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I present to you the princess of Pakistani politics. The regal beauty of the heartland. The prettiest most gorgeous creature to hold sway in the corridors of power, in my lifetime at least. Ms. Sumaira Malik, the current President of the PML(Q)’s Women’s Wing.

Some people think Princess Diana was all that. Really ?, I mean no disrespect to the dead, but frankly speaking, she looked like a guy in drag. Nothing fragile, delicate or feminine about her.She looked like she could beat-up any guy she was ever associated with.

I hope one day we can get Sumaira Malik on our currency. So that any Pakistani can open up his wallet and gaze at this divine beauty anytime. Somebody start a petition.

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Normally, the word ‘politics’ is enough to put out a stiffy. The last time a desi hardon and a politician were in the same room, was when (fake) semi-nudes of a middle-age Benazir Bhutto were circulating on the net. You know the ones where she is sitting on the high-back chair and getting out of a pool, etc. Let’s face it, most desi female politicians are not sexy.

But increasingly, we are seeing hotties getting involved in politics.

Take Kashmala Tariq, Hina Rabbani Khar, Zubaida Jalal, Fauzia Wahab and Sherry Rahman for instance. They may not all have bodies like Ann Coulter or Laura Ingram, but they have an undeniable sex appeal (which sets them apart from hags like Nasreen Jaleel and Abida Hussain of yesteryear). You can tell from their faces, they are getting it regularly. And it’s that dirty naughty sex. The only kind there is.

These here are vidcaps from a press conference held by Ch. Shujaat Hussain, with the reps of the Women’s Wing of his party, the beleaguered PML(Q). Sitting on his right (your left) is Ms. Sumaira Malik. She used to be a cabinet Minister in the former govt. She didn’t do anything of real import as a minister. She just sat and looked pretty. Pretty much what she is doing right now. And a damn fine job! if I say so myself.

She is of course from a feudal family. Her declared yearly income last year was more than any of you will ever make in a lifetime. Don’t hold that against her. She doesn’t need to go anywhere, or do anything. She can just lay on a bed and have the best studs do her in all the Kama Sutra positions, from morning to bedtime, while she sucks on grapes. But since she wants even more from life, she has joined politics. Now she walks and talks to untouchables like you and I.

Her sexuality oozes from every pore in her body. I could just listen to her talk on the radio and need to take a cold shower. She is cultured, bright and well-mannered. The perfect mix for a delicious MILF.

Growing up, all of us have had a crush on one of our aunties. You just know that she’s the wild one. A real tigress in bed who would probably give you a heart-attack before she’s through with you. Her husband probably has to tie her up, before going to bed.

She is the epitome of that rustic beauty, which seems to have inspired numerous watercolor paintings done by local artists over generations. She is the Heer. The Sohni. The unadulterated, pure, innocent beauty from the heartland. Innocent ?, dream on.

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