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You can have the prettiest tits, but if the nipples aren’t out-standing, it’s just a large glob of flesh. Nipples are to tits, what faces are to bodies, what engines are to trains. They impart character, meaning and personality. There is no particular standard for nipples. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes and that’s what makes them interesting. Each is unique. But the ones that standout, standout. Like an American at a Japanese funeral.

I, myself, am partial towards big, rubbery, nubbins. The kind that can poke an eye out. That get hard with the gentle passing of a cool breeze, on a summer day. The kind you can shake hands with. The unrelenting, piercing tips that penetrate an under wire bra and a lawn kurta –to say hello.

But to each his own.

Here is Mehreen Raheel, one of the cutest new faces on the modeling circuit. She has just started appearing in some drama serials as well. She is so beautiful, she will give you a toothache. She is blessed with an amazing bod, but even more appealing is her fresh, sexy and adorable personality on-screen. Here she is featured on FTV, laying on the couch, after her big night out and she’s… nipping. It’s the sort of spaghetti strap, cocktail dress that does not really allow for a bra. Her nipples are centered, round and oh-so-perky. Just gorgeous, like the rest of her. Bon Appetit.

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