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What do you think of, when you think “Model” ?. Is it a tall girl with cascading curls of lush hair, angular features, generous proportions, beguiling curves and a confident and gregarious personality ?. Then Ursala is it.

She was the latest target of Fahad Sheikh. He is the imbecile with questionable skills to even hold a mic (notice how he continually invades her personal space). He has taken over from Ali Abbas as the host of “11 Number”. A show where he runs around town, making fun of people’s clothes and gets away with it because it’s a TV show.

Ursala is modeling at a classic car show in Tricon Village, Lahore. She is attired in a clingy chocolate camisole top, acid washed pencil blue jeans with matching brown accents around the waistline. She is wearing sexy brown suede leather stiletto boots with sharp 4″ steel heels and a matching brown leather handbag. Quite the style diva.

Triumph, the international lingerie company took out a survey recently (no, I am not on their mailing list) and it turns out that women in Britain have the largest boobs (DD is average over there). One of the things that stand out about Ursala (which apparently she too is well aware of), are her boobs.

More than her pretty face with the adorable smile, the slim waist flaring out into deliciously rounded hips, the shapely derrier and lovely skin… it’s those large, round, firm boobs. Not carnival size big. But just enough to suck the oxygen from the men around her. At a time when most of the new Pakistani talent (models and actresses) has barely any use for bras (sigh), this model from Lahore is keeping hope alive with her beautiful C-cups.

She is wearing a bra that gathers together and flatters. The figure-hugging camisole accentuates her bust and waistline, that lie in different time zones. The delicate lace on the v-neck is designed to draw attention towards the cleavage, while the curves therein help hold it there. As you can see, once locked-in, Fahad’s eyes have a hard time moving any place else.

Ursala is teased and taunted in the usual manner, but she manages to turn the tables on her interviewer, who cuts it short and allows her to leave. But not before slyly checking her out from behind his large brown shades.

Well, can’t really blame the guy. The girl is packing serious heat. Here, femininity is exploding in a wondrous symphony of curves and curls, swells and flows, soft and supple, light and hues, sweetness and sass all in one delightful package. One really doesn’t have the option to look away from such dazzling fireworks.

The icing on the cake, aside from the sexy and stylish Ursala, is her personality (yes, there! I said it). Beauty, undoubtedly draws attention. But if there is nobody home, it isn’t much fun hanging around. She is confident of her looks (which is a turn-on), is bright, engaging, witty and fun with the rare ability to make the best of any situation. Like dweebs with sweaty palms who want to sit in her lap, while she’s standing up.

Here is the accompanying video:

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Rubab is a veteran model with an impressive list of honors and awards on her mantle. She has been doing ramp and print modeling for more than a decade now, but you wouldn’t know it, if you looked at her today. Even though a bona fide MILF, with a grown child, she has a body that most teens would kill for. She is Amazon Class, but carries herself so well, you can’t tell, unless you see her clad in a pair of tight jeans. The beautiful long legs, they go on forever.

She is not the prettiest of all Pakistani supermodels. She doesn’t have the most shapely or biggest boobs. But she has the most proportionate features. Her face is the perfect oval, with beautiful eyes and full heart-shaped lips. The high cheekbones, sharp nose and the straight jawline give her a sort of regal bearing that sets her apart from the majority. Her tits are also large with respect to her extremely petite frame. Her tall frame, tight curves and long limbs remind you of a Barbii doll. She has been blessed with the golden ratio (and then some) and nowhere is it as prominent as on her butt.

That’s right. Rubab is blessed with a pert bottom, which in today’s slang is called an Apple Bottom. A cute butt is a rarity and truly a blessing. There are tons of pretty girls out there with flat asses and there isn’t a thing they can do about it (read: Heidi Klume, Elle McPhearson). They have come out with silicone butt implants, but who wants to sound like a balloon getting molested, whenever they take a seat ?. Rubab’s butt seems to have been drawn by a geometric instrument. Absolutely circular, firm and perfect. You can hold it, in it’s entirety, in the palm of your hand. Being a fan of larger butts, I cannot in good conscience ignore perfection, in whatever size it comes. Along with the little perfect derrier, her long lean legs clad in tight fitting jeans are a sight to behold.

One of her most attractive features is her zest for life. She was on Spotlight (HumTV) and she seemed like a fun girl with a good head on her shoulders. An easy, approachable, bubbly persona that spells out fun, joy and cheer for life. Not an easy thing to have and to hold, through the ravages of age, turmoil and motherhood. That’s more attractive than a pair of perfect tits today, when all hell is breaking lose aruond you. An elegant beauty with a good attitude (did I mention perfect buns ?), adds beauty to our world and for that I am grateful. She has no immediate plans for quitting and I hope it stays that way.

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It’s not easy to look good in a pair of tight jeans. To look spectacular, is as rare as the sighting of a shooting star. If you asked me to name one that fit the bill, off the top of my head, I would have to say Heather Thomas, from the show The Fall Guy.

Never, have a pair of legs and butt (of course), have looked so good, while all covered up in denim. Thousands of butts later, her butt, still sticks out in my mind. It’s a pity no one seems to have captured it on the net. If that show was running today, we would have internet shrines of hers all over the place.

So you can understand, what a big deal it is (to me), when after all this time, it’s Sunita Marshall (and not some starlet from Hollywood), who was able to quicken the pulse of this jaded heart. These vidcaps have been taken from FTV, which was covering the opening of some overpriced, pretentious little hole-in-the-wall brand store.

She appears to be the Pakistani version of the classic pinup girl. She’s tall (5’10”) with legs that go on forever. She’s got the wild curly mane of hair, the extra gloss on those pouty lips. Her shapely tits restrained by a strapless bra (when are Pak models going to get rid of these things) and the toned expanse of tanned tummy with it’s delicious navel, providing a sublime transition from the light of her knotted shirt, to the dark of her jeans underneath.

I confess, I have the tiniest shoe fetish. It is brought on by the sort of uber-sexy knee-high boots that Sunita is wearing here. These particular boots don’t have the dull heels which one wears on snowy sidewalks in Manhattan. Rather, they have the sharp stiletto heels that are more at home on a public stage, or… somebody’s private dungeon.

They would nicely complement a leather bustier and fishnet stockings. Perfectly straight guys start to drool and want to give blowjobs to such shoes, while they are in service. I don’t blame them. It’s a visceral reaction. We all hold Nancy Sinatra to the lyrics of her song, “One day these boots are gonna walk all over you”. Promise ?.

This shoot is making me hungry and I’ve figured out the reason why. Sunita is dressed up to be a giant ice cream sundae. The jeans (chocolate), the tummy (caramel), the shirt (whipped cream) and the dark hair (sprinkles). I know I missed something… yeah, the cherries on top. You can’t see them, but they are there. Trust me. They just dropped into the whipped cream.

There’s an old term used in the Sub-Continent to describe the undulating curves of a desi woman’s torso. They say, “Her back, was like that of an archer’s bow”. Seeing Sunita in profile, you can finely understand the finer nuances which have been celebrated and circumnavigated by generations of appreciative desi men.

Sunita’s family lives in England and she commutes back and forth, for work in Pakistan. By George! we are blessed to have her here in Pakistan. She is working in several soaps, on the catwalk and of course numerous print campaigns. She is a righteous hottie with the cutest personality and a stand-up gal. I hope she continues to liven up the local scenery with her gorgeous self.

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Muzna Ibrahim, The Pakistani J-lo On AAJ TV

This is Dr. Muzna Ibrahim. If Pakistani doctors today come with such bodacious bods, I want to live in a hospital. She has appeared in several comedy serials and hosted shows on music and other private channels for sometime now. Aside from being blessed with little girl beauty, innocence and charm she has a respectable bod to boot. Her medium sized tits usually come in tight-fitting revealing tops, but it’s her butt that is out-of-this-world. She is Pakistan’s answer to Jennifer Lopez. It’s big, it’s firm and it’s round. Up close, it’s downright freaky.

The following caps were taken from her serial on AAJ TV that aired on March 14th, 2007.

I have seen her out on the town (boating basin), wearing painted-on jeans and tight little tank-top. She was with her funky, dweebster pals. Her butt mesmerizes people wherever she goes. Young and old walk into walls, trip over chairs and fall off chairs while rubber-necking to see the last glimpse of her J-lo booty. Waiters scamper and try to outrun each other, trying to be the lucky who gets to serve her table. It is a sight to behold.

I am glad the doc has a big round beautiful butt and is willing to share it with us. It’s better than any medicine I know.

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Atiqa Odho On PTV-Home Drama Serial

In a recent interview on TV, Atiqa Odho said that she felt flattered that young men come on to her and still find her attractive. Looking at her, it’s not hard to see why. She is gorgeous. What Monica Belluci is to Italians, Atiqa Odho is to Pakistanis. A living goddess that oozes sexuality from each pore. She has the curves and more importantly, the nerve to flaunt them and boy, do we want to eat her up!.

Following are some vidcaps from a PTV-Home drama serial. A young man falling for a middle-aged woman. Love at first sight. PTV has certainly come a long way from what it was peddling in the 80’s. It amazes me that we here in Pakistan, are tackling such sticky subjects in the public eye with ease and openness while the west sees us going the Taliban way. What does the Pakistani street make of such themes ?, who knows. But I certainly don’t mind Ms. Odho flaunting her assets for our consumption.

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There was a little earthquake with which Rabi Pirzada entered the Pakistani pop/rock scene. She is young, she is cute and she is seXy. She is Pakistan’s answer to Avril Lavigne or Christina Aquilara. She may not be as ‘angsty’ as the former, or as vocally gifted as the latter, but boy she sure is as sexy as either one of them. Here are a couple of frames of her, when she appeared on an Eid Show this past Eid (Dec 2007) on ARY channel.

The way she is handling that mic, do you suppose that’s how she handles all things ?. Hmm.

Fairly pretty face, with firm round tits, flat tummy, rounded hips and shapely legs.

Add to that a butt that you could bounce a 5 rupee coin off of. Now that… you don’t see every day.

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