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These caps are of Naila Nadeem, from the Breakfast With Naila show, that aired in August, 2008. She is wearing a print green kurta with a white cotton shalwar and matching white shoes. Gurus will note that this ensemble is completed with a full, white bra that has much to be proud of it’s contents.

Naila is a fountain of bubbling enthusiasm for stuff that would ordinarily pass for the usual and mundane. Her opening segment is not scripted, yet she is able to form a coherent message on the fly. Her guest is some no-name MPA from the Punjab Assembly, who is likely a goon and/or a buffoon.

To get people excited about creatures from the political jungle of Pakistan, you either have to have the imagination of Rudyard Kipling, or the sexual chemistry of Erica Campbell. Naila is blessed with both and that’s why we love her so.

Here you can just make out the faint outlines of her white bra cups. Just enough to send your occipital cortex into a twist. No amount of fancy geometric designs, or camouflage print on her kurta can conceal the generous proportions of her round, meaty tits. Even if she was devoid of style, beauty and substance, such magnificent orbs would have single-handedly carried the day. It’s just nicer to have it all.

There are few women who look equally sexy with their hair up, or down. Here Naila has chosen to pull her hair back into a ponytail. Without the distraction of the lustrous mane of hair framing her classic oval face, we are provided an opportunity to appreciate the finer features. Like the bright expressive eyes and full-bodied lips that traditionally play second fiddle to much larger, softer and curvier assets.

Here is an accompanying video from the same show:

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Amber Wajid hosts a daily morning show on Indus TV. She has been doing it for sometime now and her viewership seems to lie squarely in the middle-class: They were in the middle of something, when good taste was being handed out. That observation of course, pertains to the show and not necessarily to the pretty, little host.

On the show, the guest, the palmist (now every show has to have either a numerologist, a palmist, or some other two-bit shyster who can confidently predict the unpredictable), the beautician and the cook all look like they have been excused from jury duty somewhere. Their level of expertise in their field is a cut below the rest.

The food that is turned out is fit for a King; if he’s King George. The make-up artist can turn reasonably looking females into works of abstract art. The medical expert urges you to eat vitamins and herbs, to ward off terminal diseases. Her guests are usually people you have never heard of and after seeing them, would like to have your short-term memory wiped clean.

So despite the quality of the show, despite her obvious lisp (which is sorta cute) and short temper, why is Amber Wajid fairly popular among the red-blooded Pakistani males who would never admit to have watched her ?.

One word.


Big, fat, round, firm, juicy, squeezable, huggable, suckable…


Each tit is about the size of her head, only with a higher IQ.

And really, brains is the last thing you need, that early in the morning. Fox News has wall-to-wall beautiful blonde bimbos, fit to star in Rocco’s next feature, running it’s morning outfits and leading the competition. Therefore, Indus TV stands in good stead with the pillowy MILF. There is a reason, after all, for the MUTE button on your remote.

I chose to take caps on this particular day, because Amber Wajid seemed to be nipping. Being a relatively young MILF she is given to wearing large, padded, support bras. So it was a rare occasion to observe a distinct rebellion from the center.

I have blown-up the area of concern 300% and put it at the end, so you can have a better look at it.

For skeptics and fans, who would like to see it in motion, we have a video clip from the same day. Bon Appétit.

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The following caps are of Nadia, from her show Hit Parade, which aired on May 26th, 2008, on Samaa TV. After Javeria Jaleel, if there is an adorable face on TV today, it’s of Nadia. On this particular show, she was interviewing the lanky, smart-ass Ali Salman. He’s the comedian/host with tits that are now bigger than your average Pakistani girl.

Nadia was a little taken with the comedian, who wasted no opportunity of dropping names and then apologizing for it.

Maybe it’s the aquamarine print dress, or that fabulous hair. It could be the sparkle in the eye, or the blush on her cheek. The pearly white teeth, or the mischief around the corners of her mouth which makes her such a treat to watch.

She is a bundle of emotions and can run through the gamut in the blink of an eye. She was understandably somewhat overwhelmed interviewing a guest who claimed (on numerous occasions) to be the long time, fast friend of the director/producer of her show. But she didn’t let that bother her too much and stuck to her program notes. In the end, it was Ali who was sweating bullets and seemed to be melting into his seat, under the barrage of her questions. The girls got chutzpah.

I was a bit surprised, when I saw Nadia acting in a drama (have caps, will try to dig them out later). She seems tiny sitting there, but she is fairly tall and has a great body (read: butt), especially when she is wearing tight fitted jeans. The drama was being shot at some campus, where she was doing the role of a student. Not the greatest actor (just yet), but who’s really watching today’s dramas for the acting. She is delish.

For more pics click here.

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Shaista Wahidi is a good example of a strong personality and a hot body, winning out over a freaky feature. She is a smart, fit bandi who carries herself with style and poise. It’s her charisma and personality which minimizes the Tony Robbins’ jawline. You are naturally drawn to the immense proportions, but as soon as she looks at you with her big brown eyes beaming with mischief, her ready smile and easy nature —fruits of real femininity, you forget that she has a bigger jaw than most men.

The thing that separates Shaista from the rest of the morning talking heads, is that she has something inside hers. She is obviously a smart cookie, but she has a good work ethic and comes prepared for her morning interviews. She asks pertinent questions, does follow-ups and is unrelenting until such time that she has gotten you to say more than you were prepared to offer. Above all, she does not let ‘favorites’ slide, or offer them a walk-over. Everybody gets the same drill. That’s quite a unique trait among desis, not to say of journalists in particular.

Sometimes, as it happens, she get a lousy grouch for a guest. You can see she’s struggling, can’t get into it, but she tries her best to save the show. It’s akin to drilling oil out of a tooth. Her shows are deliberately structured to be substantive and deal with real bread-n-butter issues. Unlike the fluff and glamor that’s the hallmark of morning shows on other channels.

Coming back to Shaista Wahidi, she is of course a MILF. These days Shaista is not known for her large tits on air, but here, they appear quite generous on her petite 5’4″ frame. These caps were taken July 9th, 2007 when she was probably nursing her kid. It’s a guess, because unlike today, her tits look engorged and full. The bra outline in one of the caps, clearly indicates that she’s not wearing a padded bra. The fitted kurta is only celebrating the lush natural contours of her shapely round tits.

Shaista has not worn deep plunging necklines, or blatantly see-through lawns on her show. But the way she sits there, with her shoulders back, chest out, neck straight spells confidence in herself and that… is sexy. According to an interview in DAWN, she is only using 20% of her energy (out of the bedroom). If that is any clue, her husband is a lucky guy. Being a doctor, she of course knows all the erogenous zones and if needed could stimulate your prostate gland for earth-shattering, head-exploding, mind-numbing orgasms. All part of the package.

You come back now, ya hear.

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Asma Asim, Celestial Beauty On VIBE TV

A beautiful woman is like a bad fart in a small room; nobody can ignore it for long. You see it everyday. When a sexy girl walks in, life comes to a standstill. All eyes are on duty, hands… later on on deck. Even the self-righteous ones who are faking it. Following are the caps of Asma Asim, hosting a show on VIBE TV on Thursday, May 22nd, 2008.

This petite little girl is gorgeous from head-to-toe. A beautiful mane of luscious dark hair, coiffed to perfection. Features that Ashwairya Rai would give her left gonad for (trust me on that). A smile that lights up a room. A petite frame with wild curves and tits that belong in the Hall of Fame.

Her tits are huge, in comparison with the rest of her delicate body. They are not mutations, but perfectly symmetrical and tear-shaped. Big, round and firm knockers. You don’t see them everyday. They are such ‘bad-asses’ (by which I mean um, good, just checking), that she has brought a bed sheet from home to cover the right one. Maybe she mistakenly subscribes to the theory of too-much-of-a-good-thing. But you never know. We might turn into crazed monkeys on acid, if she had shown both.

Aside from her obvious charms, she has an adorable personality on-screen. She is soft-spoken, charming and gracious. Above all, extremely patient. The two guests she had on, were evil witches from Hades, who kept screeching incoherently and sounded like a pair of kytes on a hot summer day. But she kept smiling, nodding and managed to get the odd word in.

If eyes are a window to our souls, I see a wonderful soul inside a knockout bod here. Hope we see much more of her in the future.

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The following vidcaps are of the host of the Sindhi morning show called Good Morning Pakistan, on the KTN channel. Her name is Sonia Ali and she is the co-host of the show, along with Alee (No wonder even the name reeks of self-important vapidness).

The most important contribution of private Sindhi channels, IMO, is to introduce the beauty of the Sindhi woman to the mainstream. Before the arrival of private channels, when somebody mentioned a Sindhi speaking girl, the only point of reference available to an urban Pakistani were the dark, skinny, rugged women of the Thar desert, from some documentary on PTV. Now you are getting a well-rounded picture of the blossoming flower of feminine loveliness, grace and smoldering sensuality springing to life in front of you.

Sonia’s salsa-inspired kurta can barely hide the large, firm, round tits, the slim waist giving way to rounded hips and shapely legs. She looks radiant and healthy, glowing from the inside. Not the anorexic coat-hangers which have a cloud of death hanging over them. Her avocado pant-shalwar complements her fair skin tone and provides evidence that her loveliness continues down to her toes. Whatever goes on in the middle, is up for interpretation by the tantric yogis. The surgeon general advocates 5 servings of fresh fruits and veggies a day. I can see the wisdom behind it now.

Sonia Ali is not all flawless skin, elegant bone-structure and a great smile. She is also well-mannered, educated and knows how to carry herself. She is demure, she blushes and she gets all excited. What she does not do, is blabber like an idiot, or speak over her guests. The girl has class, which is more than you can say about her co-host, who’s a jackass of international repute.

Ali Salman, the host/actor/DJ/etc was on this show and he totally ignored the jackass and solely devoted his attention towards Sonia, which was a pleasant surprise for her too, since the jackass rarely lets her talk and hogs the airtime with his absolutely insane and inane blather.

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Her name is Neelma Hasan and she is the new host of The Mother’s Show on ARYDigital. She is what you get if you cross Raquel Welch with Susan Lucci. Big, busty hottie with the airs of a diva. After watching her moderating skills, you can tell that her tits had a bigger part to play in her being hired for the show than anything else. And they are not just any old tits. They are large, they are round and they sit tall and proud. In fact, they have more presence and charisma than anything on the set.

I like her style also. She is comfortable showing her beautiful body, unlike other busty celebs on TV, who are constantly re-adjusting their dupattas. Neelma apparently believes in “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”. Good for her. Great for us. 🙂

You can catch her on weekdays, at 8:00PM on ARY Digital channel.

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