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Following are the caps of Savera Nadeem from the tele-drama Baandi that aired on March 18th, 2008 on HumTV. Savera is playing the role of a beautiful, but homely wife of an ambitious banker (Saleem Sheikh), who is increasingly finding his faithful, loving and caring wife a drag. What B.B. King called, “The thrill is gone, the thrill is gone baby!”.

All day long Savera runs around the house, taking care of their child and making their house, a home. By the time her chores are done, she is exhausted and unable to give the kind of ‘special’ attention her husband expects from her, at the end of his own hectic day at work.

He begins to drift. His eyes finally coming to rest on an old flame (played by Emaan Malik) who intentionally bumps into him, at his office. Emaan is a one-woman, home-wrecking machine and has no qualms about hurting another woman. She goes about seducing her old college flame. Soon, hubby begins to stay late at work. He has ‘meetings’ with ‘important clients’. When he does come home, he is in a foul mood.

At first, Savera does not understand what’s happening to her marraige. She believes that as long as she keeps the home and takes care of their child, she is fulfilling her end of the bargain as a wife. Dressing up like a tart and acting saucy is not in her job description. After all, she’s married. Why the need for all that pretense ?. Her husband keeps nagging her about her frumpy dressing, but she brushes it aside.

In steps her wise and worldly friend. She knows the husband has got the Seven Year Itch and she puts all the clues together and clues in Savera, who of course, goes into denial. The hubby has the gall next to invite the home-wrecker to his home and has Savera entertain her, wearing the drab lawns. The drama concludes when Savera finally ‘gets it’ and takes to wearing sexy saris and makeup to look attractive for her husband. She does not confront him, only his guilt eats away at him and he decides to swears off cheating on her (for now). The end.

I guess I understand what the writer was getting at. The old adage about husbands only going out looking for some, if their wives are not giving ‘it’ to them. Old, wise black mamma would say, “Gurl! you betta handle yer beeznis”. In this drama they picked on the wife’s dressing (she was not denying him sex). He expected his stay-at-home-wife to wear saris and dress up to the nine’s, like one of those vamps you see on the indian soaps. Is that realistic ?. I think not. Besides, it’s many a man’s dream to come home and slip his hands around his hot, sweaty wife who is slaving in front of the stove and give her some good ol’ loving, beginning with some choice kisses around the nape of her neck…

The dressing in itself could just be a metaphor for other things, in other marriages. It could be variations in sex; oral, anal, swinging, etc. The point being, is the desi wife, in addition to keeping house and taking care of the children 24/7, now also culturally obligated to fulfill her husband’s sexual wants and desires ?. What if he wants her to dress up like Little Bo Beep ?, or a Christmas pie and himself as Little Jack Horner ?. Should she fear losing him, if she doesn’t comply ?.

Now, even though Savera is wearing ordinary lawn dresses, the girl is anything but normal. With her statuesque presence, pretty face, gorgeous tits, small waist and ravishing hips, you can hide her in a potato sack and she’d look delicious. Emaan Malik, sadly looked like a slag, next to her. And that’s why the drama doesn’t quite work. Here you have a dream boat, a luxury-liner at home and the husband is out there trying on a battered canoe. It’s inane.

I remember going on a ride in an amusement park with friends some time ago and it felt so exhilarating that we ignored all the rest of the rides and kept on riding this crazy roller-coaster for hours until we got dizzy and couldn’t walk properly. That’s what I imagine it’d be like being with Savera Nadeem. You would lock yourself in a bedroom for days, months, maybe years, trying to memorize each pore on her body. Think Kathleen Turner and William Hurt in Body Heat.

And It’s not only her beauty, but also her spirit, her soul. The effervescent personality, her honesty and integrity. The humility, confidence and openness. And the rebellious and independent streak that sets her apart from the herd. She is high on life and you want a ticket for this ride.

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These vidcaps of Savera Nadeem are from a soap that aired on 27th July, 2007 on Geo TV. The sunlight filtering through the window, catches her sublime form just right, to render her lawn kurta and dupatta functionally defunct. That’s another way of saying her kurta is transparent. She might as well be standing there, wearing just that white bra.

This is hardly a rare phenomenon. It is witnessed several times a day, by your average Pakistani. Not since the veiled concubines of the Ottoman Empire, who made diaphanous tops famous, have we seen a more tantalizing and titillating display of the female form. The Pakistani babe in a lawn suit, on a summer ‘s day.

Once, as I was driving towards the McDonald’s drive-thru, a woman clad in a yellow print lawn dress crossed the road in front. The setting sun did a magical number and it was, as if, she was standing there in nothing but a white bra and panties before me. As clear as day, I tell you.

I am sure they all know perfectly well what they are doing to male pulses (that too) out there. She could have easily made me drive into the Arabian Sea, instead of getting a burger. But I am not complaining. Ask the guys sitting and strutting about in the mall, or stumbling and bumping into smelly strangers at the Sunday Bazaar. They are not complaining. Attendance in mosques has never been higher. Gul Ahmed is making record profits. Coincidence ?, I think not.

But all these Pakistani women walking down the street, or up an aisle, aren’t the living incarnation of Diana, the Hunter goddess, like our Savera Nadeem. You can see the way she carries herself. Her head held high, the shoulders squared-up and tits out. She is confident, she means business. She is woman… hear us moan.

She looks nice with her hair like that, falling around her face in a bob-cut. She reminds me of an Egyptian princess, like Elizabeth Taylor from the movie Cleopatra. The dark hair frames her elegant face nicely.

You know in real life, if your wife looked like that in the morning, you wouldn’t be asking for a cup of tea. You would be jumping her bones and arrive at work looking and feeling like Rasool Baksh Palejo.

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Shazia and a few others had requested Savera Nadeem. So here are a few vidcaps I dug-up of the amazon beauty, our Elle McPhearson, Savera Nadeem, from a soap that aired on ARY Digital last year. These are large sized vidcaps, so enjoy.

I don’t know how many of you have visited the Netherlands, but the thing that jumped out at me was the size of the people, specially the women. I remember going up to the counter and there were these two statuesque blondes standing behind it. Now, I am a good half foot taller than the average Pakistani male, but I found myself talking to their enormous cleavages.

I always wonder what it would be like, you know. To have one of these titans in bed with you. How would it feel ?, how would it work out ?. Is everything in proportion ?. Would you tumble out of bed the next morning looking like John Ritter did in the movie Skin Deep, when he went to bed with a body builder (Cory Everson) ?. Things, that make you go “hmmm…”. Or is it “Ooooh….” ?, or “Ahhhh…” ?. OK, stop it. Right now.

I see a little bit of Tea Leoni and Naomi Watts in Savera Nadeem, but really, she is a beauty in her own right. She has quite an hourglass figure and what a round, terrific butt to boot. That’s another thing that has taken me by surprise of late. Desi girls fill out jeans better than anybody. It’s a shame we had to wait this long, to confirm it.

The last vidcap is from a talkshow on Aaj TV. The deep cleavage of her unbuttoned shirt is exposing skin that usually does not see the light of day. For you high-level Tantric yogis, can you try and spot where she is (might be) nipping in that pic. If you need a map, I would suggest you consult the earlier post where she is wearing that c-thru purple t-shirt.

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Here are a few vidcaps of Savera Nadeem from the show Spotlight on channel TvOne, hosted by that little kiss-ass metro-sexual Asfar, which aired on Monday, March 3rd, 2008. I was surprised to learn that Savera Nadeem is still single. She hinted that she has a good ‘friend’ who looks after her, but she is in no hurry to get married and settle down just yet.

When pressed, she spoke against societal (read family) pressures that goad one into marriage. She seems to have a strong rebellious streak. Well, if co-habitation is her thang, it’s alright by me.

She seems to have maintained her weight. You can’t cross your legs and sit like that with thunder thighs. A girl has to be real confident about her ass if she thinks she can get away with wearing light colored pants. Her ass seems very spank-able, from where I am sitting.

She confessed that she considers her height a ‘problem’ for her, especially since she has moved to Karachi. In Lahore, where the girls come big and tall, she could blend-in more easily. L’ore –L’ore ay!.

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This is Savera Nadeem, the queen of T&A of the small screen. She is tall, she is smart, she is independent and she is smok’in hot!. Her curves would put the Auto Bahn to shame. Her tits are bigger than Reema’s ego and her ass sends J-Lo into fits.

These caps are off of a kids’ game show that she used to host on ARY Digital. Kids had to complete tasks in order to win prizes. On the show Savera ran around, trying to motivate the kids and in the process, her tits made quite an impression by jiggling all over the place. During this particular show, her nipples became erect and started showing through the flimsy bra and T-shirt she was wearing!. The kids were old enough to know what was happening and I would not be surprised if the boys were sporting little woodies throughout.

And on top of all that, she’s liberal, she is cultured and has screen charisma. It’s just too bad we haven’t seen more of that sweet booty and delicious ya-yas.

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