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Syra, The ‘Most Wanted’ VJ

Following are the caps of the MTV VJ Syra, host of the show Most Wanted. MTV was lost when Mahira left (or was pushed out), until Syra arrived and filled the gaping hole of charm, charisma, personality, beauty, style and mega-cuteness. You can sit and watch Syra, mesmerized, for an hour and it feels as if just a moment had passed.

Here I would like to share a personal theory with you. It’s called “The Special Theory Of Beauty & Booty”. It says that there are two types of beautiful girls: (1) cute ‘n pretty and (2) hot ‘n sexy. And never the twain shall meet.

The former is pretty and cute, with a care-free and bubbly personality.

You can have riveting conversations with her, on subjects of fun ‘n fantasy till they announce breakfast, to your collective dismay. She can be an inspiration, a true friend, a valued companion and a great ally.

Sex with her can be great, but never spectacular. Her inhibitions and hangups (“Did you wash that thing ?…”, “You wanna put it where ?…”, “Eww!, I am all sweaty and icky”), tend to get in the way.

This girl is not just born a pretty face. She is the culmination of a well-rounded education, a grounded disposition and a privileged background that provided her with sufficient distance and shelter from the hard knocks of life that sow the seeds of cynicism and bitterness among the rest.

The latter is a sex bomb. She reeks of it.

From the way she caresses her tresses, to how she locks eyes and plays chicken with you, to win. When she walks, she swings her hips as if doing the tango with the wind. There is no need for witty repartee, or tete-a-tete in a corner.

This girl needs to be kneaded –like a pizza dough, covered in your special sauce(s), allowed to bake in the heat of passion. Then put on the counter top and split apart with your tool after which you devour her. From top to bottom, front to back, crust and all until your appendages, face and mouth is covered, with her. In her.

This girl is like Chinese food. After an hour you start feeling hungry and want more. Dirty, sweaty, icky is just the way she likes it and when she is done for the night, you pal… are done for the week.

I am not sure where to put Syra, just yet. She is so pretty, so sweet that you want to put her in front of you, look into her big brown eyes and just listen to her talk. It’s like warbling of the sweetest nightingale. You wish you could go to sleep looking at this vision with the sweet music in your ears.

But then she is so sexy with a hot body that you want to make a Happy Meal of her. She may be the first one that defies the special laws of cute vs. sexy. As a fan, I am more than satisfied to just sit back and watch her do her thang on TV. I am pretty sure whoever is the lucky guy who ultimately gets to win her heart and hand, will be in for one hellavu ride, for the rest of his life.

I have one word for her: a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.

One just hopes that this amazing beauty, this stylish cutie and chic hottie, continues to appear on-screen, for as long as she can (and wants to), so she may light-up our hearths and hearts. Syra is special. Not the kind that sits on the small bus, but one who shines atop the Christmas Tree.

For the complete set, click here.

Here is the accompanying video, so you can get an idea of what I have been yammering about:

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These are rare caps of model Nadia Hussain from the Samsung shoot on the ramp. She is wearing a long pinstripe dress that is open down the front, with a slit right up to her navel. At the end of the ramp, she opens up her dress to reveal her long, toned, tanned and sexy legs. Right up to her cute black (boy cut ?) panties.

Nadia Hussain is not an airhead. She went to dental school and is a qualified dental doctor –for what it’s worth. She also took time off, when she was one of the most sought-after models on the ramp, to get married and have kids with Atif Khan. That’s after she broke-up a serious affair with model Veena Ahmed’s brother Amir, who she calls “immature”.

However with her present mature form, she is certainly a hot MILF. She has successfully lost the baby fat around the middle and as you can see, she is in prime form. There isn’t even a hint of cellulite on her thighs, which speaks of her hard work on the treadmill and obviously good genes. She plans on opening her clinic after she retires from the ramp and that’s when I will get my wisdom teeth out. They’re killing me now, but…. I can wait. (arrrgh!)

Her beauty is unique, especially in these here parts. The bone structure is classic European. The only time desi girls get a jawline like that, is when their Hypothalmus goes nuts.

There may be plenty of girls who are prettier than her, but few can qualify for the Amazon Class in Pakistan. Making love to one must be like wrestling ‘gators.

Here’s the accompanying video:

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The following caps are of Ghazal, who does a daily morning show on HumTV. She did a couple of dramas, before being sent to the purgatory of hosting talk-shows. I think she hates her job and you often go away with a feeling that she’d rather be chewing glass in a circus, then be doing this. Or maybe, she needs to get a good regular shagging. That grab-the-hair pounding variety that ends up in multiple O’s. It can work wonders for your skin and soul –both.

She is next-door neighbor to Ayesha Khan, the japanese anime-looking new actress to grace the Pakistani drama serial scene. They live in the same apartment building. Both hot bachelorettes in the big city.

Ghazal is young, slim and fairly pretty. She has tiny bite-size tits and to enhance their size, she wears slim-fitting clothes. On this particular day, she’s wearing a pinstripe capri pant-shalwar, which looks rather fetching on her long and graceful legs. The caps provide a rare glimpse of her taut inner and upper thighs, which normally lay hidden and unappreciated under the all-enveloping tent of a kurta. Such are the benefits of modern cuts and designs.

Her avacado shirt, her red piano-key dupatta, combined with the abstract art breast-plate and pinstripe shalwar reminds me of a Felini movie. The only thing missing is a midget with a top hat and I think we can provide that –if only Ms. Ghazal were to eschew one essential item of clothing.

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The first time I saw Tehreem Zuberi on screen, about five years ago, I was left awe struck. She appeared in a punjabi bhangra video and played your typical hard-to-get bitch, who the singer serenaded on Sea-View drive. She was wearing black leather pants. Now, there are only a handful of butts on this planet that actually look good in leather. Hers is one of them.

She’s got legs that go on forever and a cute little butt on top. With a turn of her head, she swished her hair back and forth. With a shake of her hips, she swung her butt from side-to-side. It’s no wonder I could never pick-up the lyrics of that damn song.

These vidcaps are from the Wednesday 5th March, 2008 Morning Show with Marina Khan on ARY Digital. Tehreem, along with Aijaz Aslam and Mashood Alvi, was on the show promoting the new ARY serial Sherdil, directed by Amjad Islam Amjad.

It’s Top Gun, Pakistan-style, with Tehreem playing one of the ace pilots. That’s enough to get me interested in this thang. Do I really need to tell anybody that Tehreem looks absolutely delish in an F-16 helmet and jumpsuit ?. I think not.

Now both guys next to her are tall (6’+) and as you can see, she is holding her own with them. Her tits are what you would call ‘a mouthful’ and that’s O-K. She’s got more things on her plate, then her tits.

As far as I am concerned, we’ve got two regal princesses of screen and Tehreem is one. The other, is Mahwish who I’ll post vidcaps of later on.

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