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When I, like the rest of the country, was watching Marina Khan in TanhaiyaN, I never thought that one day I would see this gorgeous beauty laying on the ground, her kurta drawn to the side and her legs spread wide open. And that too, on TV. All I can say is, that somebody up there, really like us.

Here is Marina Khan vidcaps from her own show Morning With Marina Khan on ARY Digital channel that aired on 18th July, 2007. She started doing exercise with the professional in order to lose weight. I don’t see the need for it. She is perfectly gorgeous just as she is. I think she got the cue and for sometime now has stopped participating. Good girl. Of course, you can now forget about getting vidcaps like these. So these are special in that sense.

Although she tries several time to keep herself covered with her printed kurti, but it’s a losing battle. In some clips you get the views that only her husband/lover would have. There is no dupatta, so nothing to hide her large, heavy, precious orbs. Probably the best in the business. It’s sad that we were deprived of these all that time through the 80’s.

She must be wearing really thick white panties, because the only thing between you and her thick black bush is the flimsy cotton of her shalwar. Unless. . . she’s all shaved down there ?. Oh my! how the mind reels just thinking about it.

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Marina Khan in Rust Colored K/S

Marina Khan was ‘the’ girl when I was growing up. So cute, so bubbly, such effervescent personality. But since those were the times of strict censorship, we didn’t get to see much of Ms. Khan. Today, however, the winds of change have brought us the Marina Khan we all knew was under the long, loose-fitted kurta shalwar.

Here is some of her, in rust colored kurta shalwar on her daily Morning Show on ARY Digital.

Is it just me, or has she… um, grown since her appearance in TanhaiyaN ?. Very few actresses have a real rack like hers these days. And it’s still standing proud, after all these years. She is real special, I tell ya.

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