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I can now die a happy man, after having captured this clip of Natasha Hussain on FTV. The caps from this appearance had been posted in an earlier post. But nothing beats a moving picture of loveliness, that is our Natty. She is modeling Shirin Hassan design(s) here.

This girl is the epitome of style, elgance, grace and maha sexiness. Truly one in a million.

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Maha, In A Black Leotard, On FTV

Maha, the Amazon Class beauty and supermodel has frequently found her way into this blog because of her amazing boobs and cleavage. Today however, it’s her camel-toe.

Many men have lived long lives, but died without seeing such a sight. So you can consider yourself among the lucky ones, who can bear witness to such long, limber, la magnifique legs covered with a skin tight leotard, right up to the promised land. She has lovely calves and well-rounded, sculpted thighs of an athlete. You can’t find an ounce of extra fat on her, anywhere.

It’s a spectacular camel-toe, with a healthy paw, neatly divided into two. No hint of any panty lines. It don’t get any better than this.

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These are rare caps of model Nadia Hussain from the Samsung shoot on the ramp. She is wearing a long pinstripe dress that is open down the front, with a slit right up to her navel. At the end of the ramp, she opens up her dress to reveal her long, toned, tanned and sexy legs. Right up to her cute black (boy cut ?) panties.

Nadia Hussain is not an airhead. She went to dental school and is a qualified dental doctor –for what it’s worth. She also took time off, when she was one of the most sought-after models on the ramp, to get married and have kids with Atif Khan. That’s after she broke-up a serious affair with model Veena Ahmed’s brother Amir, who she calls “immature”.

However with her present mature form, she is certainly a hot MILF. She has successfully lost the baby fat around the middle and as you can see, she is in prime form. There isn’t even a hint of cellulite on her thighs, which speaks of her hard work on the treadmill and obviously good genes. She plans on opening her clinic after she retires from the ramp and that’s when I will get my wisdom teeth out. They’re killing me now, but…. I can wait. (arrrgh!)

Her beauty is unique, especially in these here parts. The bone structure is classic European. The only time desi girls get a jawline like that, is when their Hypothalmus goes nuts.

There may be plenty of girls who are prettier than her, but few can qualify for the Amazon Class in Pakistan. Making love to one must be like wrestling ‘gators.

Here’s the accompanying video:

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In these vidcaps from FTV, Nadia Hussain is wearing a silky golden tunic that comes down to just above her knees. Aside from her statuesque beauty, she is doing something here that she is rarely caught doing in her public appearances. She is nipping and it’s absolutely divine..

Yes, the two raised points are hard to miss. They are however not where one would normally expect them to be. The nipples are pointed slightly to the sides, which is perfectly natural and to be frank, rather cute. The last thing you want are those perfect cookie-cutter tits. They are so boring. This imparts character to her tits.

One can’t be sure as to the size of her nipples, but if the protuberances are any indication they are in keeping with the rest of her. Large. It is also fair to say that they will have become tough and dark in color, since they have been put to regular use of late.

Phew, all this talk of food has made me hungry. *meow*

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