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The following vidcaps are of the (in)famous stage performer Deedar from Aik Din Geo Kai Sath on May 23rd, 2008. The host Sohail Warraich, a noted journalist, with a publicly declared penchant for beautiful girls was all-a-titter, courting the beautiful damsel around town. A few days ago, he had done the same with her elder sister, Nargis, an equally (in)famous stage performer who is credited with revolutionizing the stage drama. You can see them both together here.

Deedar may not be the prettiest, but she is undeniably the most fittest babe on the Pakistani mujra circuit. She has the conditioned body of an olympic athlete with defined abs, a tiny waist and a gymnast’s butt. But if she were in ‘civilian clothes’, you could walk past her in Jinnah Super and she’d so… blend, that you wouldn’t even know she was there.

Deedar and her sister, Nargis, along with a handful of others rule the dance circuit in Pakistan and do regular shows abroad. The sisters have made waves across the land. They have been picked-up by the police, banned by the Govt, shamed by the media and everything in between. But they always manage to stage a come back, by popular demand. These stage performers are borne out of necessity, surrounded in a sea of hypocrisy and celebrated in quasi-secrecy. Instead of celebrating beauty, sex-appeal and art we have wrapped the female form in shame, neglect and abuse. Is it any wonder why we have so many confused and raging nuts, running around the place.

Deedar is young, vibrant, healthy and charismatic, with a keen business sense. The sisters don’t live in the Diamond Alley, with roaches and men with mustaches that resemble roaches. They live in posh localities, drive around in SUVs and take vacations abroad.

Before she gets old and saggy, she will likely have nabbed a feudal lord (or a cricket star with a big head and loose lips) and had his kids. If one were to judge Deedar on her current fame and success in her chosen profession, she is arguably the Jenna Jameson of Pakistani stage (before Jenna married the jar head and became a living corpse). Here she is, at work. You gotta appreciate her work ethic.

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