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Mehak, another Amazon Class beauty and supermodel has an amazing body. We hadn’t seen much of it, except for her amazing boobs and a hint of back. We see a little more of her luscious body. Here, Mehak is seen modelling Sobia Nazir’s outfits. There are three outfits. A gorgeous azure top over a skin tight dark leotard. A dark choli with red work and a strapless, red polka dot silken top.

In the first outfit, you can appreciate what an atheletic body she has. The leotard follows each lithe curve of her muscular thighs, tapering into limber calves. The luminous azure dress throws an incandescent glow, like it’s alive. It clings to her boobs and the tiny waist flaring into slim boy-hips. The body, it seems, was designed to wreak havoc on one’s serotonin levels. And it does.

The second outfit has a short, backless blouse over a low-riding lehnga. The blouse is cut wide and low enough in the front to expose creamy white skin where the sun has yet to kiss. The blouse also lays bare, her taut and chiseled midriff. The hip bones are sticking out the sides, indicating that max fitness level has been achieved. But without compromising the rounded curve of the belly, which is the hallmark of fertility. When she is photographed from the back, you can observe the undulating curves of her lower back. That extra bit of flesh over the hips that makes a woman a perfect fit, be it in the bed or out on the town. And when you sprinkle all that with the dusky glow of ripe desi womanhood –it’s enough to leave you breathless.

The last outfit is where we find her nipping. It’s easy to get confused among so many rows of colored dots, but in black ‘n white, things get clearer. All you have to do is to follow the dots. There is one extra dot, a little larger than the rest, situated between the neat rows, right in the center of her right tit. And it’s the prettiest dot of all. I can also make out a decent-size areola pushing out of the fabric and catching light, along with the nipple.

Do they crinkle and shrink when she gets out of a cold shower, or after a morning run ?. Do they stick out like pencil erasers when teased, flicked, pulled, rubbed, twisted and laved-on without mercy ?. Phew, what the heck do I know. Your guess is as good as mine.

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Maha, In A Black Leotard, On FTV

Maha, the Amazon Class beauty and supermodel has frequently found her way into this blog because of her amazing boobs and cleavage. Today however, it’s her camel-toe.

Many men have lived long lives, but died without seeing such a sight. So you can consider yourself among the lucky ones, who can bear witness to such long, limber, la magnifique legs covered with a skin tight leotard, right up to the promised land. She has lovely calves and well-rounded, sculpted thighs of an athlete. You can’t find an ounce of extra fat on her, anywhere.

It’s a spectacular camel-toe, with a healthy paw, neatly divided into two. No hint of any panty lines. It don’t get any better than this.

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Question: What are little girls made of ?. Answer: Sugar and spice and everything nice. This ‘little’ babe used to be a fitness model on the TV-One Morning Show which aired on May 18th, 2007. The instructor would bring in a new girl every time and tell her to assume certain poses.

Right now, she is at the peak of her physical beauty. Her girly bits are firm, supple and toned to perfection. At her age, boys can cum twenty times in a row and not quit. Those are good enough reasons to marry early in my book.

Notice the large, full, round tits which seem to be floating on air and the curve of her hips. Just plain gorgeous. During one of the poses, as you can see, she was asked to open her legs, wide… I just about died. She was a real trooper and didn’t hold back, and neither did the cameraman, as she demonstrated the best of the Kama Sutra.

You will just have to imagine the camel toe on her, since the vidcap doesn’t do justice to it. All I can tell you is that it was a big ‘un.

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