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Following are the vidcaps and video of Najiba, who hosts (what should be) the most popular show on Khyber TV (if we all knew Pushto). This appearance is from the show which aired on May 21st, 2008. This striking beauty hosts a call-in show, which has a cooking and several music video segments. Najiba is fluent in Pushto, Urdu, English and at times, will also let out some choice Punjabi dialogue in style.

As a young’un I was duly enamored of the various beauties that held on to Sindbad, Conan, Jason as they battled the monsters on their behalf. It seemed right, that these guys would risk their lives for these gorgeous princesses. Money alone, just doesn’t cut it.

In Najiba, all those babes of my childhood dreams have come together in an amazing amalgam of royal beauty and charisma. Najiba does her show sitting on a sofa, but in my mind’s eye she sits atop a gilded throne. As in the movie The Prince And The Pauper, the prince may have been wearing rags, but you cannot ignore his royal bearings. So it is with Najiba. She is meant for greater things.

If she was just the prettiest girl in the world, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. The great thing about Najiba is that she has a personality to match her looks. She is funny, she is patient, she is kind (even to the psychotic callers that phone in from the dungeons where they are tied down), self-effacing, precocious and forever effervescent.

You need several people with exceptional qualities to smelt them down to one Najiba.

In her cooking segment, she is paired with the dullest Pushtoons this side of the river Kabul. Sometimes, her female guests seem to have been turned out from Dr. Frankenstein’s basement. But with her constant needling, digging and clowning around, she is able to break down their barriers and in a few minutes, illicit the rare smile, off of a stern face.

I have a theory which is based upon my observations. It might be way off-base… nah! I doubt it.

In this world, there are 5% of pure evil, 90% of dullards and the remaining 5% are the pure, enlightened souls that have been heaven-sent to bring us joy and happiness. They lighten-up our earthly loads and light-up our world. They make-up for the evil crap left strewn about by the rest of us. When they walk into a room full of dullards, huddled in the darkness, they fill it up with light and laughter. Wherever they go, people swarm around them, basking in their glow and filling themselves up with their elan. Like a fat kid at a wedding, they can’t have enough.

Najiba, in my opinion, is one of those pure 5%. She exudes the promise of life, joy and goodness. Verily, she deserves to be on the screen where she can do the most good.

I have never felt the need to learn Pushto. I wanted to, but never needed to, until I saw Najiba. Now I wish I had learnt it, so I could understand what she is saying and be richer for it. It would undoubtedly double the pleasure. Pushto never sounded so good, so sexy, so precious… until I heard it from Najiba. Actually, it has little to do with the language, but the speaker. When Najiba talks in Punjabi, it melts your hearts like a mousse cake under lights.

Najiba seems to hail from a well-to-do, educated and a well-grounded background. While her personality is (thankfully) not repressed, she is also cognizant of her social boundaries. She kids around, pokes fun, makes faces, dramatic overtures but it’s tempered with good taste and a friendly manner. Needless to say, I have developed (over time) a huge crush on her and can’t say enough good things about this girl.

Click here for more caps.

Here’s a video of her’s and several more on the pakikaki Youtube account. Her show is repeated on Khyber TV every weekday from 3:00am to 5:00am. Enjoy.

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