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Geo TV was quick to dig up and paste the scandalous photos of Shoaib Akhtar with the Australian skanks in the nightclub, to spice up it’s coverage of the current scandal. These two probably got stuck to the bottom of his shoe, when he went to the bathroom.

One of them is showing-off her dark nipples through her c-thru top (no bra), which is barely held together by a thin string in the front. It’s probably designed for quick and easy access.

But the real scoop, is the scoop v-neck of the Pakistani model, who is pointing her sharp nipples in Shoaib’s direction in the last pic. Her name is Sanam (no, really) and she is a frequent ramp and print model these days. She is often spotted in risque modeling assignments on FTV Pakistan, one of which required her to don a toga, which she did, sans any bra. You could make out the whole shape of her tits. When she moved, it looked like she had a pair of sea-otters hidden under there.

Here she is showing a fair bit-of-tit. Her wide plunging neckline leaves little to the imagination. You could give her a breast exam without having to take off anything. Shoaib is showing an equal measure of his chest. Maybe they had just finished, helping each other out. This is probably that night where Shoaib (and a couple of his friends) broke curfew before a Lahore match, to attend a late night fashion show soiree. The next day Shoaib put up a pathetic performance and got quite a flap for it from everybody. I am thinking it was all worth it for Shoaib.

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With every show, young Mathira is opening up and getting more comfortable in front of the camera. This is reflected in her mood, manner and the (tinier) outfits. Last week it was a one-piece leotard and this time around she has on a Nike sports bra and skin tight leotards. As time goes by, could we see her in those tiny little black boy-shorts ?. One can only hope.

I have a thing for smoky things. Like hickory-smoked ribs, creme brulle and caramel sundaes. They are sweet, with just a hint of a fiery aftertaste. It’s the peculiar contrast that’s enticing. Like something cute that’s also dangerous, at the same time. To see Mathira’s earthy body enveloped in a sporty outfit strikes a similar chord. You could just eat her with a spoon.

Mathira in the doggy position, with her glorious round butt sticking out like that is a sight to behold. Her butt reminds me of an old song. Anybody remember Sir Mix-a-lot’s ode to big butts “Baby Got Back” ?. It goes something like this:

Oh… My… Gawd!
Becky, look at her butt
Its so… big! . . .
I can’t believe it’s so round
It’s just, out there. . .

I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can’t deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung!
Wanna pull up tough
Cuz you notice that butt was stuffed
Deep in the jeans she’s wearing
I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring
Oooh, baby! I wanna get with ya!
And take your picture!
My homeboys tried to warn me
But that butt you got
Make Me So Horney!. . .

This week her tip-of-the-week was how to remove mucous from your sinuses. You have to alternatively breathe through each nostril, while keeping the other closed with your finger. If she keeps this up, she’ll be getting other fluids out of her viewers than just the damn sinuses.

The following are large sized vidcaps of the same show. It’s for those of you who want to get into the nitty gritty of things.

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The following are vidcaps from the showing of Rizwan Beyg (how pretentious can you get when you have to spell your name like that ?) new line on FTV Pakistan, dated 26th December, 2007. In them are starring the titillating duo of Maha and Mehak.

Are these two sisters ?, I don’t know. But if you cover their heads with a brown paper bag, they certainly look like sisters from the neck down. Both are amazonian goddesses with big, round tits.

They remind me of that song from The Commodores:

She’s a brick—-house!
Mighty mighty! just lettin’ it all hang out
She’s a brick—-house!
The lady’s stacked and that’s a fact,
Ain’t holding nothing back.

What happens when you combine two great pair of desi tits together ?. You get Maha Mammay. I have to confess I have never gotten too comfortable with that word “Mammay” for tits.

Maybe because the word is too close to “Mummy” and one can get into awful hot water, not to mention real screwed-up (and since when did that stop any horndog desi ?) if one was not careful. Those Oedipal connotations could be confusing.

The white bra that Mehak is wearing, is supposed to be a blouse that goes with her sari. That ‘blouse’ is hiding less than if she wore a regular bra. Can you imagine if MILFs started wearing these creations for real at desi functions like dholkis and mehndis ?. All those bouncing, sweaty, saNwali cleavages could lead to only one thing: after the aunties put their kids to bed, wild orgies all night.

Think of the possibilities. It could do wonders for our gene pool. Check out the muscular definition on Mehak’s back, while at the same time she’s sporting the most delicious looking tummy that one can feast on for days. You can’t go into a gym, train and get a hot body like her’s. This is just nature’s gift to her fans.

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Juggan Kazim Falling Out Of Her Red Gown

I first saw Juggan Kazim on the erstwhile Zoo channel, hosting the show Beanbag. She, along with her co-host Amir Hilali would take live calls from callers and try to solve their social problems on the air. It was all tongue-in-cheek and basically a ‘filler’ program. What caught my eye however, was Ms. Juggan’s huge mammaries and her easy-going attitude. She was not only OK to let it all hang out there, but quite happy and willing.

Here are a few vidcaps from FTV Pakistan, where Juggan is interviewing a fashion designer Muneeb Nawaz (an all-around dick) before she goes and does a video shoot for some idiot pop singer. Notice the deep and wide neck of her red gown which is struggling hard to contain her massive tits, which have grown even larger after she became a mommy. She could easily have popped a nipple, had she bent down to pick something up from the floor!

Later, I learned that she had been modeling abroad (Canada) and continued to do so when she moved to Pakistan. She has that rare little-girl charm and innocence that just melts your heart. She is fair, she has a pretty face and a winning attitude in addition to having one of the most alluring cleavage on TV today which, bless her heart, she is not averse to sharing with all of us.

Here is the accompanying video. Enjoy.

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