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Combine a beautiful face with large tits and you will always have a winner. Even if those big tits are past their prime, they have a certain panache’ about them. You can always fill them with air (or implants) and they will give you years of enjoyment. Such is the case with this siraiki channel actress who appeared on a show that was aired on May 8th, 2007.

Notice the nipple on the right tit that’s clearly poking out of her dress. It’s called “nipping” in the business. Can you imagine the lenght and hardness of a nipple that had to poke through several layers of clothing to make such an appearance ?. Can your nipple do that ?. I think not. And that’s why she gets the big bucks. I meant money (if you were unsure).

Come to think of it, you might not be too far off there. That, is a body that’s made for some heavy duty lovin.

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Freaky Tits On Host of Wasaib Show

I have heard aunties complaining that siraiki channels are putting sluts and prostitutes on air to drum up business. I say, bring it on!. We have enough uptight people on air. We need some cool chics to lighten up the place. One such cutie on Wasaib is this gal. She is the hostess of their show “Sawail Dey Rung”, which loosely translates to “The Morning Colors”. These vidcaps are from the May 18th, 2007 show.

While she may look like a cute ladyboy from Thailand, you cannot but admire the large round tits on her petite little frame. They even look a little freaky to be honest, being so large next to something so fragile as herself. As if some large amazonian woman had parked her tits on this little siraiki chest and went off to the ladies room.

Further accentuating their shape and form is the thin, skintight kurti through which you can clearly make out her white bra. This is a growing trend among girls in Pakistan, to show-off their bras and panties through almost transparent dresses. You see them everywhere and they come in all shapes and sizes. I don’t know what brought this on, but please don’t stop.

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