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Statuesque. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at Maha. A perfectly proportioned, Amazon Class, chiseled hard body. The only time you get to see such gorgeous and generous feminine proportions is either at an Olympic swim meet, or at a sand volleyball game between Brazil and one of those other teams.

I don’t know what you have to do, to get her way, aside from obviously inheriting great genes. To attain that perfect skin, tone and rosy complexion you would probably have to eat right, exercise, visit spas, meet trainers, keep beauticians and get-off every night. While we don’t like to publicly acknowledge it in the land of the pure, that last bit usually does wonders for one’s appearance and attitude.

Maha is in fabulous physical condition at this shoot. Not an ounce of extra fat anywhere. The quality of muscle tone indicates that it’s been achieved through regular, vigorous movement and not on a starvation diet.

As role models and fashion icons, supermodel’s like Maha have a responsibility to put their best foot forward. Being out there in the public eye, one of their primary roles is to set standards for fashion and fitness.

Back when Anjuman and Rani ruled the roost, girls went around wearing potato sacks (they called them Afghani kurtas) and perhaps for good reason. But today, desi girls come in fitted kurtis and tight jeans and they look phat.

The emphasis should be on physical fitness. Not necessarily weight, girth or conjuring-up ways to deny yourself. There are plenty of examples of large(r) women, with beguiling curves who continue to command a huge fan following in Pakistan. In their case, proportion trumps portion.

What I find really sensual in this particular shoot is Maha’s midriff. The way her tiny waist flares into strong, rounded hips is nothing short of spectacular. The flat, taut belly looks like it was carved out of Carrara marble by Michaelangelo, while the cute ‘innie’ belly-button is a treat for any connoisseur. You couldn’t draw a more sexier figure on paper and there isn’t one quite like this, on Google. Yes, I cheched.

Maha is not just a pretty face and a sexy body. The way she takes over the ramp, walking tall, shoulders back, chest out, a deliberate stride and maintaining eye-contact… the girl exudes confidence and that is the ultimate turn-on.

I would give the nail on my right pinkie finger to see Maha in a bikini. A teeny Wicked Weasel. I am sure she would look just as lovely, as Kylie Bax, Karolina Kurkova or a Heidi Klume.

Maha comes across so strong, determined and aggressive. One is afraid to picture her in bed. She could toss you around like a melon, pull you apart like a Kino and swallow you up like a banana.

Or you could play the home version of “Taliban-Taliban”. Each takes turn spanking the other. Then, one yanks on the cord while the other pushes the button until you blow each other up. Rinse and repeat.

Click here for the complete set of caps from this shoot.

The following is a video from the same shoot. The incredible Maha.

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Following are the caps of Maha, modeling the clothes of the designer Maheen Karim on the ramp, on FTV. You don’t get it right away. It takes a couple of passes by the model, before it sinks in and you begin to assess the design implications of this particular dress.

You see, from afar Maha is seen to be sporting a fairly modest black dress that falls nearly down to her ankles. It’s only when she closes in that you realize that her dress is designed to cover only her shoulders and upper chest. From the top of her bra cups on down, the dress is basically cut into a diaphanous sheath with a hand-painted flowery motif on the front and back to provide an illusion of cover. When in fact, the material sheer enough to allow a full, clear view of the entire bra cups and the robust, bulging cleavage strapped in their midst.

The statuesque Maha, besides boasting a toned tummy and lean legs, is also blessed with a splendid pair of round, firm tits. When they are herded together inside an underwire bra, they naturally bulge out the sides into a delicious cleavage which is framed to max. effect in this dress.

To add further spice the bulbous head of the long printed flower is drawn between the cleavage. With each vertical movement you expect it to eventually bloom and spill it’s seed all over the place, while the audience will follow later, in spurts and splatters.

And it does not end here. Carrying off such an exotic look has apparently aroused the ravishing Maha, who is nipping. The area of concern has been blown-up for your appraisal. Her proud left nubbin along with her puffy areola situated in the center, is quite unmistakable even without enhanced resolution. While tantric gurus will waste little time in locating it’s mate on the right (just above the rounded leaf, shaped like a fist).

Here is the accompanying video. It’s short and abrupt. Even the cameraman shied away from focusing on the interesting aspect of this dress, which is a shame really. If such dresses are popularized and adopted, we can look forward to bumper crops all over Pakistan. And I am not just talking Tulips here.

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Maha, Caught Nipping On The Ramp, On FTV

Following are the caps of Pakistani supermodel Maha, modeling clothes on the runway for the designer Nadya Mistry on FTV that aired on April 19th, 2008. The Amazon Class, statuesque Maha is seen wearing a silky blue halter top over a matching wrap-around skirt, leaving most of her upper torso bare.

The sheer material of the halter-top appears to have been augmented with sown-in cups, but the designer did not count on flash photography winning the day for us. The results of modern-day flash photography are similar to how Forest Gump’s mother had philosophized the meaning of ‘life’ to him. “[it’s] like a box of chocolates. You never know whachu gonna get”. Sometimes you get thongs, sometimes bras. But on special occasions you hit the jackpot with nipples and other scandalous stuff.

I never thought we, in Pakistan, would be at the receiving end of such high drama, so soon into the rehab. The (supposedly) unwitting flash of nips continues to be cause for much celebration in places where people go around without a stitch of clothing in public. I think it’s got something to do with the innate thrill of voyeurism: the pleasure from the forbidden fruit, taken on the sly. Maybe that’s why they say; “Stolen kisses and wine, taste the sweetest”.

You can observe the nubbins of Maha’s hard crinkly nipples in the profile shots, where they are trying to push through the thin material. Whereas in portrait shots (facing forward), the matching round silhouettes, the size of a Rs. 5 coin, give away their dimensions. To have made their presence felt, on a 3 dimensional scale, through two layers of clothing, is nothing short of a miracle.

Nothing better than to see a beautiful woman, in her prime, flaunting what she’s got. I am proud that we have such strong, sexy, sensual women ‘representing’. Of course, if I had my way, we would see Maha strutting down the runway in shiny black thigh-highs, with matching hot-shorts. Let’s take a few seconds and contemplate that beautiful thought. For now, I’ll settle for these rebellious nips.

The last two caps have been blown-up to better illustrate the finer points (pun intended). Maha is a sexy, sultry Amazon beauty good enough to eat with a spoon. With her long caramel legs, the creamy alabaster abs and the perfect scoops of firm round tits topped with delicious raspberries –all under an umbrella of a swirling mane of raven hair– makes her an irresistible treat.

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She is the mascot of this blog. The beautiful, the ravishing Natasha Hussain at the red carpet of the annual Spring Ball, sponsored by Telenor. She is being interviewed before she goes and cavorts with the crowd inside. There was a dance floor in the middle of this huge tent, where desi wannabees (dressed like the party Tom Cruise crashes, in the movie Eyes Wide Shut) tried to dance (self-consciously) and made everybody else feel icky and nauseous.

Natasha is wearing a clingy, metallic, spaghetti strap dress with a scoop neckline that gracefully exposes a fair bit of cleavage and traces her lovely contours. She appears to be wearing one of those transparent bras, with opaque cups.

Her tear-drop shaped tits lay lazily inside the generous confines of the dress. There was some bobble to the boob, indicating some, but not a great deal of constriction. That’s precisely what this dress demanded and this beauty provided.

If you look carefully (pics 006, 010), you can make out the cups and the faint hint of round, silver dollar sized areolae with nipples. The size, shape and location of her nipples appear similar to those of the Czech supermodel she most resembles, Paulina Porizkova. They are sublime, like the rest of her.

What separates Natty from other pretty and hard body models, is her grace and style. There are many who could wear this dress, but only she can carry it. Her body not only fills these dresses, but fulfills the promise associated with them.

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Following are the caps of the supermodel Neeha Ahmed, who is modeling the clothes designed by Sobia Nazir (who’s a hot little number in her own right). They were taken on 21st March, 2008 on FTV.

It is fairly obvious that Neeha is not wearing a bra for these particular pictures. Her tits remind me of Carmen Electra’s. Maybe because they are so round and perfect. Only Neeha’s tits look this great without having had a boob job! I don’t know exactly what Sobia had in mind, when she came up with these Somalian… wraps (?), but nevertheless, Neeha looks more appetizing than the KFC’s new wrap.

Neeha has lovely flaring hips that curve deliciously out from her tiny, toned waistline. The cute belly-button ring is quite a draw, surrounded by a sea of taut, smooth, dusky skin. Like those coffee commercials where they shoot the swirling coffee cup from above.

The cleavage in the fifth pic, where her shapely firm tits are pushed together and produced on a platter of black cotton, is more alluring than any piece of jewelry strung around her neck. Neeha is maha sexy and I am sure if given the opportunity, I am certain that we would see much more of this babe.

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Here is the video of the gorgeous Natasha Hussain in the form fitting black strapless dress. She is being used as a braille tablet by the little imp promoter, who appears a tad bit smashed.

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Rubab is a veteran model with an impressive list of honors and awards on her mantle. She has been doing ramp and print modeling for more than a decade now, but you wouldn’t know it, if you looked at her today. Even though a bona fide MILF, with a grown child, she has a body that most teens would kill for. She is Amazon Class, but carries herself so well, you can’t tell, unless you see her clad in a pair of tight jeans. The beautiful long legs, they go on forever.

She is not the prettiest of all Pakistani supermodels. She doesn’t have the most shapely or biggest boobs. But she has the most proportionate features. Her face is the perfect oval, with beautiful eyes and full heart-shaped lips. The high cheekbones, sharp nose and the straight jawline give her a sort of regal bearing that sets her apart from the majority. Her tits are also large with respect to her extremely petite frame. Her tall frame, tight curves and long limbs remind you of a Barbii doll. She has been blessed with the golden ratio (and then some) and nowhere is it as prominent as on her butt.

That’s right. Rubab is blessed with a pert bottom, which in today’s slang is called an Apple Bottom. A cute butt is a rarity and truly a blessing. There are tons of pretty girls out there with flat asses and there isn’t a thing they can do about it (read: Heidi Klume, Elle McPhearson). They have come out with silicone butt implants, but who wants to sound like a balloon getting molested, whenever they take a seat ?. Rubab’s butt seems to have been drawn by a geometric instrument. Absolutely circular, firm and perfect. You can hold it, in it’s entirety, in the palm of your hand. Being a fan of larger butts, I cannot in good conscience ignore perfection, in whatever size it comes. Along with the little perfect derrier, her long lean legs clad in tight fitting jeans are a sight to behold.

One of her most attractive features is her zest for life. She was on Spotlight (HumTV) and she seemed like a fun girl with a good head on her shoulders. An easy, approachable, bubbly persona that spells out fun, joy and cheer for life. Not an easy thing to have and to hold, through the ravages of age, turmoil and motherhood. That’s more attractive than a pair of perfect tits today, when all hell is breaking lose aruond you. An elegant beauty with a good attitude (did I mention perfect buns ?), adds beauty to our world and for that I am grateful. She has no immediate plans for quitting and I hope it stays that way.

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