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Tehreem Zuberi is a sweetheart. She is currently appearing as the host of the PTV morning show “Rise & Shine”, along with hosting a cooking show “Master Chef” on ARY and as a sidekick to Apa Zubaida on one of her many cooking shows on air today. When someone is spending that much face time on air, you eventually get a feel for that person.

If one was expecting the diva from the bhangra video, or the star of many drama serials and lollywood movies to turn up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Tehreem is not an airhead or a diva, given to flights of fancy and temper tantrums, besotted with affected accents and airs like the Meeras and the Nirmas. She comes across as someone quite normal and grounded. A working girl with a progressive outlook, yet one who is keenly mindful of traditional values with the guts to uphold them against the popular tide. That’s called character, a trait which is fast losing appeal among the masses.

One of the banes of morning shows today are the waves of palmists, numerologists, astrologers, etc inflicting themselves upon a weary nation. With the prevailing insecurity and resulting helplessness paralyzing the public, these shysters are making out like bandits. When one tried to make too much of his own abilities, Tehreem was quick to put it into context, albeit in a tactful manner. The numerologist was left grinding his teeth on the set.

In our part of the world, a beautiful female is either put on a pedestal or thrown into the gutter. Both domiciles of comparable contempt and servitude to a male, who is largely ignorant and thus deathly afraid of her sexuality. Women like Tehreem are increasingly a dilemma for the neandrathal, who has yet to make room for the beautiful (desirable), talented (threatening) and wise (worthy of respect) woman around him.

Here, we can escape these quandaries and merely contemplate the beautiful and sexy Tehreem. These caps are from her Lollywood feature Pyar Hee Pyar Main. The song is, Tum Meray Ho.

She is a tall, fair Aphrodite with long silken tresses and beguiling curves. Add charm, charisma and a real personality and you have a winning combination. Clearly, there is no dearth of beauty and talent in our fair land. Only proper forums and springboards to unleash them upon the world.

Here’s the accompanying video.

Notice she is wearing clunky black basketball shoes underneath her saris in part of the dance sequence. She is clomping around the countryside, like the Frankenstein monster. What was the director thinking ?. Anyway, maybe you didn’t even notice.

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These caps are of Naila Nadeem, from the Breakfast With Naila show, that aired in August, 2008. She is wearing a print green kurta with a white cotton shalwar and matching white shoes. Gurus will note that this ensemble is completed with a full, white bra that has much to be proud of it’s contents.

Naila is a fountain of bubbling enthusiasm for stuff that would ordinarily pass for the usual and mundane. Her opening segment is not scripted, yet she is able to form a coherent message on the fly. Her guest is some no-name MPA from the Punjab Assembly, who is likely a goon and/or a buffoon.

To get people excited about creatures from the political jungle of Pakistan, you either have to have the imagination of Rudyard Kipling, or the sexual chemistry of Erica Campbell. Naila is blessed with both and that’s why we love her so.

Here you can just make out the faint outlines of her white bra cups. Just enough to send your occipital cortex into a twist. No amount of fancy geometric designs, or camouflage print on her kurta can conceal the generous proportions of her round, meaty tits. Even if she was devoid of style, beauty and substance, such magnificent orbs would have single-handedly carried the day. It’s just nicer to have it all.

There are few women who look equally sexy with their hair up, or down. Here Naila has chosen to pull her hair back into a ponytail. Without the distraction of the lustrous mane of hair framing her classic oval face, we are provided an opportunity to appreciate the finer features. Like the bright expressive eyes and full-bodied lips that traditionally play second fiddle to much larger, softer and curvier assets.

Here is an accompanying video from the same show:

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These vidcaps are of a yet-to-be-identified nubile actress (if you know who she is, don’t sit on it bub) that appeared on a soap that aired on Wednesday evening, May 14th, 2008 on AAJ TV. She is an exceptional beauty with classic eastern features and a seemingly non-compromised innocence that just does not compare with any western skank.

She is portraying a lower middle-class girl who has just received a love letter from her beau and hurriedly hides it away, but not before her sister catches her in the act. She takes her into confidence and then they decide to take-off somewhere (where they clearly aren’t supposed to), by bluffing their way past their grouchy, hag-of-a mother.

It seemed like another tale of ‘zalim samaaj’ and unfulfilled love. So what new. What’s new, is this fresh and dreamy babe. Whose delicate lips are like a budding flower going into full bloom. Whose eyes you could get lost in and never wanna find your way out of. Whose ruddy cheeks are like gossamer silk, or fluffy clouds that one is want to touch, but afraid to muss. Whose pear-shaped young body is hiding a thousand and one mysteries that only the right key will be able to unlock.

You cannot help, but be in awe of such loveliness. Such promise.

But the reason why she made it to PakiKaki is because in addition to being utterly adorable, she has something that is quite rare. It is as rare as a twelve inch schlong (yeah, we already know about yours). There are more recorded sightings of UFO’s and Aliens than this particular phenomenon. I am talking about puffy nipples.

This young lady has certifiable puffy nipples and we have the vidcaps for you. In more than a couple of caps, you can clearly make out three inch wide raised areolas with a nipple in the middle. Her areolas are about half the size of her tits, which is just amazing. Now her tits are not that large, but with such glorious nipples they are automatically catapulted into the Hall of Fame.

A frightfully large number of girls grumble about the perceived (small) size of their tits. There was a documentary on BBC last week about 14 year old girls going under the knife (with their mother’s consent no less) just to get to one cup-size higher. That is just insane. Unless somebody has an udder fetish, a pair of sensitive/large/interesting nipples are just as (if not more) adorable as a huge boob. Big boobs will eventually sag, but a well-loved nipple is forever. I know a lot of big-mouth desis, but I haven’t seen one yet that could take a whole B-cup in his mouth (I want pictures OK). Nipples rule!

Rock, Paper, Scissors. Great nipples beat freaky-sized tits any day. Puffy nipples… beat all. Unless of course you have big tits, with puffy nipples. Well that just screws up my whole system then.

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These vidcaps are of Asma Shirazi from her Thursday night interview with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yousuf Raza Gillani, broadcast on ARY One World channel. I had wanted to put her vidcaps for some time, but I just could not resist putting these up, since she looks so darn gorgeous here. She did an exclusive interview with the PM and I guess the channel splurged on a ‘real’ beauty parlor for a change.

Asma has undergone a transformation in these last few months. She has filled out in all the right places. Her skin is radiant. Her eyes, by far her most striking feature, are olympic-sized limpid pools. They are second only to her dazzling smile. And to top it all, her body has come alive with that special glow of fertility –at high noon. Estrogen seems to be shooting out from her every pore. Some have suggested that she has gotten married, but I don’t see any rings on that finger. Whatever she’s done, or had done to her, it’s paying phat dividends.

Clearly she is pretty enough to be a movie star. But just being pretty doesn’t get you on PakiKaki. The fact is, her every little move is lathered in sensuality. The shot where she is sitting with her legs closed and looking right at the PM –that alluring look alone– is worth a viagra-a-second. You can see the PM sitting with that pained expression, looking skyward with his legs crossed. The guy is willing to risk blue balls for his honour and dignity.

You have to appreciate the clever and under-stated (or is it underhanded) dichotomy of her dress. It’s a style adopted by a particular class these days, who want to have their cake and eat it too. Although appearing to be conservatively dressed in a scarf and a dupatta, she has taken pains to exhibit her feminine charms (much to our delight).

The dyed hair has been deliberately let out from the scarf. The deep neckline leaves half of her chest exposed and last but not least, the diaphanous layered dress gives the viewer that tingly feeling that he has gotten away with seeing more than he is supposed to. It’s a smoke-n-mirror operation with just enough fire behind it to raise an alarm, among other things. Asma is smart enough to have pulled it off well. Some girls here will pull on a tank top and low-rider jeans and then wrap a tiny scarf around their head. Now that, just insults our intelligence.

Asma has worked her way up from a lowly reporter job at the Parliament, to now anchoring various programs for ARY. I have seen her standing in the sun, outside the Parliament, looking like an orphan, waiting for some jackass politician to show up. When the police were shelling the capitol, late last year, Asma was clambering around, inhaling tear gas like every other beat-up black coat on the street. This girl has paid her dues and has come up the hard way. She is now a veteran journalist and that’s why you have to get up pretty-early-in-the-morning to get one past her.

The neat thing about Asma is that she is intelligent enough to know and brave enough to ask follow-up questions. No slimy politician can expect an easy ride. She has this innate confidence in herself which besides being sexy, is a rare and commendable trait for any professional. The girl has got brains and spunk. In this particular interview she did not back down from asking our (puppet) PM, the hard questions, albeit, cushioned in her soft, but firm manner.

I like Asma as a journalist. I want her to succeed. I want her to take names and kick ass in the corridors of power. Not because she’s a fox, but because she works hard and deserves it. Bearing witness to her loveliness along the way, is just gravy.

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