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These vidcaps are taken from the SUN TV channel’s Morning show. I thought Rabi Pirzada was from the same clan of Samina Pirzada, but hearing Rabi’s account of her private struggle to get in the biz, one has to rethink that assumption. There is nobody in showbiz from Rabi’s family. In fact, showbiz is frowned upon as an industry in her family and her relatives have not had a kind word for Rabi, since they found out. Some of them have come around, bragging about her behind her back, but she does’nt hold any in high regard.

She describes how she flew back to Pakistan from the middle-east and didn’t think her parents had caught wind of her burgeoning singing career abroad. Her father was unusually quiet on the way home and just as they were pulling into their neighbourhood, she caught sight of herself pictured on a huge billboard, adveritising the deal. She says, she was mortified. I have to give props to her dad, for not pulling a Mohammad Ali scene-part on the airport, “Mainey Tumhain aaq kiya! aaq kiya! aaq kiya!”.

Another breaking news about Rabi, is that she married on Dec. 27th, 2007 to a retired military man. No, not Musharraf. It’s somebody else. Some Major (dick). Stop crying, you two can continue to see each other –in your dreams. He has taken upon himself to manage her career and is busy trying to launch a clothing/merchandising line for her. Yep, this one sounds like a real keeper. I hope she keeps an eye on those account books. I smell an Ike & Tina Turner.

Rabi talks like a self-conscious teen, often breaking into titters with the host of the show. She is self-deprecating and extremely frank and honest. No airs, no pretentions, no nakhra. It’s hard to imagine that this same girl can get on stage and use the mic in a manner that will make you shiver.

So she’s fair and lovely with a butt that belongs on a coconut tree, but there are plenty of beauties who will dissolve into a pile of salt, like the wicked witch of the west, if they were asked to sing a song in front of a small crowd. This girl has got more than just beauty and brains. She’s got balls. So what, if she can’t sing like Chotay Ghulam Ali. Have you seen his ass ?.

Note the black shameez under her see-through lawn dress. At least I think it’s a shameez. Could be a bra too. Not really sure. Like the way she’s accessorized her neck with that dupatta that matches her fire engine red lipstick. That ensemble is hot enough to give me heartburn sitting at home.

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There was a little earthquake with which Rabi Pirzada entered the Pakistani pop/rock scene. She is young, she is cute and she is seXy. She is Pakistan’s answer to Avril Lavigne or Christina Aquilara. She may not be as ‘angsty’ as the former, or as vocally gifted as the latter, but boy she sure is as sexy as either one of them. Here are a couple of frames of her, when she appeared on an Eid Show this past Eid (Dec 2007) on ARY channel.

The way she is handling that mic, do you suppose that’s how she handles all things ?. Hmm.

Fairly pretty face, with firm round tits, flat tummy, rounded hips and shapely legs.

Add to that a butt that you could bounce a 5 rupee coin off of. Now that… you don’t see every day.

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