this fresh and dreamy babe. Whose delicate lips are like a budding flower going into full bloom. Whose eyes you could get lost in and never wanna find your way out of. Whose ruddy cheeks are like gossamer silk, or fluffy clouds that one is want to touch, but afraid to muss. Whose pear-shaped young body is hiding a thousand and one mysteries that only the right key will be able to unlock.

You cannot help, but be in awe of such loveliness. Such promise.

But the reason why she made it to PakiKaki is because in addition to being utterly adorable, she has something that is quite rare. It is as rare as a twelve inch schlong (yeah, we already know about yours). There are more recorded sightings of UFO’s and Aliens than this particular phenomenon. I am talking about puffy nipples.

This young lady has certifiable puffy nipples and we have the vidcaps for you. In more than a couple of caps, you can clearly make out three inch wide raised areolas with a nipple in the middle. Her areolas are about half the size of her tits, which is just amazing. Now her tits are not that large, but with such glorious nipples they are automatically catapulted into the Hall of Fame.

A frightfully large number of girls grumble about the perceived (small) size of their tits. There was a documentary on BBC last week about 14 year old girls going under the knife (with their mother’s consent no less) just to get to one cup-size higher. That is just insane. Unless somebody has an udder fetish, a pair of sensitive/large/interesting nipples are just as (if not more) adorable as a huge boob. Big boobs will eventually sag, but a well-loved nipple is forever. I know a lot of big-mouth desis, but I haven’t seen one yet that could take a whole B-cup in his mouth (I want pictures OK). Nipples rule!

Rock, Paper, Scissors. Great nipples beat freaky-sized tits any day. Puffy nipples… beat all. Unless of course you have big tits, with puffy nipples. Well that just screws up my whole system then.

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These vidcaps of Savera Nadeem are from a soap that aired on 27th July, 2007 on Geo TV. The sunlight filtering through the window, catches her sublime form just right, to render her lawn kurta and dupatta functionally defunct. That’s another way of saying her kurta is transparent. She might as well be standing there, wearing just that white bra.

This is hardly a rare phenomenon. It is witnessed several times a day, by your average Pakistani. Not since the veiled concubines of the Ottoman Empire, who made diaphanous tops famous, have we seen a more tantalizing and titillating display of the female form. The Pakistani babe in a lawn suit, on a summer ‘s day.

Once, as I was driving towards the McDonald’s drive-thru, a woman clad in a yellow print lawn dress crossed the road in front. The setting sun did a magical number and it was, as if, she was standing there in nothing but a white bra and panties before me. As clear as day, I tell you.

I am sure they all know perfectly well what they are doing to male pulses (that too) out there. She could have easily made me drive into the Arabian Sea, instead of getting a burger. But I am not complaining. Ask the guys sitting and strutting about in the mall, or stumbling and bumping into smelly strangers at the Sunday Bazaar. They are not complaining. Attendance in mosques has never been higher. Gul Ahmed is making record profits. Coincidence ?, I think not.

But all these Pakistani women walking down the street, or up an aisle, aren’t the living incarnation of Diana, the Hunter goddess, like our Savera Nadeem. You can see the way she carries herself. Her head held high, the shoulders squared-up and tits out. She is confident, she means business. She is woman… hear us moan.

She looks nice with her hair like that, falling around her face in a bob-cut. She reminds me of an Egyptian princess, like Elizabeth Taylor from the movie Cleopatra. The dark hair frames her elegant face nicely.

You know in real life, if your wife looked like that in the morning, you wouldn’t be asking for a cup of tea. You would be jumping her bones and arrive at work looking and feeling like Rasool Baksh Palejo.

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Following are vidcaps of the amazing Sherri from a soap running currently on ARY Digital. Amazing, because she has it going on, on all fronts. It’s not just her astounding tits and bubble butt, but she is also tall, well-proportioned, with a lovely face and gorgeous hair. She is THE thing, mister man.

Dolly Parton complains, tongue-in-cheek of course, that nobody pays attention to her face, once they’ve had a look at her huge knockers. If that was a problem (which it isn’t for Dolly since she eats up that kinda attention), you certainly would have to commiserate with this girl, because her tits are so much more attractive than Dolly’s freak-show titties.

In these vidcaps Sherri is wearing a thin sleeveless t-shirt with a demi-bra underneath. These bras have half-cups, which means they leave half of the tit exposed. The bra she’s wearing is particularly tiny, practically akin to wearing a string bikini top. You can clearly make out the round meaty curves of her delicious cleavage.

A girl will spend hours checking her profile, this way and that way, stepping out of at least half-a-dozen clothes, before she decides to step out in public. Sherri has decided to put her best feature, her billowing tits, before us and by George! we appreciate it. Before TV and blogs we would have only gotten to hear of her beautiful boobs through poetry and song, like in the case of Heer and Sassi. Now those old girls must have had equally bewitching racks for those poor guys to go nuts.

She has arched eyebrows, large eyes and heart-shaped lips which doesn’t hurt either.

She is also blessed with a round bubble butt. I have been noticing that more and more desi girls have such nice butts, which you wouldn’t have known ten years ago, when they were hidden in several layers of clothing. They are the sort that would fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. You don’t find so many nice ones, even in a mall abroad.

I feel the pain of those bros who live in the hinterland, where such sights are hard to come by. I read somewhere that a big round butt sends out subliminal messages of fertility and immediate procreation in the male species. It’s hardwired into our psyche by nature. We probably inherited it from those damn baboons who are always looking for nookie. These signals have however been curbed through hundreds of years of cultural conditioning… just barely I say.

So now that desi girls from the land of the pure are flaunting their assets, we are allowed to entertain all manner of impure thoughts. It’s either that, or we jump on the first butt we find irresistable. I have cut out the part where we talk to the tits, take the butt out on dates and get married to it, because the average male thinks about sex every 6 seconds and there ain’t time for all that romance and ceremony. I think the choice is clear… we do the Jimmy Carter and get on with life. 😉

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Neelma Hasan, Brown Padded Goodness

It is easy to discount Neelma Hasan and say she’s just tits and that’s all. But it would be grossly unfair to this beauty. Just observe the oval face, the high cheekbones, big dreamy eyes, the large heart-shaped lips all sitting pretty on a long slender neck. All that is associated with blue-blooded beauties. These are things she was blessed with, at birth. Her eagerness to flaunt her bodacious bod, is just icing on the cake for us.

These vidcaps have been shared by brother jaff, who’s also a fan. He claims he can see her nipping here, but try as I might, I couldn’t find it. Maybe one of you guys/gals can clue us in. All I see is precious cargo, carefully packed inside a well-padded bra. It would have to be one sneaky nipple to escape that.

Some say that you can tell the color and size of her nipples by her lips. If that’s true, then I am guessing large brown-colored nips for our Neelma. Hubba! hubba!

Nature is so good to us, right from the word go. It provides us the most comfortable and beautiful pillows to lay our heads on, while we gorge on our milk. Babies are such lucky ba*tards.

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Have you ever seen a white gulab jaman ?. Have you ever eaten a fresh, hot gulab jaman. The kind that melts in your mouth, making you all warm and tingly on it’s way down. If you haven’t, here is one that will do the same trick.

She, is the gulab jaman…er, model for singer Zulf Ali’s song Must Jawani on the Sindhi Kashish channel.

The video is shot under the rain and combined with the barely there dress of the model, she might as well have not bothered to wear any. In fact, the wet see-through dress makes it 100 times more salacious than had she been dancing nekkid. You can’t help but bear witness to the black bra and matching panties underneath the cherry and lime dress.

Under the unrelenting rain, the glistening flesh under the high slit kurti is tempting and taunting at the same time. You had better have had your lunch or dinner before seeing her in action, because you might be tempted to bite her through the screen of your TV.

The theme of the song and the choreography make no bones about what they’re selling. Pure, unadulterated lust. Sindhi is not a requirement to enjoy this song. Just a ticking ticker will do the trick.

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