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These caps are of the Pakistani supermodel Natasha Hussain, from a ramp shoot, on Style360. She is wearing a lacy, minty green camisole with a flowing creamy miniskirt and matching french cut lacy panties underneath. A delectable combination from the mascot of Pakikaki.

The camisole top is loose and flowing, with spaghetti straps. It is cut deep and wide in the front, allowing us to bathe in her sublime beauty. The top does not allow for a bra to be worn with it. You could wear it, but it would mar the whole effect and far be it for our Natty to be a part of such a fashion faux pas. The result, clear and present nipping. One of the most alluring and stimulating visions known to mankind.

I am amazed at how utterly exquisite her tits are. They are perfectly round and symmetrical, with the firmness reserved for girls in their teens. The nipples are firmly centered and perky. The french saying about the most perfect tit, one which can completely fill a champagne glass, seems to hold true for Natasha’s pair.

The fact that she is a milf, only adds further sensuality to the mix. This is a tried and trusted pair, completing the tryst with mother nature and making her sex appeal all the more comprehensive. It’s easy to get carried away and forget that she has also maintained an hourglass figure, with not an ounce of extra fat anywhere and a clear, smooth and healthy skin to boot.

I like her style, elegance and of course her hot little figure. She frequently hosts red carpet events and has always conducted herself with great poise and grace. Looking forward to more of the same from her.

Here’s the accompanying video. Enjoy.

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Amber Wajid hosts a daily morning show on Indus TV. She has been doing it for sometime now and her viewership seems to lie squarely in the middle-class: They were in the middle of something, when good taste was being handed out. That observation of course, pertains to the show and not necessarily to the pretty, little host.

On the show, the guest, the palmist (now every show has to have either a numerologist, a palmist, or some other two-bit shyster who can confidently predict the unpredictable), the beautician and the cook all look like they have been excused from jury duty somewhere. Their level of expertise in their field is a cut below the rest.

The food that is turned out is fit for a King; if he’s King George. The make-up artist can turn reasonably looking females into works of abstract art. The medical expert urges you to eat vitamins and herbs, to ward off terminal diseases. Her guests are usually people you have never heard of and after seeing them, would like to have your short-term memory wiped clean.

So despite the quality of the show, despite her obvious lisp (which is sorta cute) and short temper, why is Amber Wajid fairly popular among the red-blooded Pakistani males who would never admit to have watched her ?.

One word.


Big, fat, round, firm, juicy, squeezable, huggable, suckable…


Each tit is about the size of her head, only with a higher IQ.

And really, brains is the last thing you need, that early in the morning. Fox News has wall-to-wall beautiful blonde bimbos, fit to star in Rocco’s next feature, running it’s morning outfits and leading the competition. Therefore, Indus TV stands in good stead with the pillowy MILF. There is a reason, after all, for the MUTE button on your remote.

I chose to take caps on this particular day, because Amber Wajid seemed to be nipping. Being a relatively young MILF she is given to wearing large, padded, support bras. So it was a rare occasion to observe a distinct rebellion from the center.

I have blown-up the area of concern 300% and put it at the end, so you can have a better look at it.

For skeptics and fans, who would like to see it in motion, we have a video clip from the same day. Bon Appétit.

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Following are the caps of Sadia Shafique, from her appearance on the show Khailta Pakistan, on Five News, dated September 11th, 2008. Sadia is one of those up-n-cummer anchors who may have little in the way of experience, but are generously blessed in other ways.

While she may not be a striking beauty, she is fairly pretty. She has gorgeous hair, thick arching brows, warm loving eyes and is easily given to big, beautiful smiles. But all that pales in comparison to her curvaceous figure and simply astounding boobs. These celestial orbs deserve high praise because they are large, round and f-a-t.

This particular set of caps is unique because she is apparently and quite vehemently, nipping in them. You can spot that big round delicious nubbin, fighting it’s way through layers of clothing, out into a calm sea of green. It would surely be impolite, if one were to walk away without acknowledging this effort. Maybe you can rub the ball of your thumb in gentle circles over it, teasing it, then gently tugging on it between the thumb and the forefinger, before you try twisting it, blowing on it and… erm, whatever else you deem appropriate for the occasion at hand.

Sadia has clearly come to terms with her curvy figure. Fortunately for us, she isn’t one of those that regard pendulous tits to be a curse of some sort. Who run and hide them under yards of bedsheets. She is proud of them, and we think, rightly so. On the set she is given to wearing clothes with vibrant colors and clean lines that slip snugly over her tits, and wrap tight across her waist. A celebration of natural beauty, charm and copious sex appeal.

It is therefore quite inexplicable and somewhat troubling to see her teamed-up with a bonafide nerd. Ali Hasnain believes in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the idea that our hockey team will stand on the victory stand, if only all Pakistanis get together and pray hard enough. The guy hogs the show with his pedantic and inane blather, allowing little face-time for Sadia, who is clearly a better host and the star attraction of Khailta Pakistan.

The sight of large beautiful tits are a constant source of joy and wonderment for connoisseurs. You know it isn’t proper to stare, but you can’t look away. If it’s not because of some gravitational law that has eluded the likes of Newton and Maxwell, it could be the certain promise of pleasure, nutrition and play that so commands our attention. Literally, from day one. My only hope is that Sadia will continue to beam her-gorgeous-self into our living rooms.

Following is a video sample from this particular show. Sometimes 2-D just doesn’t cut it.

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In Pakistan today, politics is the hub of corruption and deception. It offers nothing but disillusionment and apathy to the masses. So it is pleasantly refreshing when a politician offers charm, beauty and sex appeal without asking for anything in return. These caps are of Ms. Maiza Hameed, the burgeoning (in more ways than one) MPA of the PML(N), in the Punjab Assembly. This young beauty is the director, no less, of Rose Travels, located on Jail Road, Lahore.

In recent days, the PML(Q) has put up Marvi Memon as a replacement for Kashmala Tariq, after the latter tore off to lead the forward block of her crumbling party. In reply, the PML(N) have come up with a heavyweight contender of their own. This nubile beauty of titanic proportions and promising talents has clobbered her competition.

Maiza has all the accoutrements of a bewitching babe. The lustrous mane of dark hair complements her classic oval face. Her warm, sparkling amber-colored eyes are framed with dark arching brows. The high cheekbones allow her tiny, pierced button-nose to sit proudly between plush spheres of youthful cheeks, which have yet to shed their baby phat. When her large crimson lips are pursed together, they form the loveliest of rosebuds. All this and her nubile charm and unaffected manner puts her in the top of her league.

But the most enchanting aspect of her beauty has got to be her tits. They are gigantic. Enormous. Truly splendiferous. You can’t help but turn into that cartoon wolf whose eyes pop out, tongue drops to the floor and heart starts beating out of his chest like a trip hammer. The tits are round, firm and “fat”, like the Penthouse Pet Amy Lynn Baxter used to describe her own pair.

In this appearance on TV-One show Burning Issues (dated August 30th, 2008), she seems to be wearing a padded bra. The cups are obviously not padded enough, because we can clearly make a case of nipping. Right in the center of her large, luscious orb, you can observe a round nubbin. There is considerable kaaj work on the shirt, but right where the fat nipple has decided to poke it’s head out, there is none. Where a casual observer might miss it, or confuse it with embroidery, we recognize and salute the very gorgeous rebellious protrusion.

The location of the nipple (higher up) also gives us a fair indication of the firmness and supple nature of the breast tissue. In layman terms, the tits be blessed with the trappings of youth. The area of concern has been isolated and blown up 300% for closer inspection by connoisseurs.

As for her political acumen, one can’t say for sure just yet. She seems earnest and appears confident and dedicated. However, she seems to lack the slick political guile and aptitude for lies and duplicity that unfortunately has come to determines political success in today’s Pakistan. That’s good news for potential suitors, but bad news for our Machiavellian masters.

Click here for the rest of the caps. Here’s a video sample, just in case you are wondering if she sounds as cute as she looks.

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Maha, Caught Nipping On The Ramp, On FTV

Following are the caps of Pakistani supermodel Maha, modeling clothes on the runway for the designer Nadya Mistry on FTV that aired on April 19th, 2008. The Amazon Class, statuesque Maha is seen wearing a silky blue halter top over a matching wrap-around skirt, leaving most of her upper torso bare.

The sheer material of the halter-top appears to have been augmented with sown-in cups, but the designer did not count on flash photography winning the day for us. The results of modern-day flash photography are similar to how Forest Gump’s mother had philosophized the meaning of ‘life’ to him. “[it’s] like a box of chocolates. You never know whachu gonna get”. Sometimes you get thongs, sometimes bras. But on special occasions you hit the jackpot with nipples and other scandalous stuff.

I never thought we, in Pakistan, would be at the receiving end of such high drama, so soon into the rehab. The (supposedly) unwitting flash of nips continues to be cause for much celebration in places where people go around without a stitch of clothing in public. I think it’s got something to do with the innate thrill of voyeurism: the pleasure from the forbidden fruit, taken on the sly. Maybe that’s why they say; “Stolen kisses and wine, taste the sweetest”.

You can observe the nubbins of Maha’s hard crinkly nipples in the profile shots, where they are trying to push through the thin material. Whereas in portrait shots (facing forward), the matching round silhouettes, the size of a Rs. 5 coin, give away their dimensions. To have made their presence felt, on a 3 dimensional scale, through two layers of clothing, is nothing short of a miracle.

Nothing better than to see a beautiful woman, in her prime, flaunting what she’s got. I am proud that we have such strong, sexy, sensual women ‘representing’. Of course, if I had my way, we would see Maha strutting down the runway in shiny black thigh-highs, with matching hot-shorts. Let’s take a few seconds and contemplate that beautiful thought. For now, I’ll settle for these rebellious nips.

The last two caps have been blown-up to better illustrate the finer points (pun intended). Maha is a sexy, sultry Amazon beauty good enough to eat with a spoon. With her long caramel legs, the creamy alabaster abs and the perfect scoops of firm round tits topped with delicious raspberries –all under an umbrella of a swirling mane of raven hair– makes her an irresistible treat.

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VJ Nemah, A Case Of Nipping, On PlayTV

The following caps are of PlayTV’s seductive VJ Nemah, while she was hosting some red carpet event sponsored by Sunsilk shampoo. Nemah is wearing a clingy, strapless gown which is pulled over her shapely, supple form. She is interviewing some MILF with delicious boobs of her own, racked-up inside a black tank-top with spaghetti straps.

Nemah may not be the prettiest girl you have ever seen, but she has that rare innocence and raw sexuality that makes her stand out. It invites you to take her into your arms and protect her from the bad, bad world. In reality, she can more than take care of herself and would probably kick your ass if you tried.

There is a luminescent quality to her skin. An incandescent glow emanating from her silky soft, clear olive skin, making it appear as appetizing as a tikka sweating over hot coals. I wonder if it tastes as good. Probably better. After VJ Amena (who’s a fitness freak), Nemah has probably the best butt on PlayTV. She is a relatively tall girl and has crazy curves on her.

Here, flash photography has won us a rare view of what appears to be her left nipple. There is clearly a large, circular silhouette where her nipple outghta be. This is not a unique phenomenon. It happens all the time. Anne Hathaway was reportedly caught unawares, wearing what she thought was a black dress, which turned transparent under the glare of flash photography. Others, are not so innocent. Like Sophie Marceau and supermodel Rachel Hunter here. Nemah appears to have fallen under the former, the Rachel Bilson category.

The last two caps are blown-up to allow you to see and judge for yourself. If it is what it is, her nipples are somewhat large in proportion to the size of her tits. I guess that’s good news for people with big mouths.

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The following caps are of Sadia Afzaal, taken on October 11th, 2007, from her show Nuqta-e-Etraaz on PTV News. This was long before I was familiar with her work. She just happened to catch my eye one day and I scooped-up a cap because she looked hot (and nipping). It’s only now, after having watched her work, that I have come to appreciate the gorgeous and multi-talented Sadia Afzaal.

Being sexy a-n-d smart is an asset, a gift; not a crime or a sin. The only sin is if we try and reduce her whole persona, down to just the sum of tits and ass. That’s why even though this blog may seem primarily concerned with looks, we try (within our modest means) to present the whole person. You can look at a picture and see ‘pretty’. But to judge ‘sexy’, you need a movie, that can provide you with some clues to their personality as well.

I went through this quasi-philosophical routine to reassure folks who might think this is just a T&A factory. It is that, but we wish to aspire to more than that. We may not always succeed, but we try. This is a post where we fail, because it’s a simple case of nipping. You be the judge.

The first cap is the original, with no resizing. You can tell there is something there, even if it’s not entirely clear at this resolution.

Here, we have blown the cap to three times it’s original size. Btw, it’s the right nipple, if you’re still confused.

Here, is the just the interesting part, blown up. It’s certainly a protuberance of some sort and it’s in the general vicinity of where you’d expect it. If she is used to carrying pencil erasers in her bra, that might be the other possibility.

All these caps prove, is that Sadia has nipples. I am pretty sure most of you suspected as much. Along with nipples, she has a great body and an even better mind. The proof of that is on the tele, twice-a-week, where you can appreciate the whole Sadia.

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