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These caps are of the Pakistani supermodel Natasha Hussain, from a ramp shoot, on Style360. She is wearing a lacy, minty green camisole with a flowing creamy miniskirt and matching french cut lacy panties underneath. A delectable combination from the mascot of Pakikaki.

The camisole top is loose and flowing, with spaghetti straps. It is cut deep and wide in the front, allowing us to bathe in her sublime beauty. The top does not allow for a bra to be worn with it. You could wear it, but it would mar the whole effect and far be it for our Natty to be a part of such a fashion faux pas. The result, clear and present nipping. One of the most alluring and stimulating visions known to mankind.

I am amazed at how utterly exquisite her tits are. They are perfectly round and symmetrical, with the firmness reserved for girls in their teens. The nipples are firmly centered and perky. The french saying about the most perfect tit, one which can completely fill a champagne glass, seems to hold true for Natasha’s pair.

The fact that she is a milf, only adds further sensuality to the mix. This is a tried and trusted pair, completing the tryst with mother nature and making her sex appeal all the more comprehensive. It’s easy to get carried away and forget that she has also maintained an hourglass figure, with not an ounce of extra fat anywhere and a clear, smooth and healthy skin to boot.

I like her style, elegance and of course her hot little figure. She frequently hosts red carpet events and has always conducted herself with great poise and grace. Looking forward to more of the same from her.

Here’s the accompanying video. Enjoy.

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Tehreem Zuberi is a sweetheart. She is currently appearing as the host of the PTV morning show “Rise & Shine”, along with hosting a cooking show “Master Chef” on ARY and as a sidekick to Apa Zubaida on one of her many cooking shows on air today. When someone is spending that much face time on air, you eventually get a feel for that person.

If one was expecting the diva from the bhangra video, or the star of many drama serials and lollywood movies to turn up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Tehreem is not an airhead or a diva, given to flights of fancy and temper tantrums, besotted with affected accents and airs like the Meeras and the Nirmas. She comes across as someone quite normal and grounded. A working girl with a progressive outlook, yet one who is keenly mindful of traditional values with the guts to uphold them against the popular tide. That’s called character, a trait which is fast losing appeal among the masses.

One of the banes of morning shows today are the waves of palmists, numerologists, astrologers, etc inflicting themselves upon a weary nation. With the prevailing insecurity and resulting helplessness paralyzing the public, these shysters are making out like bandits. When one tried to make too much of his own abilities, Tehreem was quick to put it into context, albeit in a tactful manner. The numerologist was left grinding his teeth on the set.

In our part of the world, a beautiful female is either put on a pedestal or thrown into the gutter. Both domiciles of comparable contempt and servitude to a male, who is largely ignorant and thus deathly afraid of her sexuality. Women like Tehreem are increasingly a dilemma for the neandrathal, who has yet to make room for the beautiful (desirable), talented (threatening) and wise (worthy of respect) woman around him.

Here, we can escape these quandaries and merely contemplate the beautiful and sexy Tehreem. These caps are from her Lollywood feature Pyar Hee Pyar Main. The song is, Tum Meray Ho.

She is a tall, fair Aphrodite with long silken tresses and beguiling curves. Add charm, charisma and a real personality and you have a winning combination. Clearly, there is no dearth of beauty and talent in our fair land. Only proper forums and springboards to unleash them upon the world.

Here’s the accompanying video.

Notice she is wearing clunky black basketball shoes underneath her saris in part of the dance sequence. She is clomping around the countryside, like the Frankenstein monster. What was the director thinking ?. Anyway, maybe you didn’t even notice.

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It is amazing how our screens today are littered with world-class beauties that, by and large, go unappreciated. Take this gorgeous girl for example. A mass of curly raven hair, atop a ravishing figure, no less appealing than a star of yore. She is currently the side-kick to the reigning queen of totkas on tv, Apa Zubaida. These caps are from their show on Tv-One, dated August 16th, 2008.

The brunette with the beauty and grace of Rita Hayworth adds color and life to a show which without her, would frankly be as interesting as watching grass grow. But Apa Zubaida, the quak, clearly seems to think that she is the real star of the show and people tune-in to hear folksy remedies for allergies (take showers with mustard), weight loss (drink louki-ka-juice), etc. Which is, of course, plain nuts.

So it takes a certain temperament to tolerate Apa’s incredulous totkas, while maintaining a calm exterior and not bursting out in fits of uncontrollable laughter, everytime Apa tells somebody, with a straight face, to stick a clove of kalonji up their ass for bad breath. Apa reminds me of a radio talk-show guest abroad. He claimed to be a Master Gardner and he would dole-out advice like putting Coca Cola, or bleach into your flower gardens. That might have been sound advice, but it still sounded over-the-top. Just like Apa.

But enough about Apa, this is all about her helper here. I wish I had a name to go with those perfectly round, firm, shapely tits. These splendid orbs, restrained by a hearty bra, but still refusing to submit and are jutting out the sides in a clear rebellion. Her beauty is further enhanced by her poise and regal demeanor on screen. She stands there, unfettered and unfazed by the stream of confused, demented callers who would make a monk snap. That clearly reflects a sound background and firm moorings.

This girl is pretty, well proportioned and polished. She could be in the movies. She should be in movies. A suitable platform to project and properly broadcast her talents and charisma. She is already a star. It’s just that enough people don’t know it yet. Here is the accompanying video of hers from the same show.

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I can now die a happy man, after having captured this clip of Natasha Hussain on FTV. The caps from this appearance had been posted in an earlier post. But nothing beats a moving picture of loveliness, that is our Natty. She is modeling Shirin Hassan design(s) here.

This girl is the epitome of style, elgance, grace and maha sexiness. Truly one in a million.

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The following are vidcaps from the showing of Rizwan Beyg (how pretentious can you get when you have to spell your name like that ?) new line on FTV Pakistan, dated 26th December, 2007. In them are starring the titillating duo of Maha and Mehak.

Are these two sisters ?, I don’t know. But if you cover their heads with a brown paper bag, they certainly look like sisters from the neck down. Both are amazonian goddesses with big, round tits.

They remind me of that song from The Commodores:

She’s a brick—-house!
Mighty mighty! just lettin’ it all hang out
She’s a brick—-house!
The lady’s stacked and that’s a fact,
Ain’t holding nothing back.

What happens when you combine two great pair of desi tits together ?. You get Maha Mammay. I have to confess I have never gotten too comfortable with that word “Mammay” for tits.

Maybe because the word is too close to “Mummy” and one can get into awful hot water, not to mention real screwed-up (and since when did that stop any horndog desi ?) if one was not careful. Those Oedipal connotations could be confusing.

The white bra that Mehak is wearing, is supposed to be a blouse that goes with her sari. That ‘blouse’ is hiding less than if she wore a regular bra. Can you imagine if MILFs started wearing these creations for real at desi functions like dholkis and mehndis ?. All those bouncing, sweaty, saNwali cleavages could lead to only one thing: after the aunties put their kids to bed, wild orgies all night.

Think of the possibilities. It could do wonders for our gene pool. Check out the muscular definition on Mehak’s back, while at the same time she’s sporting the most delicious looking tummy that one can feast on for days. You can’t go into a gym, train and get a hot body like her’s. This is just nature’s gift to her fans.

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It is hard to believe that such sheer loveliness has come to reside on Pakistani TV. Mathira (The Yogi) is par excellence. An Aphrodite who can contort her delectable body into impossible positions.

Mathira is not the rake-thin, miserable looking things you see sporting designer duds at malls. She is how nature intended a woman’s body to look like. Soft, supple, curvy, healthy, glowing and strong. In short, the sort of body that makes a man salivate.

With Mathira, there is no mistaking of her being a woman. Big round tits, gorgeous curvy hips, a tight round butt and long lean legs. being a Yogi, you know she can put all that to good use.

The belly is rightly one of the sexiest parts of a woman. While some folks go for the flat-as-a-board type that can be played like a percussion drum, I myself am a fan of the slightly rounded, soft-as-a-bunny tummy. The sort that can be cupped, caressed and sucked upon. Mathira has the most delish looking tummy imaginable and we’re all fortunate enough to bear witness to it.

She is so graceful and poised. Like poetry in motion. I guess it’s all those hours of maintaining Yoga positions. Speaking of Yoga, I have read that Sting (formerly of the band POLICE) practices a sort of meditative Yoga position wherein he can maintain an erection and extend his orgasm for several hours. While Trudy, his wife, has that silly grin pasted on her face, the poor SOB has lost all his damn hair.

Women have such beautiful bodies. Nature has been good to them, if only they would take care of themselves, like Mathira here. No wonder there is no danger in the foreseeable future of the extinction of mankind. Men can’t keep their hands to themselves.

“Spank me! spank me!…” that’s all I can hear.

Such an elegant and well-proportionate beauty.

Now I know why Agamemnon sailed with 1000 ships to bring Helen back from Troy. She must’ve had thighs like these, man.

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