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The following vidcaps are of Sadia Afzaal, the host of the show Nuqta-e-Etraaz, on PTV News which aired on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008. Sadia, with her black hair cascading down over her shoulders provided quite a contrast to the blue background. Her dress ensemble however blended nicely with the set, establishing her clearly, as the center piece.

You can easily seperate the program hosts based on their intellect and hard work, or beauty and charisma. It’s the dominant trait of the two, that carries their show. Rarely will you find a host blessed with both, like Sadia.

All things aside, the one thing that stands out with Sadia is that she is a tigress. She comes prepared with a game plan for the show and executes it efficiently. The biggest problem of hosting a show of a political nature in Paksitan, is that you have to routinely deal with uncivilized animals, lower down on the food chain.

They will try to obfuscate, side-step and go off on tangents. Anything to hide their kaaley kartoot. That’s where hosts like Sadia (and Talat Hussain) are so effective. With her unflinching resolve and steely focus, she is able to get right to the meat of the issue. With Sadia at the tiller, you are assured that the show will not be lost in the high waters of blah-blah.

I have seen senior politicians, analysts and so on trying to brow-beat her, patronize her, thinking it’ll be easy-pickings with a female host. But none of the usual tricks work on Sadia. She remains unpreturbed, her mind working like a supercomputer, coming back and hitting them hard. Those who are not disarmed by her beauty, fall prey to her brains. The old 1-2 (punch).

I took the caps of her holding the pen in her hand, because I thought that this was significant. She was using the pen to cross out and lay out the queries on a sheet of paper in front of her. In between, she was playing around with it and for some time she held it up and proceeded to stroke and caress it.

I caught the old general ‘looking’ and couldn’t resist adding those caps. Gen. Talat Masood retired a long time ago, but it looks like he’s still got some lead in his pencil.

I don’t blame him. A smart, beautiful woman with piercing eyes and those delicate hands with long, slender fingers of polished ivory, playing with a 6″ pencil is liable to recruit any veteran back into action.

Click here for all of the pics.

Here is a video from the same show, for yout to see Sadia in her element.

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What do you get when you combine Monica Belluci’s pouty lips, Milla Jovovich’s bone structure and the smoldering eyes of Paz Vega ?. You get Asma Iqbal. She’s not just another pretty face. She, is the whole package. Arguably, more sensible, smarter and faster on her feet than her male counterparts at Geo, who are little better than dead wood (Kamran Khan). The following vidcaps are of Geo’s latest and hottest news anchor to date. Quite a propitious acquisition from the Express News channel.

If those long, dark, perfectly coiffed sexy hair and the shapely round tits remind you of another Geo anchor, Sana Tariq, you are not alone. She could easily pass as the vampy younger sister to the regrettably MIA Geo anchor.

Asma has movie star looks, refined manner and a quite confidence that immediately sets her apart from the rest of the herd (Moo! you herd me right). The first thing that comes to your mind when you see her, is what the heck is she doing on a news channel ?. Actually, that’s the second thing. The first thing is, “F*** me, who the hell is she ?!”.

If life was fair and good to us, Asma would be taking-on roles in movies that have made Monica, Paz and Milla famous and there would be a lot less tension, terror and turmoil in our neck of the woods as a result. Who can think of blowing people up today, when you can look forward to seeing her tomorrow ?. You would have to be nuts…

Imagine her wearing a band-aid in the Pak version of The Fifth Element, or making a go of it as a young war widow in Malena. She could pull it off and she’d be great at it.

She has a petite frame, with gravity-defying round tits that sit defiantly and proudly on her chest. Her kurtas are cut to emphasize their sublime beauty, much like Sana (O’ why has thou forsaken us!). The majesty and perfection of her tits remind me of the golden apples from the movie Hercules.

In that movie, Hercules had to go and get those apples, in order to marry the princess. I remember really wanting to eat those perfect golden apples. Still do. I want! I want! I want!… I need! I need! I need!.

In some pics you can clearly make out the half-cup of the blessed bra, that has been chosen to support the precious cargo. If those points sticking out in the middle are her nipples then they must be just as excited as Asma, to be featuring on Geo TV. And this is without anybody going up and tweaking, pulling, pinching… them. At full mast, they could poke an eye out.

Asma was obliged to wear a t-shirt under a working jacket on Express News. You can tell she’s not used to wearing a dupatta, because when it gets snagged and pulled to the middle, she’s not immediately concerned. It’s a reflex thing. But alas, we are still a long ways away from the anchors at NudeNews.

She may not measure up, up there, but she does remind me of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Aside from sharing similar dark looks, they have this mischievous twinkle in their eyes and emotive facial expressions. Note the way her eyebrows knit together or rise apart, in concern or surprise. The lips purse together in excitement and when she’s happy or amused, that pair of startlingly gorgeous dimples appear across her face. Unlike the stolid and wooden expressions of most newscasters, she is vibrant, dynamic and a-l-i-v-e. And therein lies her charm.

It’s no mystery. Something that’s palpably dangerous, uniquely attractive and clearly unattainable is supremely desirable to any hot-blooded person.

I haven’t seen anchors this pretty and dolled-up, since FoxNews started it’s broadcast in the US. Patty Ann Brown may have large tits, but she would look downright dowdy next to Asma. These Pak girls are prettier, smarter and spunkier than anybody out there and they deserve to rule our hearts and play with our… erm, emotions.

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The following vidcaps are of the petite PTV anchor/host Sadia Afzal. This show dated Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 dealt with sports, in particular Cricket. The topic was the ongoing Shoaib Akhtar drama with the has-been, know-it-all blowhards like Mohsin Hassan Khan as one of the guests.

An an anchor, I thought she did a great job. She had adequate background information of the topic and a healthy grasp of the history and nature of the game of cricket. Moreover, she maintained a robust rotation of the guests, allowing everybody to contribute equally on all points, a rather tall order when you have attention-whore desis as guests.

She is a rather delicate beauty, like a japanese doll or those anime heroines. An oval face, with large dove eyes. Those heart-shaped lips that resemble a tiny rosebud when they are pursed together in quiet concentration. Aquiline features and high cheekbones. Her hair is braided in steps in the front, like Jennifer Anistons’ when she was doing Friends. Boy, that hair has a long shelf life.

Her hands are slender and soft. The fingers long, slender, delicate and delicious… like white baby carrots. The nails are well cared for. This is a girl that doesn’t do dishes, or much else, at home. She knew she was different, pretty, early on when people treated her special and she has garnered that calm confidence that comes of it. A bonafide desi princess and why not ?. She is blessed.

She is wearing a dupatta that’s long enough to make Ariel’s biggest Shalwar next, but she has flung it to one side, allowing you to sample one of her small tits. That’s how things are done in enlightened circles, I guess. Her white dainty feet are nicely showcased in fire engine red chappals, which bro Shalom would have appreciated.

It is alright to be a little princess and sit on your throne and carry on, but in our bed, we want a little slut that can make your eyes move back into your head. Those slender hands should know how to use lube and get on all fours when required. That hair will come in handy, when you are playing Roy Rogers and she is Trigger. Would she be able to rotate and keep the ball(s) moving ?.

I’ll let you know in a sec…

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The following vidcaps of VJ Anisa have been taken from the Play TV on 1st April, 2008. She is the host of the show Live With Anisa. Play TV has a lineup of cute little hottie VJs, besides her. There is Sadia, Amina and then Sehrish. All of whose vidcaps will be posted here, eventually.

Anisa has a naturally vivacious and bubbly personality and does a good job of holding your attention with her funny and spunky retorts. But let’s be honest. Personality only goes so far. It’s the hot little body that keeps you from clicking away.

IMO she bears an uncanny resemblance, in facial features and body frame to the actress Parker Posey. But Anisa has darker and more striking features, and definitely larger tits and a more attractive butt than Parker.

These vidcaps are special because not only do you get a glimpse of her cleavage (through the generously wide and plunging neckline of her tank top), and the little round butt through the skin tight jeans, but also the shapely legs and the incredibly cute camel-toe she’s sporting when she crosses her legs. It’s like a darn all-you-can-eat buffet table.

Usually I have seen her in ruffles and lacey tops, which hide most of her appealing assets. A darn shame. But this outfit here is made to order, to raise the temprature in your room, among other things.

I would think that petite girls would be easy to handle in bed and fit nicely in your lap… as you watch your favorite TV show. Yeah, something like that. I think you Tantric yogis can take it from here.

Putting my own preferences aside, I can certainly see and appreciate why guys go for petite and small girls. The same reason why Americans are ga-ga over oriental girls. The same reason why the guy at the chicken shack serves me broast the size of a sparrow. “Folks prefer small birds, sir. Their meat is more tasty and sweet”. Hell, you can’t argue with an expert.

But small or not, this girl has got everything in the right proportion and combined with her fiery personality, she is nothing short of a little patakha.

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Her name is Sana Tariq and she is the new nightly news anchor on GEO TV. She is so darn sexy, that half the time you don’t care what the heck she’s reporting. It doesn’t matter if crazy suicide bombers are running around biting people in the ass. As long as Sana is there to report it, all is well with the world.

She has it all. A sexy mane of hair, pretty and expressive face, an adorable voice and amazing tits. Actually, make that spectacular tits which she shows off to her max benefit by wearing tight-fitted kurtas that hug every curve of her body and reveal more than they hide.

Her tits ride high on her chest and are actually quite large for her petite frame. Usually, with a girl so slim you are lucky to have even bite-size tits. You can’t life weights, or rub creams to grow such boobies. These are heavenly gifts.

At first, I thought padding, but then she started nipping out of her dress. On a good day and a cool breeze in the studio, you can plainly see the hard nubbins appear and poke out from underneath her dress. Her nipples are centered right in the middle of her tit, which indicates max firmness and zero sag. A few minutes later, they will disappear into the depths, much like the blue whales. (Note: She was nipping just before these vidcaps were taken. Damnit)

I seldom pay attention to a girl’s hair, unless it’s really scary. So it’s a rare thing, when a girl’s hair will make your blood run faster. The kind of hair that, over the years, has come to be associated with sex appeal. Those wild manes sported by Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren and Gina Lolobrigida through their movie careers.

Let’s psychoanalyze this particular hairstyle. If you look at it carefully, the poofy sweeps around the face resemble the curvaceous hips of a woman. The face, is where you would expect to see the juncture of the thighs. This is how the hair transfers sex appeal to the host.

There is a famous drawing of a naked and hirsute (if you know what I mean) girl laying in a languid pose on the face of a guy. Can you guess if the guy is bearded, or not ?. It’s supposed to be a jibe at Freud (men have sex on their minds), but I think you now have a clear picture of both ends.

It’s one thing to see such a hairdo on a sexy movie star, quite another to see it on your nightly news anchor. But aside from her obvious pornstar appeal, she is educated, articulate and probably one of the smarter anchors on GEO these days. This is one special lady, which we’ll have to keep an eye on. Things are looking up for Sana, while we look on.

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KTN News-cutie In All Black

She is the newscaster on the KTN News Channel these days. Sindhi is not really a chic language, but coming from her mouth, it sounds mega sexy. She has the slightest lisp and combined with her delicate beauty, a petite frame and big round tits it all spells mega cuteness.

Here are a few frames.

Even the dupatta cannot hide the obvious charms of this cutie.

Young, fresh and ready.

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