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Following are the caps of Maha, modeling the clothes of the designer Maheen Karim on the ramp, on FTV. You don’t get it right away. It takes a couple of passes by the model, before it sinks in and you begin to assess the design implications of this particular dress.

You see, from afar Maha is seen to be sporting a fairly modest black dress that falls nearly down to her ankles. It’s only when she closes in that you realize that her dress is designed to cover only her shoulders and upper chest. From the top of her bra cups on down, the dress is basically cut into a diaphanous sheath with a hand-painted flowery motif on the front and back to provide an illusion of cover. When in fact, the material sheer enough to allow a full, clear view of the entire bra cups and the robust, bulging cleavage strapped in their midst.

The statuesque Maha, besides boasting a toned tummy and lean legs, is also blessed with a splendid pair of round, firm tits. When they are herded together inside an underwire bra, they naturally bulge out the sides into a delicious cleavage which is framed to max. effect in this dress.

To add further spice the bulbous head of the long printed flower is drawn between the cleavage. With each vertical movement you expect it to eventually bloom and spill it’s seed all over the place, while the audience will follow later, in spurts and splatters.

And it does not end here. Carrying off such an exotic look has apparently aroused the ravishing Maha, who is nipping. The area of concern has been blown-up for your appraisal. Her proud left nubbin along with her puffy areola situated in the center, is quite unmistakable even without enhanced resolution. While tantric gurus will waste little time in locating it’s mate on the right (just above the rounded leaf, shaped like a fist).

Here is the accompanying video. It’s short and abrupt. Even the cameraman shied away from focusing on the interesting aspect of this dress, which is a shame really. If such dresses are popularized and adopted, we can look forward to bumper crops all over Pakistan. And I am not just talking Tulips here.

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Following are the caps of Naila Nadeem from her Iftar show on APNA Channel that aired on Sept. 23rd, 2008. These caps are pretty self-explanatory. The wide plunging neckline and the resulting cleavage, provides ample evidence of the amazing boobs that she’s blessed with. Naila is a regular on APNA channel. She is the host of their morning variety show, “Breakfast With Naila”, where she usually has somebody on from the filmi industry, then a beauty segment followed by a food segment. The usual stuff. But what is not usual, is Naila herself.

Naila the host, stands out among the herd, because of what she brings to the table. She is bright, funny, engaging, charming and asks pertinent questions of her guests. What we call, “keeping it real” on the street. To carry that out you need good sense and sensibility. Unlike most hosts, she is not primarily interested in building someone up, or tearing someone down. Rather, finding someone out. During the course of her interviews you learn that she is well-read and up-to-date on current affairs, besides what’s going down in the showbiz world.

By the time the show is over, Naila has got her guests to give up the goods. Given the quality of guests she gets, mostly second tier struggling showbiz personalities associated with Lollywood, it is a testament to her abilities, how she keeps the conversation flowing on the set, and the viewer interested at home. Many of her guests have gripes and regrets about the cards life has dealt them. Each time one of her guests tries to push the show, down the chute of despair, Naila manages to lift it up with her charm, humor and sunny personality.

Part of the charm, undeniably, is her raw sexuality. The promise of which gives rise to naaz, andaaz and nakhra in a girl. The fact that she’s blessed with the looks and curves to back it all up, is fortunate for her and welcomed by her admirers. But her adorable face, coquettish manner and charm all takes a back seat to her incredible tits. For many of her fans, they are the piece de resistance.

As you can see for yourself, she has large, firm, round tits that are bar none. And I say this, after having extensively scoured the net for a similar pair. Large tits out there are either gigantic, misshapen balloons, or sad ‘saggy’ sacks. The only set that comes close to size, shape and firmness belongs to NextDoorNikki. Coincidentally, she also bears some resemblance to Naila. Sisters ?. Hmm.

You can go far and wide, getting your kicks looking at tits, big and small, but few desis can hope to reproduce the same awe and affection they have come to associate with large, round, wheaty, meaty boobs. S. H. Manto tried to explain this phenomenon in one of his short stories, where he grows tired of the classy white tits of his wife in one go, and pines for the smooth, supple, tanned tits of a servant girl he had a tryst with earlier.

White is cold, unfinished and plain. Dark is warm, complete and mysterious. For us, it’s familiar, alive and throbbing under the touch. And that’s why we yearn for it.

Below are two clips from the same show. The first one is shorter, but up-close. Here Naila is trying to get her guest to sing for her.

The second one is a longer clip, from afar, in which Naila is trying to explain a psychological study which she read up on, concerning how we should discipline our kids.

There is more to come of Naila in the future. With her beauty, glamour and sensual charm, she warms the cockles of millions of hearts out there, One hopes that this vivacious beauty will keeps at it and continue to spread love in the hinterland.

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I can now die a happy man, after having captured this clip of Natasha Hussain on FTV. The caps from this appearance had been posted in an earlier post. But nothing beats a moving picture of loveliness, that is our Natty. She is modeling Shirin Hassan design(s) here.

This girl is the epitome of style, elgance, grace and maha sexiness. Truly one in a million.

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These are rare caps of model Nadia Hussain from the Samsung shoot on the ramp. She is wearing a long pinstripe dress that is open down the front, with a slit right up to her navel. At the end of the ramp, she opens up her dress to reveal her long, toned, tanned and sexy legs. Right up to her cute black (boy cut ?) panties.

Nadia Hussain is not an airhead. She went to dental school and is a qualified dental doctor –for what it’s worth. She also took time off, when she was one of the most sought-after models on the ramp, to get married and have kids with Atif Khan. That’s after she broke-up a serious affair with model Veena Ahmed’s brother Amir, who she calls “immature”.

However with her present mature form, she is certainly a hot MILF. She has successfully lost the baby fat around the middle and as you can see, she is in prime form. There isn’t even a hint of cellulite on her thighs, which speaks of her hard work on the treadmill and obviously good genes. She plans on opening her clinic after she retires from the ramp and that’s when I will get my wisdom teeth out. They’re killing me now, but…. I can wait. (arrrgh!)

Her beauty is unique, especially in these here parts. The bone structure is classic European. The only time desi girls get a jawline like that, is when their Hypothalmus goes nuts.

There may be plenty of girls who are prettier than her, but few can qualify for the Amazon Class in Pakistan. Making love to one must be like wrestling ‘gators.

Here’s the accompanying video:

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The good doctor, Ms. Muzna Ibrahim, threw caution to the wind and came out wearing this uber-sexy ‘dress’ for performing host duties at a red-carpet event for FTV Pakistan on January 1st, 2007.

The dress is held up by two threads. The deep and wide cleavage shows off a large real-estate of her creamy white tits and extends to the middle of her torso. It was quite a sight, to have all these desi dudes trying hard-as-hell, not to oogle her exposed tits, while she made small-talk with them.

This dress would be scandalous anywhere in the world today. For a desi to wear this out in public, especially one so young and pretty is tantamount to inviting controversy. Muzna is one of the pioneers in the movement to experiment and widen the scope of glamour in the popular cultural scene of today’s Pakistan. She is not only sexy, but smart and engaging. A true find of our time.

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Following are the caps of Mehak, the beauty encased in the black sari. She appeared wearing this outfit for Rizwan Beyg’s new line on FTV channel. I have seen Rizwan Beyg and I bet he specially designed this dress to allow Black Beauty’s tits to spill out like the waters at Tarbela Dam.

She is tall and well-built. Flesh is toned and properly distributed all across her frame. Not part of the anorexic wave sweeping the Pakistani modeling scene these days. She has traditional desi features and a slightly dark olive tan, which does the trick for me. Fair color is nice, but as Sadat Hassan Manto wrote in one of his novels, tanned bod is sexy and full of potential, white gets boring real quick.

Here is not only tanned skin, but a fair bit of tanned tit on display. Had she been skinny as a rack, her tits probably wouldn’t have popped out on the side like that. But since she is top-heavy (thank you very much), her tits successfully escaped on her sides. She knows it and still chose to come out like that, and that… is so sexy. She wants you to see and savor, like a connoisseur, her sublime feminine charms. To what end ?, here I am reminded of the last stanza from Wordsworth’s poem, The Daffodils:

I gazed — and gazed — but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:
For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

Daffodils my ass. It’s the tits baby, tits. Large tanned desi tits with coppery nipples.

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