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Neelma Hasan, the busty exhibitionist host of The Mother’s Show claimed on air that in college she often used to get into trouble with the principal because of the way she dressed. They didn’t allow nail polish, mascara, etc at the school and little Neelma loved to get dolled-up for class (Aww!). Apparently, the little rebel has continued to flout common convention ever since.

She is not alone. Recently, Jessica Alba has claimed that she developed (tits that is) early in 6th grade and the entire school, including the principal used to call her, “The Slut”. Jessica might have been an early developer, but her tits are no match for Neelma. Imagine what Neelma must’ve been like in school. Wouldn’t we all love to see that picture.

These vidcaps by brother Jaff reveal the glorious cleavage of Ms. Neelma Hasan. I am convinced that there is nothing so titillating than a glimpse of large, firm, wheaty-brown cleavage. There is something taboo, so salacious about Pakistani cleavage, that sets every little boy’s heart racing and blood pumping to his extremities. And if that cleavage has little beads of sweat all over it, then… OMG! just the idea sets your mind reeling.

When you have such pictures in front of you, a desi has no choice but to call upon his special Tantric/ESP skills and imagine Neelma without her kurta. Then, without her bra. Then… never mind. It’s not difficult and you know she wants you to. After all, she left her house that morning knowing exactly how much she was showing. I bet she gets her kicks from imagining all the young and old, hot and bothered desis, giving her props at home… or whatever you call it. Let’s hope this show continues on air for awhile.

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Back by popular demand, here is the host of the ever popular The Mother’s Show, Ms. Neelma Hasan. Here she is wearing a wide and low-cut dress that has her ample bosom falling out. The only way you could see more of her beautiful tits, were if she wore a string bikini.

She is voluptuous. She is sumptuous. She is Neelma Hasan on the ARY Network.

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Her name is Neelma Hasan and she is the new host of The Mother’s Show on ARYDigital. She is what you get if you cross Raquel Welch with Susan Lucci. Big, busty hottie with the airs of a diva. After watching her moderating skills, you can tell that her tits had a bigger part to play in her being hired for the show than anything else. And they are not just any old tits. They are large, they are round and they sit tall and proud. In fact, they have more presence and charisma than anything on the set.

I like her style also. She is comfortable showing her beautiful body, unlike other busty celebs on TV, who are constantly re-adjusting their dupattas. Neelma apparently believes in “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”. Good for her. Great for us. 🙂

You can catch her on weekdays, at 8:00PM on ARY Digital channel.

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