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Sophia Mirza was born on 23rd March, 1983. She completed her primary education in Okara, Punjab. Then moved to Lahore to do her BA in journalism. She worked in PC Lahore for five months and then briefly joined PIA. In 2007 she was the Jazz Mobilink girl. She fell in love and married Umer Farooq on Feburary 16 2006 and moved to Norway. She returned to Pakistan and their divorce was finalised in June, 2010. She cited his “bad habits” as the primary reason. The Lahore High Court granted her custody of their twin daughters in August 2, 2008 and limited contact with her ex-husband. On June 19, 2009 when the two girls went to meet their father at a court appointed venue (Avari Hotel), he kidnapped them. She has appealed to the Chief Justice and High Court to get them back from him. The husband still maintains residence in Norway.

Sophia Mirza rejoined the media upon her return to Pakistan. A veteran of print and TV, she is now doing modelling shoots and appearing regularly on fashion related events. Still in her twenties and having been blessed with unique angular facial features, a curvaceous figure and some acting skills which can be further developed, there is no reason why she shouldn’t shine as a bright star in the rapidly developing media market at home.

That was a brief synopsis of her bio. Now we investigate another kind of back ground. Usually, when you think of Sophia Mirza, you think of a beautiful face with amazing bone structure. The sharp jawline, straight nose, large expressive eyes and heart-shaped lips. But what isn’t explored and kept under wraps, is her spectacular butt.

It is not every day that you see a North American face, on a South American body.

Connoisseurs of the derrière need no explaining that all butts are not created equal. While amateurs think it’s all about size, it is not. It is the shape, density and texture which separates any ordinary fat butt, from a phat butt. While the former will make you skip lunch, the latter will bring on the munchies.

The biggest prize in the butt category is the highly sought-after and elusive “Bubble Butt”, which Sophia Mirza proudly boasts. It is round, it is firm and it is out there. The smaller ones are referred to as “Apple Bottoms”. Diamonds may be forever, but butts are for a lifetime. Long after boobs have lost the fight with gravity and turned into silly putty, a bubble butt will still be singing Bob Seger’s tune:

Like a rock, I was strong as I could be
Like a rock, nothin’ ever got to me
Like a rock, I was something to see
Like a rock

[Bob Seger, Like A Rock]

These caps and accompanying video remind us what else is special about Sophia. A legacy she carries behind her, butt, can’t boast about. It is therefore, incumbent upon sahib-e-nazar and everybody with good taste to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate such rare attributes.

Sophia Mirza is beautiful; whether she is coming or going.

After going through a series of butts, for research of course, I believe I have found similar construction on a few girls. Mind you, it took some doing to find matching quality and size. These girls are prized and highly regarded for such blessings. For folks who want to pay their respects, they can watch sightings here, and observe how such natural wonders are properly nurtured and cared for, in other parts of the world.

Sophia Mirza video accompanying the above caps is presented below. The designer of her plastic bubble, the lime green leggings and top is Design-O-Rama.

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Natasha Hussain is one of the prettiest, perkiest and boldest models that Pakistan has produced thus far. She is a veteran of the catwalk, has done tons of modeling and currently also reports on fashion events for FTV Pakistan. Judging by her appearances on TV she is relatively bright, cultured with a good sense of humour.

So why, do you ask, she is cosying-up to this greasy, bloated, goatee’d imp masquerading as a human ?. Your guess, is as good as mine.

The guy has his paws resting on her ass and she presses her tit against his chest. She is literally hanging from his tree-trunk-looking neck. I don’t even want to imagine the two of the together. I’ll probably lose my lunch.

These are the vidcaps taken from FTV Pakistan, which was covering the premiere of a stage show called Botal Gali. The background is not a giant angry vulva, as it appears. It’s supposed to represent a fiery Hell. Just thought I’d clear that up. Natasha, or ‘Natty’ is dressed in a skin tight, strapless dress which clings to her every curve.

My tantric sense tells me that she ain’t wear’in no bra, pardner. What a cool gal. To quote Alanis Morisette, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!“.

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This is the hot young designer Nadia Mistry, yapping about something totally frivolous and making it out to be something important and intellectual. This was aired on FTV on May 14th, 2007. Although a certifiable dork and nerdy looking, she has this sexual vibe going.

You have to hand it to her. Whatever she has, she is willing to put it out there. Whether it’s those cute round tits, or that camel toe she’s sporting… it’s working. She is is definitely sexy and do’able, which is all that counts in the end.

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Freaky Tits On Host of Wasaib Show

I have heard aunties complaining that siraiki channels are putting sluts and prostitutes on air to drum up business. I say, bring it on!. We have enough uptight people on air. We need some cool chics to lighten up the place. One such cutie on Wasaib is this gal. She is the hostess of their show “Sawail Dey Rung”, which loosely translates to “The Morning Colors”. These vidcaps are from the May 18th, 2007 show.

While she may look like a cute ladyboy from Thailand, you cannot but admire the large round tits on her petite little frame. They even look a little freaky to be honest, being so large next to something so fragile as herself. As if some large amazonian woman had parked her tits on this little siraiki chest and went off to the ladies room.

Further accentuating their shape and form is the thin, skintight kurti through which you can clearly make out her white bra. This is a growing trend among girls in Pakistan, to show-off their bras and panties through almost transparent dresses. You see them everywhere and they come in all shapes and sizes. I don’t know what brought this on, but please don’t stop.

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There was a little earthquake with which Rabi Pirzada entered the Pakistani pop/rock scene. She is young, she is cute and she is seXy. She is Pakistan’s answer to Avril Lavigne or Christina Aquilara. She may not be as ‘angsty’ as the former, or as vocally gifted as the latter, but boy she sure is as sexy as either one of them. Here are a couple of frames of her, when she appeared on an Eid Show this past Eid (Dec 2007) on ARY channel.

The way she is handling that mic, do you suppose that’s how she handles all things ?. Hmm.

Fairly pretty face, with firm round tits, flat tummy, rounded hips and shapely legs.

Add to that a butt that you could bounce a 5 rupee coin off of. Now that… you don’t see every day.

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