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Syra, The ‘Most Wanted’ VJ

Following are the caps of the MTV VJ Syra, host of the show Most Wanted. MTV was lost when Mahira left (or was pushed out), until Syra arrived and filled the gaping hole of charm, charisma, personality, beauty, style and mega-cuteness. You can sit and watch Syra, mesmerized, for an hour and it feels as if just a moment had passed.

Here I would like to share a personal theory with you. It’s called “The Special Theory Of Beauty & Booty”. It says that there are two types of beautiful girls: (1) cute ‘n pretty and (2) hot ‘n sexy. And never the twain shall meet.

The former is pretty and cute, with a care-free and bubbly personality.

You can have riveting conversations with her, on subjects of fun ‘n fantasy till they announce breakfast, to your collective dismay. She can be an inspiration, a true friend, a valued companion and a great ally.

Sex with her can be great, but never spectacular. Her inhibitions and hangups (“Did you wash that thing ?…”, “You wanna put it where ?…”, “Eww!, I am all sweaty and icky”), tend to get in the way.

This girl is not just born a pretty face. She is the culmination of a well-rounded education, a grounded disposition and a privileged background that provided her with sufficient distance and shelter from the hard knocks of life that sow the seeds of cynicism and bitterness among the rest.

The latter is a sex bomb. She reeks of it.

From the way she caresses her tresses, to how she locks eyes and plays chicken with you, to win. When she walks, she swings her hips as if doing the tango with the wind. There is no need for witty repartee, or tete-a-tete in a corner.

This girl needs to be kneaded –like a pizza dough, covered in your special sauce(s), allowed to bake in the heat of passion. Then put on the counter top and split apart with your tool after which you devour her. From top to bottom, front to back, crust and all until your appendages, face and mouth is covered, with her. In her.

This girl is like Chinese food. After an hour you start feeling hungry and want more. Dirty, sweaty, icky is just the way she likes it and when she is done for the night, you pal… are done for the week.

I am not sure where to put Syra, just yet. She is so pretty, so sweet that you want to put her in front of you, look into her big brown eyes and just listen to her talk. It’s like warbling of the sweetest nightingale. You wish you could go to sleep looking at this vision with the sweet music in your ears.

But then she is so sexy with a hot body that you want to make a Happy Meal of her. She may be the first one that defies the special laws of cute vs. sexy. As a fan, I am more than satisfied to just sit back and watch her do her thang on TV. I am pretty sure whoever is the lucky guy who ultimately gets to win her heart and hand, will be in for one hellavu ride, for the rest of his life.

I have one word for her: a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.

One just hopes that this amazing beauty, this stylish cutie and chic hottie, continues to appear on-screen, for as long as she can (and wants to), so she may light-up our hearths and hearts. Syra is special. Not the kind that sits on the small bus, but one who shines atop the Christmas Tree.

For the complete set, click here.

Here is the accompanying video, so you can get an idea of what I have been yammering about:

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Statuesque. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at Maha. A perfectly proportioned, Amazon Class, chiseled hard body. The only time you get to see such gorgeous and generous feminine proportions is either at an Olympic swim meet, or at a sand volleyball game between Brazil and one of those other teams.

I don’t know what you have to do, to get her way, aside from obviously inheriting great genes. To attain that perfect skin, tone and rosy complexion you would probably have to eat right, exercise, visit spas, meet trainers, keep beauticians and get-off every night. While we don’t like to publicly acknowledge it in the land of the pure, that last bit usually does wonders for one’s appearance and attitude.

Maha is in fabulous physical condition at this shoot. Not an ounce of extra fat anywhere. The quality of muscle tone indicates that it’s been achieved through regular, vigorous movement and not on a starvation diet.

As role models and fashion icons, supermodel’s like Maha have a responsibility to put their best foot forward. Being out there in the public eye, one of their primary roles is to set standards for fashion and fitness.

Back when Anjuman and Rani ruled the roost, girls went around wearing potato sacks (they called them Afghani kurtas) and perhaps for good reason. But today, desi girls come in fitted kurtis and tight jeans and they look phat.

The emphasis should be on physical fitness. Not necessarily weight, girth or conjuring-up ways to deny yourself. There are plenty of examples of large(r) women, with beguiling curves who continue to command a huge fan following in Pakistan. In their case, proportion trumps portion.

What I find really sensual in this particular shoot is Maha’s midriff. The way her tiny waist flares into strong, rounded hips is nothing short of spectacular. The flat, taut belly looks like it was carved out of Carrara marble by Michaelangelo, while the cute ‘innie’ belly-button is a treat for any connoisseur. You couldn’t draw a more sexier figure on paper and there isn’t one quite like this, on Google. Yes, I cheched.

Maha is not just a pretty face and a sexy body. The way she takes over the ramp, walking tall, shoulders back, chest out, a deliberate stride and maintaining eye-contact… the girl exudes confidence and that is the ultimate turn-on.

I would give the nail on my right pinkie finger to see Maha in a bikini. A teeny Wicked Weasel. I am sure she would look just as lovely, as Kylie Bax, Karolina Kurkova or a Heidi Klume.

Maha comes across so strong, determined and aggressive. One is afraid to picture her in bed. She could toss you around like a melon, pull you apart like a Kino and swallow you up like a banana.

Or you could play the home version of “Taliban-Taliban”. Each takes turn spanking the other. Then, one yanks on the cord while the other pushes the button until you blow each other up. Rinse and repeat.

Click here for the complete set of caps from this shoot.

The following is a video from the same shoot. The incredible Maha.

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Following are the caps of Maha, modeling the clothes of the designer Maheen Karim on the ramp, on FTV. You don’t get it right away. It takes a couple of passes by the model, before it sinks in and you begin to assess the design implications of this particular dress.

You see, from afar Maha is seen to be sporting a fairly modest black dress that falls nearly down to her ankles. It’s only when she closes in that you realize that her dress is designed to cover only her shoulders and upper chest. From the top of her bra cups on down, the dress is basically cut into a diaphanous sheath with a hand-painted flowery motif on the front and back to provide an illusion of cover. When in fact, the material sheer enough to allow a full, clear view of the entire bra cups and the robust, bulging cleavage strapped in their midst.

The statuesque Maha, besides boasting a toned tummy and lean legs, is also blessed with a splendid pair of round, firm tits. When they are herded together inside an underwire bra, they naturally bulge out the sides into a delicious cleavage which is framed to max. effect in this dress.

To add further spice the bulbous head of the long printed flower is drawn between the cleavage. With each vertical movement you expect it to eventually bloom and spill it’s seed all over the place, while the audience will follow later, in spurts and splatters.

And it does not end here. Carrying off such an exotic look has apparently aroused the ravishing Maha, who is nipping. The area of concern has been blown-up for your appraisal. Her proud left nubbin along with her puffy areola situated in the center, is quite unmistakable even without enhanced resolution. While tantric gurus will waste little time in locating it’s mate on the right (just above the rounded leaf, shaped like a fist).

Here is the accompanying video. It’s short and abrupt. Even the cameraman shied away from focusing on the interesting aspect of this dress, which is a shame really. If such dresses are popularized and adopted, we can look forward to bumper crops all over Pakistan. And I am not just talking Tulips here.

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You can have the prettiest tits, but if the nipples aren’t out-standing, it’s just a large glob of flesh. Nipples are to tits, what faces are to bodies, what engines are to trains. They impart character, meaning and personality. There is no particular standard for nipples. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes and that’s what makes them interesting. Each is unique. But the ones that standout, standout. Like an American at a Japanese funeral.

I, myself, am partial towards big, rubbery, nubbins. The kind that can poke an eye out. That get hard with the gentle passing of a cool breeze, on a summer day. The kind you can shake hands with. The unrelenting, piercing tips that penetrate an under wire bra and a lawn kurta –to say hello.

But to each his own.

Here is Mehreen Raheel, one of the cutest new faces on the modeling circuit. She has just started appearing in some drama serials as well. She is so beautiful, she will give you a toothache. She is blessed with an amazing bod, but even more appealing is her fresh, sexy and adorable personality on-screen. Here she is featured on FTV, laying on the couch, after her big night out and she’s… nipping. It’s the sort of spaghetti strap, cocktail dress that does not really allow for a bra. Her nipples are centered, round and oh-so-perky. Just gorgeous, like the rest of her. Bon Appetit.

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The following vidcaps are of the (in)famous stage performer Deedar from Aik Din Geo Kai Sath on May 23rd, 2008. The host Sohail Warraich, a noted journalist, with a publicly declared penchant for beautiful girls was all-a-titter, courting the beautiful damsel around town. A few days ago, he had done the same with her elder sister, Nargis, an equally (in)famous stage performer who is credited with revolutionizing the stage drama. You can see them both together here.

Deedar may not be the prettiest, but she is undeniably the most fittest babe on the Pakistani mujra circuit. She has the conditioned body of an olympic athlete with defined abs, a tiny waist and a gymnast’s butt. But if she were in ‘civilian clothes’, you could walk past her in Jinnah Super and she’d so… blend, that you wouldn’t even know she was there.

Deedar and her sister, Nargis, along with a handful of others rule the dance circuit in Pakistan and do regular shows abroad. The sisters have made waves across the land. They have been picked-up by the police, banned by the Govt, shamed by the media and everything in between. But they always manage to stage a come back, by popular demand. These stage performers are borne out of necessity, surrounded in a sea of hypocrisy and celebrated in quasi-secrecy. Instead of celebrating beauty, sex-appeal and art we have wrapped the female form in shame, neglect and abuse. Is it any wonder why we have so many confused and raging nuts, running around the place.

Deedar is young, vibrant, healthy and charismatic, with a keen business sense. The sisters don’t live in the Diamond Alley, with roaches and men with mustaches that resemble roaches. They live in posh localities, drive around in SUVs and take vacations abroad.

Before she gets old and saggy, she will likely have nabbed a feudal lord (or a cricket star with a big head and loose lips) and had his kids. If one were to judge Deedar on her current fame and success in her chosen profession, she is arguably the Jenna Jameson of Pakistani stage (before Jenna married the jar head and became a living corpse). Here she is, at work. You gotta appreciate her work ethic.

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These vidcaps of supermodel Natasha Hussain were taken from a Shirin Hassan fashion show covered by FTV Pakistan. It’s no secret why Natty (Natasha Hussain) was chosen to be the official mascot of PakiKaki.

She is, IMO, by far the most sexy and glamorous supermodel in Pakistan today. And it’s not just her awesome figure. She is also blessed with the most elegant and delicate features. A work of art, from head-to-toe.

Seeing her, one can’t help but be reminded of the couplet, “Kinna sohna tenu rubb ney banaya, Dil karay vekhda rawan”. In these particular caps, she sorta looks like an Egyptian queen, surveying her domain.

Speaking of surveying, kindly survey her bikini top. The most alluring feature of which, are the adorable bits of her tits which have been left out in the cold. I can’t think of any model who could’ve pulled-off this daring outfit with such style and cool confidence as our Natty. The clear alabaster skin, the svelte body and the coiffed hair. She simply looks ravishing up there.

One can only hope that this trend takes off and in the next Shaadi season, we have aunties running around in such bikini blouses around the buffet table, where uncles are trying to gorge themselves with breast pieces. Let’s hope they don’t run out of chicken.

Growing up, for me there was only one real supermodel, Paulina Porizkova. She combined beauty, elegance, charm, purity and above all that inherent sense of quiet confidence and entitlement that screams “I am gorgeous, worship me! you mortal”. She made a movie with Tom Selleck, Her Alibi, and she turned out to be just as charming and pretty in person. Natty reminds me of Paulina and judging strictly on the established ideals of beauty (features, proportion, charm, personality, elan, etc), Natty easily comes out on top.

Today, most of the ramp models appear to have a toothache and/or seem to be working under extreme duress. Not Natasha. In most of her appearances on the ramp, she smiles warmly and takes the time to acknowledge the crowd. She appears comfortable on stage, supremely secure in her beauty and the effect it’s having on the audience.

That’s unlike the ex-models Iffat Umer (hag), and Z.Q. (nag) who have expressed their derision for ramp modeling in Pakistan and how it ‘objectifies’ women (must have been reading an old copy of Cosmo). Natasha seems to get off on all the attention and admiration that comes her way, from a gratified audience.

I still remember the day somebody sent me pictures of Natasha Hussain. I could not believe that somebody so pretty and sexy, fragile and fresh could be from Pakistan. Back in the Dark Ages, we either produced models who looked guilty and scared, or lollywood starlets who looked gaudy and glazed. All the pretty and polished Pak babes back then, were hiding up there in the attic, with Anne Frank.

But it takes more than beauty to be a sexy supermodel in Pakistan. Natty is also brave, honest and generous to embrace her sexuality and willing to share it with (esp this part of) the world. Not in the traditional cheap and vulgar fashion that makes you cringe, but with poise and pizzazz that lifts the spirit and makes you glad to be alive.

In an interview to DAWN, she claims to be a fan of Enid Blyton and her kid seems to be a fan as well. Anybody who likes Enid Blyton, is alright in my book. Here’s the video, hope you enjoy.

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These vidcaps of Geo News anchor Sana Tariq prove once again that Geo studios is pretty chilly. Sana can’t see us, so I presume she is indifferent to our existence and hence, that round protuberance in the middle of her right tit are (quite probably) her gorgeous and engorged nipple staging a coup de tit inside her bra. That sort of revolution will always get our un-stinted support.

We have come a long way from “Yea Hai Radio Pakistan” and “Mein houn Azhar Lodhi, aur yea hain aaj kee khabrain”. Today, you turn on Geo and expect to see a coiffed hottie in a designer dress, crooning cruddy news. Not a giant head with Harry Carey glasses staring at you like Big Brother (the 1984 kind). Today, it’s Sana Tariq with the latest breaking news. She is prettier and many times more sophisticated and cultured than even the movie stars. To make an adjusted comparison, imagine Rebecca Romijn reading the 6 O’ Clock news in a thong bikini. That‘s how good we’ve got it down here.

Perhaps a higher power has arranged her on Geo News to try and educate the masses, so they could re-arrange their priorities and succeed as individuals, and as a nation. I think I’ll go with the other theory. The one with the glamorous babe with knockout looks and perfect tits appearing daily to balance the misery and sufferring of the masses.

Hmm. That’s so much better.


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